"One Strobe Over the Line"

The Combine

Sam takes Edie home. There is a view of her street and we see Sam and Edie entering Edie's house. Sam is carrying Edie's bags.

Edie: You can just throw that stuff anywhere. (To the cats) Hi. Hi.. I'm home now. OK? (To Sam) you like cats?
Sam: Little ones! In fact I had two of them on the farm where I grew up, Donder and Blitzen.
Edie: You grew up on a farm too? I though you were from Queens.
Sam: Well what I meant to say was that when I used to visit my cousin on his farm in the country he had cats, in the summer, well winter too.
Edie: When I moved here I had to have something that reminded me of my family and home. That's why I love Wooster.
Sam: Doesn't it get a little crowded around here with Wooster and his little friends?
Edie: (giggle) I could afford a bigger place but I am saving my money. I don't want to be a model for ever.
Sam: You are going back home?
Edie: Yeah and buy my dad all the farm equipment he wants ; maybe get him one of those new combines.
Sam: Yeah like that self propelled one from John Dear, like my cousins always used to talk about and he still does talk about them.
Edie: Then I am going to send my sister to college, she will be the first Lansdale to go.
Sam: That's great! What about you, what are you going to spend on yourself.
Edie: Oh I don't know, maybe I'll go back to school and become a veterinarian, that way I can look after Wooster when he's old and grey.



This is the start of the scene which culminates with Snowball attacking Edie. Edie is standing on the bridge.

Edie: Somebody PLEASE bring me some coffee with 2 sugars.
Sam: Right.
Al: But not in a styrofoam cup, that stuff doesn't break down for a billion years and its turning the planet into a -
Sam: In a paper cup.
Al: - styrofoam junkyard. It comes straight from hell.
Sam: I got one coming.
Al: OK.
Sam: She looks like she is getting tired Al.
Al: Yeah, the pussy cat doesn't look too good either. How many more locations you got.
Sam: 3 plus the waterfall.
Al: I'd pray for rain.

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