"Permanent Wave"

the father-in-law's funeral parlor

Opening shot of Al's shoes and legs walking...

Al: You know I used to hide money in my shoes when I was on liberty. In case I got three sheets to the wind. You know what I mean?
Sam: No, I don't know.
(Sam is looking around.)
Al: Well you wouldn't.
(shot of chalk outline of body and blood stains)
Al: Gee this place kind of reminds of my third...fourth...third father-in-law's place.
Sam: He had a pharmacy?
Al: No a funeral parlour.
Sam: (puzzled) What?
Al: Why are we...ah...pussyfooting around here like cat burglers?
Sam: I don't know I'm...just looking for something the police might have missed. What else can I do?
Al: I know--you can get Kyle to remember better, but of course you know...
Sam: This is where I found him right down here. (bends down and peers under the table) He's right the only thing you could see from here would be somebody's shoes.
(Sam is looking at Al's shiny shoes as Al rocks back and fro. Al punches the handlink and sinks down until only from is mouth up is visible above the floor. [note: this is the clip from the season five opening credits that got lost in syndication] He scans around.)
Sam: Al...Al would you stop that please?
Al: I was just trying to get a closer look.
(Al rises up rotating as he does so.)
Sam: Hmm...hmm.
Al: I was just trying to be helpful.
Sam: The killer must have stood over here right. Uh?
Al: Ugh?
Sam: What's this? (holds out coin).

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