"Piano Man"







[Sam and Lorraine have driven their car on the rim of the busted wheel into a service station.]

Lorraine: I'll be right back.

Sam: O.K.

-- begin cut -->

Attendant: Looks like you've got yourself a flat.

Sam: Yeah. Yeah, I need to get a new tire. How much?

Attendant: Why didn't you just put on the spare?

Sam: Well, 'cause the spare is flat, too.

Attendant: Mm. You gotta watch that. I could patch that one up for you until you get yourself a new wheel, 'cause that one's shot.

Sam: No, no, I don't have time for you to fix it, see. I, I gotta get out of here right away. See, uh ... um ... I'm late for a, a wedding, see, and I, I'm, I'm the best man and, and my girlfriend and ... I fell down while I was tr-trying to change a tire and I cut my leg on a r--

Attendant: That's O.K. O.K., O.K., O.K., I'm sure I have something that will work, but it will cost you. Eighty dollars.

Sam: Eighty bucks?!?

Attendant: Hey, hey, hey. You're free to shop the competition.

Sam: O.K. All right. O.K. Uh ... let's do it. I'll help you.

Attendant: Let's move it.

<-- end cut ---

[Cut to aerial display of planes.]


In the network version, just after Sam steals the service station attendant's truck, there's about .3 second more of the shot of the truck racing down the road.


The network closing credits are run over a long outtake sequence of Sam playing "Somewhere in the Night" on the piano for Lorraine in the lounge. The syndicated closing credits are run over freeze-frames from this sequence using the standard shortened version of the "Quantum Leap" theme.

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