"Private Dancer"

In the network version, after Sam and Diana have taken leave of the hotdog vendor, the camera lingers on the vendor long enough for him to put his hat back on before cutting to the shot of the ducks. The syndicated version cuts to the ducks while the vendor is still bareheaded, begins Sam's voiceover line, "Why don't you tell people that you're deaf?" about 1.9 seconds later into the duck shot, and then cuts back to Diana saying, "Why should I?" instead of running her line over the ducks as well. When the network version cuts away from the ducks, the two versions are back in synch again.


[Mario is "upgrading" cheap liquor into an expensive bottle.]

Mario: [To Diana] Rod told me you weren't interested in dancing at parties.

-- begin cut -->

Mario: [Looks at her and sees she couldn't read his lips before.] Rod told me you weren't interested in dancing at parties.

<-- end cut ---

Diana: He had no right to tell you that.


[The very beginning of the third act. The front of the building that Diana pretended to live at.]

-- begin cut -->

Voice: [V.O., in the background] Taxi!

<-- end cut ---

Concierge: [To Sam] Nope, I ain't got nobody like that here.


[Diana uses a series of signs.]

Sam: I don't understand you.

Diana: Good, now you know what the world feels like to me. [Walks off.]

-- begin cut -->

Sam: [Catches up with her.] Listen. This is not about being deaf.  This is about being afraid.

Diana: I'm not afraid of anything.

Sam: You're afraid of failing.

Diana: I can't dance her style.

Sam: Yes you can. I've seen you dance. You're great.

Diana: But it's not her style. If I want to dance in Joanne's company, I have to copy her. You've danced with her. She's strong and [unintelligible] and she's [unintelligible]. I, I don't dance like that. I, I need more experience before I audition.

Sam: How are you going to get it? By stripping at parties?

Diana: I'm not a stripper.

Sam: Well, you would have been if I hadn't stopped you.

[She walks off again.]

<-- end cut ---

Sam: [He catches up with her again.] Listen. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.


[At the club. Diana is practicing for the audition.]

-- begin cut -->

Diana: [Tries a step. Stumbles. Tries again. Stumbles.] I can't do it.

Sam: [Watches] Yes you can.

Diana: [Turns away. Sam stamps on the floor. She turns back.] I've been trying for six hours.

Sam: O.K., well, maybe ... maybe you're trying too hard. You know, I mean, you said that Joanne does everything easy, right? So let's just, come on, let's just do it easy.

Diana: Show me.

Sam: Me?

Diana: You are terrific dancer.

Sam: Nah, no, no, not really.

Diana: What's the matter? Afraid you'll fail?

<-- end cut ---

[Sam joins her on the dance floor.]


The network closing credits consist of clips from the episode, which run for a few seconds and are then freeze-framed with credits. The syndicated closing credits eliminate all the moving footage and just use the freeze-frames with the credits. The network version plays an instrumental disco number over the credits. The syndicated version substitutes the standard shortened closing theme. Clips:

Sam onstage covering his bikini with his hat; Al boogieing in the crowd.

Sam dancing with Joanne. (outtake)

Diana describing the music of the leaves to Sam. (outtakes)

Diana and Sam practicing together.

Al and Sam watching Diana do her second audition.

Sam teaching Al the signs for "quantum leap." (outtake)

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