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(This is a rough transcription offered by Gina Athey who volunteered to take down the missing scene after the Wiltshires somehow missed the fact that a transcription was needed.)

After Sam and Janie leave the guy who reported seeing the "aliens", the dialogue goes like this:

Al: Sam, Sam, this is unbelievable but this is it (points to horizon) This is Home.
Sam: What?
Al: Well, see, 30 miles over that way, you can't see it from here, that's where we built Project Quantum Leap. Of course, it won't be there for another 7 years but it is. I mean, if I push this (indicates handlink) I go, that's where I go. It's there now but it's not there for another 7 years.
Sam: So, you're there (points to horizon) on the other side...

(take it with a grain of salt)

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