"Shock Theater"

the cigarette

The scene starts with a span of a room with several inmates and Freddy the nurse. At the far end of the room is the fenced off area with Sam, Al, Masters, and the nurses.

Sam: I can't believe this is happening. I really shouldn't be punished, you know that, don't you? (Sam is using his hair brush to emphasis his comments.) Buddy Rich deserved more that a punch on the jaw. (Sam stands at the fence and talks to Freddy.) Can I have a cigarette please? Don't tell Gloria--she doesn't let me smoke in the apartment.
(Freddy gives Sam a cigarette through the wire.)
Sam: Thank you. (Sam turns to Masters who is grinning and who lights the cigarette.) 'Course they don't let you smoke at work either.
Masters: Get Doctor Wickless up here immediately.
Al: Gooshie, get Dr. Beeks on the scene as soon as possible. We've got problems...big time.


the future

Al looks down at Sam who is lying face down towards the foot of the bed.

Al: Now he's gone to sleep. (goes back to punching the hand link)
Tibby: What's it like in the future?
(Al is concentrating on the hand link.)
Tibby: What's it like? I mean, is it real clean, is it? Are there cars that float in the air?
Al: No, the air is filthy and the cars are still on the ground. But we're working on it, Tibby.
Tibby: Like your threads.
Al: (skywards) Gooshie! Where the hell is Beeks?!
Tibby: Who is Gooshie?
Al: (to Tibby)The programmer. (to the sky) Well never mind, damn it, I'll find her myself. (to Tibby) Listen, Tibby, when Sam wakes up, will you tell him...
Tibby: (corrects Al, remembering Sam's alternate ego) Her, her, her.
Al: Him, him, him. Tell him that I'll be right back and not to talk to anyone, OK?


the confrontation

Nurse Chattam is walking down a corridor looking at a clipboard with Butch following her.

Butch: You've been spending a lot of time with Masters.
Chattam: I'm a nurse, he's a doctor, we both happen to work for this hospital...
Butch: Just didn't want you making any mistakes.
Chattam: What are you talking about?
Butch: I'm talking about Masters finding out what happened to Beaderman yesterday.
Chattam: Mr. Beaderman came in here as a depressive. Six weeks later, he's showing signs of violence and now he has split into not one but several personalities. And if what you did yesterday had anything to do with, it I will tell Dr. Masters.
Butch: But you were there, weren't you? Or did you forget that little bit of information?
Chattam: You lied to me. You told me that Dr. Masters gave you permission to give him that treatment.
Butch: You know the rules, Nurse Chattam. It's too bad you didn't try to stop me.
Chattam: I did try to stop you.
Butch: But you didn't.
Chattam: You could have killed him.
Butch: We could have.

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