"Southern Comforts"

[At the very beginning of the first act, in the network version the establishing shot of the house is held for about .9 second longer after the leapdate title, "August 4, 1961".]


[Four men wearing fezzes come calling at the house.]

Fez 1: So this is the famous Labonte Sewing and Quilting Academy.

Sam: Yep, tha-tha-that's us.

-- begin cut -->

Sam: H-How did you fellows find out about us anyway?

Fez 2: Chester DesBarte told us about it.

Fez 1: Yep, Chester.

Sam: Chester DesBarte?

Fez 1: Chester? He only owns the biggest filling station in town, three pumps and a lift. Remember he was here last year at that big truck tire convention.

Al: Gee, we must have missed that one.

Fez 2: He said if you wanted to have a good time in New Orleans, then Gilbert Labonte was the man to see. And, well, here you are.

Fez 1: See, there you are.

Sam: Here I am all right.

<-- end cut ---

Sam: Hey, you guys part of a club or something?


Sam: Marsha, why don't you go tell everybody that we're taking the night off.

Marsha: Oh, goody.

-- begin cut -->

Marsha: And then some other things too. [Exits]

Al: Sam --

Sam: Al, I know what Ziggy says: that Gina might take off, but I'm not going to let that happen.

Al: What if you can't stop it?

Sam: Look, Al, I can't ask every man who walks in here to sing. Right? So if I shut down the house, nobody can get in. If nobody gets in, then nothing can happen to Gina. Trust me. I know what I'm doing.

[Cut to Jake watching the house from his car. Cut to the exterior of the house. Cut back to Sam and Al.]

Al: According to Ziggy, shutting down the house will accomplish nothing.

Sam: Give it time. He probably hasn't had time to compute all the new variables. Besides, the main thing is that nobody will be able to get to Gina.

Sophie: [V.O., mostly unintelligible in background] -- whatever happened to that old --

Al: Well, I hope you're right.

Sam: Well --

Bully Gal: [V.O., partially unintelligible in background] -- don't buy my clothes at a --

<-- end cut ---

Bully Gal: [V.O., in background] -- toy store.

Sophie: [V.O., in background] Hey.

-- begin cut -->

Sophie: [V.O., in background] That's my necklace.

Al: That's why they call it a cathouse.

<-- end cut ---

Bully Gal: It was in my room.

Sophie: Oh, so that makes it yours?

Bully Gal: Sure as hell doesn't make it yours.

* * *

The surviving bits of the women's argument above are run over the exterior cutback shot of the house in the syndicated version, rather than over the shot of Sam and Al talking.


[At the very beginning of the fourth act in the network version, there's about .4 second more of the establishing exterior shot of the hotel.]


The network closing credits consist of clips from the episode, which run for a few seconds and are then freeze-framed with credits. The syndicated closing credits eliminate all the moving footage and just use the freeze-frames with the credits. The network credits run over an instrumental Dixieland jazz tune. The syndicated credits run over the standard shortened version of the "Quantum Leap" theme. Clips:

Sam and Marsha blowing out the candles on the birthday cake.

Marsha grabbing Sam from behind.

Al rhapsodizing about the crawfish gumbo to Sam.

Paulette putting the cat down while the fez guys look on.

Al about to follow Paulette up the stairs.

Sam giving the O.K. sign after Jake gives up.

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