"Thou Shalt Not"

The Merits of Fidelity - "Thou Shalt Not"

This was the scene just after Joe and Sam were talking in the petrol queue. Joe had told Sam that he was thinking of having an affair.
Sam: I don’t think he meant it; he was just upset.
Al: Well maybe they both should have one--get it out of their systems.
Sam: Have an affair, be unfaithful?
Al: Well, sometimes I think that fidelity is highly over rated... uh... nobody looks at the downside.
Sam: There is a downside to being faithful?
Al: Of course. It discourages social interaction. Look Sam, if all the men in the world could freely... socialize with all the women in the world, there would be no war.
Sam: Until their wives found out!
Al: Good point! Well maybe your mission here is not to keep Irene or Joe from having an affair, it is just to see that neither of them finds out... about the other one.
Sam: That’s ridiculous. Fidelity is the basis of a good relationship. ‘course I could not expect you to understand that, could I?
Al: My relationships have all been good--it's my marriages that haven’t worked out.

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