E! Behind the Scenes of "The Last Gunfighter"

Part 1

On the set of "The Last Gunfighter" at the Disney ranch in California.
3 minutes 16 seconds

Part 2

Diamond Farnsworth talks about doubling for Scott and doing stuntwork. Scott shows off his gun and we meet Bill Jones (assistant prop manager) who shows us an extreme closeup of the handlink he calls "Ziggy."
3 minutes 14 seconds


Part 3

Scott talks about making sure Dean's cigars are the right length depending on where they are in the scene. Dean talks about how great it is to work with Scott.
2 minutes 13 seconds

Part 4

Scott talks about how they don't have a standing set for each episode and the difficulties of that aspect while working on the series.
3 minutes 22 seconds

Part 5

Donald P. Bellisario views the "Dailies" footage from his office. We meet Jill Gable (executive assistant). We get to see footage of how they make Dean pop into his scenes.
2 minutes 13 seconds

Part 6

Meet Jean-Pierre Dorleac (costume designer) as he draws a costume for another episode. He shows some drawings from "What Price Gloria?" as well.
2 minutes 14 seconds