Behind the Scenes of "Goodbye, Norma Jean"

Part 1

See some of the preproduction aspects of the episode.
3 minutes 23 seconds

Part 2

Sit in on a preproduction meeting, scout a pool location for the Marilyn-in-pool scene, and meet some set designers and artists.
3 minutes 8 seconds


Part 3

Meet some of the folks on the production team and prepare for a scene where Al walks across water at the pool.
3 minutes 2 seconds

Part 4

We move into postproduction of the episode. Finishing touches are put on a scene where Al walks across water at the pool and Don begins watching the dailys.
2 minutes 48 seconds

Part 5

We continue through postproduction of the episode. We meet the actress who played Marilyn,  Ray Bunch the musical score creator, the music editor, and see a final reviewing session.
3 minutes 12 seconds