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"Quantum Wyatt"


Lisa, an accidental creation by Wyatt and Gary, zaps up a magical box of chocolates in which each piece of candy will allow Wyatt to try a different career. In the tradition of "Quantum Leap," Wyatt leaps into the lives of several different people with jobs ranging from a brain surgeon to a private investigator to Jerry Seinfeld! Then, after Wyatt returns home... Gary tries a chocolate!

Episode # 39

Air date: July 15, 1995

Production Code: 76219

Writers: Ed Ferraraand Kevin Murphy (IV)

Directed by: Ron AmesBruce Jarchow

Executive Producer: Robert K. Weiss

Vanessa Angel - Lisa
John Mallory Asher - Gary Wallace
Michael Manasseri - Wyatt Donnelly
Lee Tergesen - Chett Donnelly

Guest Stars:
Heather McComb (as Tori)
Bruce Jarchow (as Principal Scampi)
Barry Dennen (as Mr. Jolly)
Joshua Schaefer (as Ratso/Rico)
Peter Siragusa (as Scrivinivich)
Christian Meoli (as Dangerous Felon)

*Information taken from TV tome

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