M. J. Cogburn


M.J. got involved with Quantum Leap from the  get go. 

Even though she'd like to throw her computer 

out the window at times, she perseveres through the  hardships 

of making the website for the Quantum Leap-aholics that love the show. 


I would like to take this space up by saying thank you 

to everyone that writes, reads, and passes along the web 

address to friends and family!  I don't think that A. J. and I 

ever knew what kind of crowd we would gather from our "hobby".  

Hugs and kisses to all!  ;-) 


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Stories that this author has written or co-written:


Sixth Season:

601  Double The Leap, Double The Danger
603  Conundrum
607  Queen Of The Night
614  Pandelerium

Seventh Season:

706  Hallowed Knights
710  And Then Came Another I
711  And Then Came Another II
717  One Voice Was Heard
718  The Little Girl
721  Leap For Life I
722  Leap For Life II
724  Fallen Hero I
725  Fallen Hero II
731  Charades

Eighth Season:

811  Life's Probability Leap
827  Stripped Free
829  Mercenaries
830  Shadows Of The Moon
831  Poo To You
832  Leap From Hell I

Ninth Season:

901  Leap From Hell II
902  Leap From Hell III
907  Resurrections Tremor
911  Too Close For Comfort
925  Your Secrets Out I
926  Your Secrets Our II

Tenth Season:

1006 Remember Me
1007 Sam Does Castle Dracula
1009 A Time To Remember
1018 The Picnic

Eleventh Season:

1102 Fathers And Daughters
1105 Lightning's Effect
1117 Eternal Shadows: The Dawning
1118 Eternal Shadows: The Emergence
1119 Eternal Shadows: The Supremacy
1120 Eternal Shadows: The Enchantment
1127 And Then Darkness Falls
1130 Give Me Liberty
1131 Give Me Death

Twelfth Season:

1206 Between The Cracks
1215 Crimson Reflection
1219 x 3
1232  Preemptive Strike

Thirteenth Season:

1304  Evil Reborn: The Tapestry Unfolds
1305  Evil Reborn: A New Chapter

Fourteenth Season: