Katherine Freymuth


Katherine began writing with QL:TVS during the 

Sixth Virtual Season (1999 - 2000).  


Thank you for all you do to keep the Leap alive!

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Stories that this author has written or co-written:


Sixth Season:

610  Battle Scars

Seventh Season:

703  Heart And Soul
710  And Then Came Another I
711  And Then Came Another II
720  Love Is Blind
721  Leap For Life I
722  Leap For Life II
724  Fallen Hero I
725  Fallen Hero II
732  Vietnam Revisited I
733  Vietnam Revisited II

Eighth Season:

807  I Will Love You Forever I
808  I Will Love You Forever II
812  The Spirit Of The Season
827  Stripped Free
829  Mercenaries
830  Shadows Of The Moon
832  Leap From Hell I

Ninth Season:

901  Leap From Hell II
902  Leap From Hell III
910  Elementary, Dear Albert

Tenth Season:

1007 Sam Does Castle Dracula

Twelfth Season:

1220  Someone To Watch Over Me

Thirteenth Season:

1301  Don't Touch The Green Chili
1307  In The Eyes Of A Child
1308  Deceit
1312  In The Line Of Fire
1314  Operation: Hostage
1315  ... tick... tick... tick
1317  Post Traumatic Leap Syndrome I
1318  Post Traumatic Leap Syndrome II
1321  I'm Too Sexy I
1322  I'm Too Sexy II
1325  Stepping In A Slide Zone I
1326  Stepping In A Slide Zone II
1327  Bloodlines
1328  The Meeting

Fourteenth Season:

1401 The Interrogation