Douglas Laird


Doug began writing with QL:TVS during the 

Seventh Virtual Season (2000-2001).  



Thank you for all you do to keep the Leap alive!


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Stories that this author has written or co-written:

Seventh Season:
704  Leap Into The Frying Pan
709  Mud Rat
727  The Tail Of Sam
Eighth Season:
804  Darkness Over The City
810  Mirror Image Unraveled
818  Confidence
822  Boulevard of Broken Dreams
825  Children of Yesterday, Heirs of Tomorrow
Ninth Season:
906  Stars And Bars Forever
909  Tails You Die
912  Possible Claus
914  Obsession - Deceit
915  Obsession - Revelation
916  Obsession - Repatriation
919  When Legends Turn To Heroes
922  Cosmic Leap
927  The Mask Slips
Tenth Season:
1003 Quake
1005 Full Circle
1016 Grand Dame Of The Sea
1021 Hawaii Blues
Eleventh Season:
1110 Where There's Life
1121 To Helen and Back
1126 Hornet's Nest
Twelfth Season:
1203  Freefall
1212 Time Travelers' Aid Society
1213 Running Against Time
1217 Two Roads Converged
Thirteenth Season:
1302  Coffee, Tease Or Me
1323 Tunnel Vision

Fourteenth Season: