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Updated:  03/08/2024
The Virtual Seasons Series
These stories pick up after Mirror Image
and continue from the original five seasons.
There are many seasons available to read.
Updated:  Coming Soon
The New Revival Series
These stories are stories that have Ben Song
and the rest of the gang continue to leap.
Sam is lost in time and Al has passed.
Updated:  08/03/2005
These stories are ones that our duo meet and
begin their friendship that helped them
throughout the series of Quantum Leap.
Updated:  Coming Soon
Stand Alone Stories
These stories could be pre-Mirror Image or
post-Mirror Image stories.  These stories
don't fit into The Virtual Seasons Series.
Updated:  07/24/2006
These stories are one where Quantum Leap
slips into another television series.
A good example is Q.L. / X-Files Crossover
Updated:  05/03/2003
Alternate Universe
These stories may include ones where
Sam and AL are not married and
continue on their leaps.

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