Alternate Universe and Crossovers

Can't get enough of Sam and Al?  


New, original stories are here!  

These are stand-alone stories that are too good to pass up! 


These stories do not fall within the Virtual Season 

story arc or are pre-Mirror Image stories.


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These stories are the stories that could lead our 

duo to meet and begin the friendship that helped 

them throughout the series of Quantum Leap. 


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Alternate Episodes


These episodes may include stories where Al is not  

married to Beth and still has those cavalier ways. 


School Daze   by:  Lady Chatterly

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Crossover Episodes


These episodes are ones where Q. L. 

slips into another television series.  

A good example is:  Q. L. / X-Files Crossover.


Q. L. / Seven Days


Quantum Backstep  by: Robin Margolin

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