Episode 1216
Deadly Seas

Date: June 28, 1965

Location: ’Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean aboard the luxury liner Everglade


Finding himself aboard a luxury liner that’s quickly sinking Sam must race against time to save himself and a child from certain death; along the way meeting a mysterious stranger who seems to know more than meets the eye.

Written By:

Erik Dreiling

Theorizing that one could time-travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Sam Beckett led an elite group of scientists into the desert to develop a top-secret project known as Quantum Leap.  Pressured to prove his theories or lose funding, Dr. Beckett prematurely stepped into the Project Accelerator…and vanished.


He awoke to find himself in the past, suffering from partial amnesia and facing a mirror image that was not his own.  Fortunately, contact with his own time was maintained through brainwave transmissions with Al, the Project Observer, who appeared in the form of a hologram that only Dr. Beckett can see and hear.


As evil and neutral forces alike do their best to stop Dr. Beckett’s journey, his children, Dr. Samantha Josephine Fulton and Stephen Beckett, continuously strive to retrieve their time-lost father and bring him home permanently.  Despite returning home several times over the last decade, Dr. Beckett has remained lost in the time stream…his final fate no longer certain.


Trapped in the past and driven by an unknown force, Dr. Beckett struggles to accept his destiny as he continues to find himself leaping from life to life, putting things right that once went wrong with the hopes that his next leap…will be the final leap home.





Cold. That was the first sensation that shot through Sam Beckett’s being as he transgressed into yet another life. He wasn’t quite sure at this point in time if the rough rocking motion was part of the Leap or if it was some other external force. When he was able go regain full use of his senses he found himself waist high in icy cold water. Just as he was able to gain his footing, he was rocked violently to his left, falling into the water. Sam looked upward and found himself staring at a ceiling that was heavily leaking water. After another moment Sam found himself somewhere in the lower levels of a ship—a ship that was quickly sinking. The wool sweater vest that he’d found himself wearing clung to his chest, making it itch. Taking off the vest he looked back up, and that’s when his ears were filled with the loud shrill.


“Help!” Sam found himself standing several feet away from a young girl who was crouched on top of a heavy bureau that was half obscured in the water. She locked eyes with Sam. “Help me, mister!”


Sam nodded.  “Hang on,” Sam called out to her. “Don’t worry I won’t let anything happen to you.”


It was at this moment that the cabin was filled with another voice.


"Better hurry then.” Sam shot a glance over his shoulder and saw a young man standing behind Sam near the doorway. Sam could’ve sworn that it was just he and the little girl, but Sam didn’t have time to think about that. He then returned his attention to the little girl in peril.


“Hang on, sweetheart! I’m coming.” Just as Sam took a step towards the little girl the ship rocked to the right, throwing Sam off balance and into the icy cold water. Sam brought his head up above the water, spitting out water and took a deep breath.  “Oooooohhhh boy.”




June 28, 1965

Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean aboard the Everglade



After what felt like an eternity, Sam was able to make his way over to the young, terrified girl. Sam held his arms out to her. “Don’t worry. I won’t let you fall. Climb down to me.”


The girl shook her head.  “I’ll fall. Please help me. I don’t want to die.” She started crying.


Sam knew that if he were to attempt to climb up on the bureau that his added weight would topple it. Somehow he had to get her to climb down to him.


“You won’t fall, I promise. Climb down to me and I’ll get you to safety.”


“I want my daddy.”


“I’ll get you to him, but to help you, you have to climb down to me.” Sam sighed. “It’s the only way.”


After a few long moments the girl nodded and started to climb. As she made her way down the bureau started to tip. As Sam exerted his weight against the bureau the young man made his way past Sam and to the other side, balancing the bureau. The little girl made her way down and as soon as she was within reach she fell into Sam’s waiting arms.


“Don’t worry, honey,” he said as he held her close, “I’ll make sure you get out of here.” By this time, it was clear to Sam that his objective was to get this girl to safety; he didn’t need Ziggy or Al to tell him that. While hanging onto the girl, Sam turned around and started looking for another way out of the cabin. The young man nodded towards the door behind them.


“That’s the only visible way out of here, Doc,” he said. When Sam narrowed his eyes at the young man at his reference to ‘Doc’ the man added, “You are a doctor right? At least that’s what you told me when we boarded.” Sam slowly nodded.


“Uh, yeah. I did say that I suppose.” Sam then turned his attention back to the flooding cabin. “There has to be a way out.”



Project Quantum Leap

Central Control Room

November 2006



“What do you mean you can’t get a lock on him?” The words that came from Admiral Albert Calavicci were heavily laced with aggravation. He had had very little sleep in the past seventy two hours and to hear the hybrid computer tell him that she had trouble locking onto Sam’s brainwaves was the last thing he needed to hear. He glanced back up towards the glowing blue sphere which appeared to be suspended in mid air.


“It’s just like I said,” came the cool feminine voice, “I appear to be having trouble locking onto Dr. Beckett’s brain waves. I am detecting interference of unknown origin. The interference is quite strong, Admiral. It emanated shortly after the Visitor arrived.”


“What kind of interference?”


“Unknown. I am currently trying to ascertain point of origin so please contact me only when needed. I must not be bothered.”


“Well that’s just great.” Al shook his head and leaned against the console of the control stand.  He looked over at Dr. Verbena Beeks who simply smiled at him with a shrug of her shoulders.


“Well, Admiral, we still have the Visitor in the Waiting Room. Perhaps he could give us some information.”


Al nodded.  “Alright ‘Bena. Let’s take a stroll.” She chuckled as the two started down the corridor that would lead them directly to the Waiting Room.




The Visitor was sitting on the examining table, first pulling at the Fermi Suit and then looking at the mirrored table top, frowning. He then glanced up and started to survey the room. “Lordy, ” he muttered to himself, “I must have hit my head hard.” He tried to stand, but as soon as his feet had touched the cool tiled floor his legs wobbled and he nearly fell. He hadn’t heard the door open, nor noticed the two people.   Seeing them, he quickly pulled himself up and eased back on the table.


“Better be careful,” the man had said.


The Visitor looked up at him with a curious eye and then nodded.  “Thank you kindly,” he paused as he studied Al’s naval uniform, “Admiral.” The Visitor smiled. “Navy man. You know, I served in the Navy back in...” The Visitor tried to recollect his memories through the Leap induced haze. “‘16. Yeah, 1916.” He smiled.


Al couldn’t help but to smile.


“I am most confused, though,” the Visitor went on to say.


To Verbena it was sort of amusing to hear ‘Sam Beckett’ talk and act as an elderly man, but to Al and a few select persons, he saw an older man who appeared to either be in his mid 60s to early 70s, with a thick wave of grey hair that might have once been a lustrous blond, hazel eyes, and a long-ish face. The Visitor had a thin mustache that was a soft white color that wrinkled as he pursed his lips.  “How did I end up here? One moment I’m waist high in water trying to save that little girl from drowning and the next moment I’m in here... where ever ‘here’ is, which is my question to you.”


“I understand that you have many questions for us, Mr. …”


The Visitor picked up on Al’s hint and offered them his name.  “Ah, Hackett. Dorian Hackett, M.D., but everybody calls me Doc.” 


Al and Verbena exchanged glances.  “You’re a doctor?”


The Visitor nodded. “Practiced for thirty-two years.”


“Could you tell us today’s date?” Verbena asked. 


The Visitor shook his head.  “Wish I could, ma’am, but my memory’s still a bit foggy. I can recollect my name and where I was prior to here…”


Al cut him off. “Yes. You were saying that you were trying to save a girl from drowning.”


“That’s correct. I was on board the... the... Everglade, yes that’s it, when suddenly I got a panicked visit from a most peculiar looking boy.” Dr. Hackett shook his head. “He told me that the ship had just crashed, I believe, just before the captain informed us.”


Al and Verbena nodded.  “Thank you very much, Dr. Hackett. You’ve been most helpful.” Al smiled and started to lead Verbena out of the Waiting Room.


Hackett called after him.  “You never did tell me your name, Admiral.”


Al grinned and tipped his head.  “You can call me Al.”


Hackett nodded.  “See you soon... Al.”


“Okay.” Al said as the door closed. “I’ll go input the information into Ziggy while you keep talking with Doc in there. Maybe his memory will clear up some more.” Verbena nodded and when they reached the end of the corridor they went their separate ways. Just as Al had let out a heavy sigh of aggravation and tiredness, Angela Ramsay met him. 


“Admiral,” she said in a soft tone, “Dominic wanted me to inform you on Ziggy. It seems that, although monitoring your conversation in the Waiting Room with Dr. Hackett she is too preoccupied with her inability to get a lock onto Dr. Beckett. When asked why she couldn’t offer any more help she said ‘I’m busy’. She refuses to research any records in the archives until she can figure this out. Unusual behavior, don’t you think?”


Al was silent for a moment before replying, trying not to get anymore frustrated with Ziggy.          “Ah, Angela, I’ll go ahead and send you a file on what we have so far pertaining to the Leap. Try to see if you can dig anything up on a ship called the ‘Everglade’ and what’s available on this Dr. Hackett. Try to find records on his birth, death, anything.”


Angela nodded.  “I will but it will take a while. I’ll head back to Records and use one of the terminals there. See if I can dig anything up.” Al nodded and watched her walk in the direction towards Records. Al momentarily recalled the Leap where Sam helped her and her kid brother, Max. Seeing firsthand the effects of Sam’s Leaping brought a certain joy to his heart. Al grinned and started back towards Control, praying that wherever Sam was that he was safe.




Lower Levels of the Everglade



Sam, while holding onto the little girl, continued to look for another way out of the cabin while the mysterious young man, dressed in clothes that seemed to be a bit outdated, would occasionally glance down at the water and flinch. He looked up at Sam and tipped his ratty white cap at him.


“I think that maybe one of us could knock down one of those panels on the ceiling,” he was saying to Sam as he pointed to the leaking ceiling, “and just maybe it’ll be big enough for us to crawl through. We have to get to the upper levels soon. I don’t think we have much time left.”


Sam glanced at him and then the ceiling. “That might just work.” Tilting his head down, he spoke to the little girl, “I’m going to hand you over to my friend,” Sam looked up at him when he prompted for a name.


“Philip,” the young man said. 


Sam smiled and nodded.


“My friend, Philip, and I’m going to get us out of here.” The girl tensed a bit as Sam handed her to Philip. Philip smiled warmly at her when she went to him. Sam tipped his head at Philip and then went to start on the ceiling.


He waded his way through the water back towards the bureau and tried to get a good footing on it. When he was able to properly balance himself he started to climb it till he was able to reach the ceiling. He balled his hand into a fist and punched one of the panels hard enough to split it in half, sending the pieces into the water below. Sam raised his head and found hardwood flooring. Letting out a grunt of disbelief, he looked down and saw Philip handing him a steel rod. Sam leaned down, grabbed it, and started pushing it against the hardwood flooring, knocking at it till he was able to make a hole just big enough for one person to crawl through at a time. When Sam was able to barely poke his head through, he could tell that there was a minimal amount of water.  He leaned back down and took the girl from Philip, who heaved her up and towards the hole.


“It’s okay,” Sam said to her. “It’s safe and I’ll be right behind you.” She nodded as Sam gave her a boost and she climbed into the hole. Sam smiled as she made it through. He then looked back down to Philip.


“C’mon,” he said as he extended his hand. Philip took it and Sam helped him up. The bureau started to tip when Sam quickly gave Philip a boost, linking his hands together and pushing Philip up by his foot. Just as Philip made his way up, the bureau tipped.  Sam started to fall with it, but Philip grabbed his hand in the nick of time. Phillip pulled with all his strength, pulling Sam up enough so he could grab onto a piece of flooring that jutted outward and hauled himself in.


Sam let a loud sigh just as the bureau crashed onto the water.  “Thank you,” Sam breathed as Philip patted him on the shoulder.


“Don’t worry, it’s what I do.” Philip helped the little girl onto her feet and then Sam.


Sam nodded and turned to face the little girl.  “Are you alright?”


“Y-yes...thank you.”


“What’s your name, sweetie?”


The little girl looked up at him.  “Jessica. Jessica Reynolds.” She grinned a bit. “And what’s yours?”


“My name?” Sam faltered a bit. He hadn’t seen Al at all since he’d Leaped in so he had virtually no information to go off on. “Well my name…”


Philip smiled. “His name is Dorian.”


Jessica giggled.  “That’s a girl’s name.” This time both her and Philip giggled as Sam blushed.


“Okay,” Sam started as he began to survey their surroundings. They appeared to be in a hallway of sorts, with a minimal amount of water on the floor but judging on how quickly the water level was rising they wouldn’t have much time to find high ground. “Let’s head down this way,” Sam said as he led Jessica by the hand. “Hopefully we should be able to access the other floors through here.” 


Philip nodded in agreement. “If I remember correctly there should be a door just at the end of this hallway.”


“Good. Let’s hurry and get Jessica out of here, hopefully the Coast Guard are evacuating people by now.”


“They should be,” Philip said, speaking as if he already knew this for a fact. Sam narrowed his eyes at Philip for a beat before starting their jog through the hall. Once they reached the other end, they came onto a door. Sam grinned as he started to turn the knob, but felt some resistance on the other side. The door wouldn’t budge.


“Damn it,” Sam said thickly. He tried the door again, but to no avail. Sam took a step back, as did Philip and Jessica. “One,” he breathed. “Two. Three.” Sam leaned back and kicked the door down, sending a small cloud of dust and wooden slivers floating onto the flooding floor. Sam then pushed what was left of the door aside and led Jessica and Philip through. As Philip passed, he looked Sam over.


“Pretty strong there,” he grinned and then added, “old timer.”


Sam laughed as he followed the two through the doorway. Sam then saw that they were in a smaller corridor that turned on the left. Sam looked over at Jessica and immediately saw the anxiety in her eyes.


“Hey, Jessica,” Sam said, “who were you here with?”


“My daddy. He and I were on a vacation. I always wanted to see the ocean and for my birthday my daddy got us a cruise on the Everglade, one of the biggest ships around, you know.” Sam smiled at her. “Most of the time I don’t really see much of him, he’s always on business trips and things like that, but I’m not mad at him or anything. I know how much he loves me.”


Sam nodded. He noticed that Jessica carried with her an air of certainty, something that made her look older than her years. He then glanced over at Philip.


“So,” Sam said after a moment, “what’s your story?”


Philip met Sam’s gaze and smiled. “I’m a…” he paused as he corrected himself, “was a fisherman, but that was a while ago.”


Sam narrowed his eyes.  “Why aren’t you now?”


“It’s a long story, but basically I wanted more from my life than just sitting on a boat waiting for a catch that might not come.” Philip thought for a moment and then added, “Both my father and grandfather were fishermen. Best on the island they were. Needless to say, I didn’t quite measure up.”


“You don’t even look that old,” Sam inquired.


“I’m nineteen.” Philip shrugged. “Sometimes I feel quite older, though. Ever get that feeling, Doc?”


“Yeah,” Sam said, “actually I do—all the time.”


Philip narrowed his eyes at Sam’s last remark, but said nothing.  “If we go this way, then there’s only two more floors, I think, before we can get to the Captain’s Compartment,” Philip went on. 


Sam looked over at him.  “You certainly seem to know your way around the ship,” Sam remarked.


“Oh,” Philip faltered, “well I just…”


Jessica cut him off with a loud shriek just as the boat lurched to the left, throwing all three off balance. “Dorian! Look out!” Sam looked up just in time to see part of the wall closest to him fall to the ground, taking Sam with it.

Philip ran over to Sam, pushed aside the portion of the wall off Sam and knelt beside him, placing a hand on his shoulder.


“Take it easy there,” Philip said.


Sam’s vision was slightly blurred and he moaned a faint response.



Project Quantum Leap

Records Department 


Angela Ramsay sat at the small terminal in the Records Department, rubbing her eyes as she continued to key in inquiries in one of the Project’s special search engines set up by the Admiral. She keyed in ‘Hackett, Dorian’ in the text bar labeled SEARCH and tapped the Enter key. A few moments later a list of names that fell under Hackett scrolled down the screen. About eight Dorian Hackett’s appeared. 


“Damn,” she muttered as she tried to ascertain which one to select. What better way to start than the first one. She clicked on it and started to read.


After about ten minutes she came to the last one. She clicked on it and read:


Last Name: Hackett

First Name: Dorian

Middle Name: Alawicious

Social Security Number: 629-07-2258

Date of Birth: 20 Mar 1898

Date of Death: 28 Jun 1965


Angela then searched for Dr. Hackett’s death certificate to find the cause of death. She referenced several newspapers and a few minutes later came up with a picture of an old newspaper clip complete with a picture of a man that fit the Admiral’s description of the Visitor—Dorian Hackett’s obituary. She read the article and then came across hospital records from a Havenhurst Medical Center where she found his death certificate. She then printed the pages. She reached over to the intercom and paged the Admiral.


A couple minutes later, the Admiral arrived in Records. Angela went up to him and handed him the information that she’d printed. He looked them over and nodded. “Very good, Angela. I’ll input them into Ziggy and hopefully she’ll be willing to cooperate.”


“For Dr. Beckett’s sake,” she added.


The Admiral nodded and then turned around and started to leave. When the Admiral was at the doorway she called after him.  “Yes?”


Angela hesitated for a beat, debating whether or not to tell the Admiral what she’d been wanting to tell him for quite some time. Taking a deep breath, she’d let it slowly and said, “When you do manage to contact Dr. Beckett tell him I said ‘thanks’.”


“For what?”


“For helping my family. My brother and I wouldn’t be where we’re at if it weren’t for him.”


The Admiral smiled at her.  “You knew?” He saw the smile on her face.


“At first I couldn’t make sense of the time lapse but when I started working here I just put two and two together.” She then sat back at her desk, smiling. The Admiral returned her smile and headed back towards Control.





Al went up to Dominic, handing him the papers that Angela Ramsay had printed for him. Dominic went ahead and started to scan the papers to download into Ziggy’s mainframe. 


Al looked over at the programmer. “Well we know now where to start looking for Sam. All we have to do is conduct a nanosecond search spanning from 1953 to 1965. I’ll head into the Imaging Chamber so when you’re done feeding the info to Ziggy get the Chamber online.”


Dominic nodded as Al grabbed a handlink from the control panel console. He then made his way up the ramp and into the Chamber.



Aboard the Everglade

Somewhere on the lower levels


Sam stood on wobbly legs, with Philip helping him up. Jessica looked on with a worried face. Sam caught her expression and shot her a smile. “I’ll be fine,” Sam told her.  When Sam was able to stand on his own he looked around.


“There’s a door at the end just after we take this left,” Philip said. “We continue along this route, and then we should be able to reach topside in no time.”


“Great. Then let’s continue.” Sam looked down at Jessica who held Sam’s hand firmly. “Everything’s going to work out just fine, Jessica.” Sam winced as his head was pounding from the blow that he’d taken when he fell. They continued on their way and soon came around the turn. Sam looked down the corridor and saw another doorway. Smiling, he led Jessica to the door and, hesitating slightly; he reached for the door and started to turn it. To his surprise the knob turned without difficulty. Grinning, he opened the door and looked inside.



Project Quantum Leap

Imaging Chamber


Al stood inside the Imaging Chamber, looking around at the cool blue that engulfed him. He tapped a few keys on the handlink, barely paying attention to the chirps and beeps it produced.


A moment later the Chamber was filled with the feminine voice of the hybrid computer.  “Although I’m still unable to determine the source of interference, I have reviewed the information that you and Dominic have provided and calculate an 85.231 percent probability that Dr. Beckett is in the year 1965. Apparently the Everglade luxury liner collided with another ship, the HMS Verona, on June 28, 1965. The Coast Guard was able to retrieve all but four people off the liner, Dr. Dorian Hackett, Jessica Reynolds, Mitchell Reynolds, and Joseph Walker. When the Coast Guard returned to retrieve the two, they had found the Everglade completely submerged and two bodies floating in the water. The death certificate for Dr. Hackett stated that he’d died of hypothermia after sustaining long periods of time of extreme temperatures. I have also found a death certificate on Jessica Reynolds and it states that she died of the same cause. I calculate a 92.999 percent probability that Dr. Beckett is there to ensure the survival of Dorian Hackett and Jessica Reynolds.”


Al looked up at the ceiling. “Now you tell me all this? For all I know Sam and this Jessica could already be dead.”



Aboard the Everglade

Somewhere in the Lower Levels


Sam, Jessica, and Philip continued to make their way to the upper levels. Apparently they were in yet another hallway, but this time they were passing by some of the cabins that the ship’s patrons had been staying in. What had once been a beautiful ship was quickly turning into a watery grave.


“I haven’t seen anybody else on board yet,” Sam remarked as they passed by the cabins. “I guess that everyone else is already up top.” At this thought something didn’t quite make sense. If everyone else were already on top then what was Jessica doing in the lower levels? “Jessica,” Sam said, “what were you doing down there near the bottom of the ship?”


“I was looking for my daddy. Just before the accident, he said that he’d be at some get together or something with a client and told me to wait in our cabin, but when the ship started to sink I never saw him come back so I went looking for him.”


“Once we get to the top,” Philip said after a moment of uncomfortable silence, “there will be a helicopter transporting people off the boat. If we hurry we just might make the last transport.”


“How do you know that?” Sam asked.


“Just after the wreck I heard the captain call on the radio for help. So I just assumed that the Coast Guard will send somebody over to pick us up.” Sam nodded, but didn’t quite believe Philip. Philip grinned. “Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out, Doc.”


“I suppose,” was all that Sam said in response. At the end of the hallway it’d split into two directions, the decision at hand was determining which one to take.


“Let’s go left,” Philip said.


Sam shook his head.  “I think we should go right.” Philip looked at him. “Call it a hunch but I feel that we should go right.”


“Very well,” Philip said after a moment, “we’ll go right but I’m telling you that…”


“I know, I know,” Sam said hastily.



Project Quantum Leap

Imaging Chamber



Images swirled around Al at a remarkable speed. Al figured out early on to not focus on the swirling images, not if he didn’t want to lose his lunch.  Instead he closed his eyes, took a deep breath and let out slowly. When Al slowly cracked open one eye, he noticed that when the search reached a certain point, it became fuzzy and faded, like bad reception on a TV set.


“It is at this point in the time line that I have a difficult time monitoring, so I surmise that this is where Dr. Beckett is.”


“Then do what you have to, to center me there. Turn up the power, turn it up to the max!”



Aboard the Everglade

Somewhere in the Mid Levels


The turn right led the three down yet another corridor, but this one was shorter. There were fewer doors and less lighting. The ship suddenly lurched, causing Sam to loose his footing. Philip helped Sam back to his feet.


“The ship’s going down fast,” Phillip said. “We must hurry.”


Sam nodded and they continued on their way till they reached a dead end.  “Damn it, no!”  Sam pounded on a nearby wall.


“I tried telling you, Doc. We should’ve went…”


“I know what you tried telling me! Hey, Philip,” Sam said, trying his best to not let his anger guide him. “How is it that you’re the only one who knows where everything’s at or what the others are doing?”


Jessica glanced between Sam and Philip.


“Listen, Doc,” Philip said, “for now I can’t explain why. Just trust me, okay? I know what I’m talking about.” Sam knew that there was a lot more about this Philip than he was letting on, but for now his priority was Jessica.


“Alright. Let’s head back the other way.”


They turned around and went back the way they came till they reached the other end of the hallway where, there was a door. Sam went to open it and, again, the door opened with no trouble. Sam looked inside and found that it led through another hall, but at the end seemed to lead to a small room. Sam looked back at both Jessica and Philip.



Project Quantum Leap

Imaging Chamber


As Ziggy tried to center Al on the disturbance the images seemed to distort and blur.

“C’mon, Ziggy baby, keep tryin’.” Al tried not to panic. “Don’t worry, Sam. I’m comin’.”



Aboard the Everglade 

Somewhere in the Mid to Upper Levels


“There,” Sam said as he pointed ahead at the small room. “That might take us to the Captain’s quarters.” They continued to make their way through the corridor till they reached the small room. When Sam looked through the small window he could see a desk and what looked like radio equipment. He then went over to the door and on the glass pane read the words Captain’s Quarters. Sam’s heart skipped a beat.


“Is everything alright?” Jessica had asked.


Sam nodded.  “Yes sweetheart, everything’s going to be alright.” He briefly looked up at Philip and saw a hint of sadness on his face. When Sam was about to question it, Philip pointed at the door.


“Try seeing if it’s locked.”


Sam started to turn the knob and yes, it was locked. Taking off his sweater vest Sam wrapped it around his hand and, after telling both Philip and Jessica to look away swung his fist into the pane, sending dozens of shards falling to the ground. Sam reached inside and unlocked the door. Opening it he let Jessica go in first, then Philip, and then himself. While Jessica looked around Sam made his way over to the radio equipment.


“I’ll radio for help. I’ll let them know that there’s still people down here.”


Philip nodded. “Hopefully they get the call.” There was a certain tone in Philip’s voice that told more than what he was saying.


Sam looked over at him. “What?”


Philip shook his head at Sam.  “I hope they get the call. We need to figure out what frequency to broadcast on first.”


Sam nodded and then started to look at the transmitter, to see what frequency it was last on. It was a start at least. Sam flipped the switch and spoke into the speaker. “Can anyone hear me?” What followed next was a loud burst of static. After a few moments of no response Sam tried again. “Hello? May Day, May Day. Can anyone hear me?”


Static. When Sam started to despair he heard a faint voice come through the receiver.


“Come... Ma... Day. Come in... Day.” Sam held his breath for a beat as he waited for the recipient to finish broadcasting.


Leaning into the speaker Sam depressed the button. “Yes. This is May Day. This is Dr. Dorian Hackett and I’m currently on board the Everglade, along with two other passengers. We need immediate help.”


When Sam looked back over at Philip, Philip mouthed ‘You’re supposed to say over.’


“Ah, over,” Sam said and released the button.




“This is Captain Manning of the Coast Guard. Help is on the way, Dr. Hackett. Estimated Time of Arrival ten minutes. Over.”




“Ah, Captain, ten minutes may not be enough. The ship’s going down fast. Need immediate response. Over.”




“Dr. Hackett, I am... en route... Havenhurst Medical Cen...r. Will come back for another pickup as soon as I can get there. Over.”




“Copy that, Captain. Over and out.” Sam released the button. He looked up at Philip. “Let’s get moving. We need to get topside quickly before the Coast Guard return.”


Philip nodded and the three left the office and continued to head down the corridor and eventually came to a small flight of stairs.


“This should take us right up,” Philip said.


As Jessica went up the stairs Sam heard another burst of static. Confused he looked around and saw the faded, wavering image of Al Calavicci standing by the Captain’s Quarters.


“Al!” Sam called out. Philip looked behind him.


“Did you say something, Doc?”


Sam shook his head. “Oh, ah, well I was just, ah, talking to myself. Just praying to God that we make it up top before the Coast Guard return.” Philip nodded and then made his way up the steps.


Al walked over to Sam, his image fading in and out. “Oh... thank... we... you.” Sam leaned in a bit in an attempt to hear his holographic companion. “C’mon, St. John, crank up... power.” A few moments later, Al’s image clearly manifested itself. “That’s better. I’m not sure just how long this will last, Sam. We’re draining way too much power just keeping me here.”


Sam nodded as he made his way up the stairs.


“Al,” he said in a soft tone as so he wouldn’t be heard by Philip and Jessica. “I’m so glad to see you. I just got off the radio with the Coast Guard and they’re on their way. It should be about ten minutes.”


“Sam, Ziggy was able to access some records, with the help of myself and Dr. Ramsay,” Al paused for a beat. “You remember Angela Ramsay, don’t you?” 


“Vaguely. Blond haired, short, works in...” Sam shook his head as the memory faded away.


“Well she was a great help in accessing some important records. By the way, she wanted me to tell you ‘Thank you.’” Before Sam could question him Al went on. “It turns out that Dr. Hackett and Jessica Reynolds weren’t picked up in time by the Coast Guard. We found a death certificate for Dr. Hackett and said that he’d died of hypothermia, as did Jessica. Presumably they jumped ship and tried to survive but... well, you know.”


“What about Philip?”


“Who’s Philip?”


“He was also on board the Everglade with Dr. Hackett.”


Al tapped at the handlink. “Well there’s no records stating that a Philip died on the Everglade so he must have made it. There were only two casualties on the Everglade itself, one of them being Jessica’s father and the other being the ship’s captain. Hackett and Jessica survived the sinking, but didn’t survive the ocean.”


At this time Sam had found himself standing in one of the upper levels, with Jessica standing near a window, trying very hard to keep her footing. Philip was next to her, holding on to her.


“There’s still some people on top,” Philip said as he saw Sam. “All we have to do now is go through those double doors over there and it’ll take us straight up to the top.”


Sam smiled.




Aboard the Everglade

Upper Levels near the Deck


“Better hurry, Sam. Ziggy says that the Coast Guard will be here in about five minutes. The longer you stay down here the more the odds are going down on your survival. Ziggy says that while Dr. Hackett had gotten Jessica to the deck they’d missed the chopper, that’s why they had to jump ship.”


“Okay,” Sam said, “let’s get the hell off this boat.” The three stranded patrons and the hologram made their way to the double doors. When they reached the door, Al’s image flashed a bright red orange and then vanished. Sam looked behind him in confusion.




Philip looked over at him. “Al? Who’s Al?”


Sam faltered. “Oh, well, Al’s the name of my guardian angel.”


“Never known any guardian angels named Al,” Philip joked.


Sam smiled a reply as he pushed open the doors. The first thing Sam noticed was the strong smell of the sea.  “The docks,” Sam breathed with a huge amount of relief.



Project Quantum Leap

Control Room


“Damn it! What the hell happened?”


Al strode from the Imaging Chamber, flinging the handlink in disgust on the floor. It bounced off the side of the ramp and skidded on the floor, landing a few feet in front of Dominic, who looked at it with wide eyes and taking a step back.


“Power supply overload,” was the hesitant reply from Dominic. “We were channeling too much power. Some of the control panel components are fried. Ziggy’s drained and has requested to ‘rest’ till she’s at full capacity.”


“Sam doesn’t have time,” Al spat. “He and that little girl are stuck on a sinking boat!” Al took a moment to take a couple of deep breaths, a little relaxation technique he’d learned from Verbena. “Do everything you can to reconnect me to Sam.”


“I’m on it,” Dominic said.



Aboard the Everglade

Currently on the Deck


Sam, Philip and Jessica had met up with the other stranded people.  Sam noticed that the rest of them were older men, about ten in total.  Sam went up to one of the gentlemen.  “Do you know when the Coast Guard’s coming back?”


“Should be back anytime now. They got all the women and children off safely.”


Sam tipped his head towards Jessica, who was standing next to Philip.  “Not all of them.”


The man looked back and saw the wet, frightened young girl. “Where did she come from? I thought they got all the children!”


“We were stuck down below,” Sam said.


“Oh well thank God you made it up here.” The man smiled at Sam and then titled his head. “Do I know you from somewhere? You look awfully familiar.”


Sam extended his hand. “I’m Dr. Dorian Hackett.”


This made the other man nod knowingly.  “Of course! Dr. Hackett! Now I remember you.”  The man shook Sam’s hand. “I’m George Crenshaw. I saw you last year, you treated my bad back—old injuries on the golf course.” He chuckled a bit, obviously trying to lighten the mood.


Sam smiled. “Well if we were to have bumped into each other under different circumstances...”


At this time the water around them rippled wildly as the wind picked up. The heavy sounds of helicopter rotors filled their ears as Sam looked up and saw a black helicopter descending. When the helicopter had touched ground a man clad in a flight suit emerged and started filing people inside. Sam quickly grabbed Jessica’s hand and led her to the uniformed man.


“Here,” Sam said as he handed Jessica over to the man. “She’s the last child on board. Get her to safety.” The man nodded and led Jessica over to the helicopter where she climbed in. When she was in she looked back at Sam.



“Don’t worry, Jessie. I’ll be right behind you shortly.” She leaned her head back in as Sam sighed in relief. Philip stood next to him.


“I’m so glad she made it safely this time,” Philip said.


“What do you mean ‘this time’?” Sam stared at Philip for a long beat. “Who are you?”


“Someone who wants to help.” Philip met Sam’s gaze. “That’s all you need to know for now.”


Sam decided to change the subject. “I take it that Jessica’s father wasn’t on board. She didn’t recognize any of them.”


“He didn’t make it,” Philip said.

When everyone else had boarded the helicopter, the uniformed man went up to Sam and Philip.


Sam noticed that the name on his uniform read Capt. John Manning. “Captain Manning, I’m Dorian Hackett. I spoke with you on the radio.”


“Mr. Hackett,” Manning started, “I’m terribly sorry to do this, but there isn’t enough room on board for two more people so we’re going to have to come back, plus we need to refuel; we only have enough for one trip.” Sam nodded.


“I understand. Just get the girl off safely.”


Manning nodded and climbed back on the helicopter. Within moments the helicopter picked up, Sam watched it as it ascended and took off, heading towards the medical center. Now only Sam and Philip were left on board.


“This ship’s not going to last much longer,” Philip said, a tinge of nervousness in his voice.


“That’s why we’re going to have to jump,” replied Sam. “There’s a couple of life jackets over there.” As Sam went to grab the vests, Philip stood at the edge of the ledge and took a step back.


“I can’t,” he said quietly.


“What are you talking about? Of course you can. You were a fisherman so you should be used to the water.”


“Doc,” Philip said, “I can’t tell you why, but I can’t go in the water.”


Sam stared at him.  “I won’t leave you behind.”


“Jump.” Philip met Sam’s gaze. “It’s only you now.”


When Sam knew that Philip wasn’t going to jump, Sam was faced with either staying on board with Philip and risk it till the Coast Guard could return or chance it in the water. At that thought, he also remembered Al telling him that Hackett had died when he jumped. Sam knew that Jessica would be safe.


Sam turned and faced Philip with a sorrowful look. “Philip! Please reconsider. Come with me.”


“Sorry, Doc, I can’t. You’re going to have go the rest alone.” When Sam shook his head, Philip walked up to him and smiled. “You have a big heart, but you know what you have to do.”


Sam looked at him and, after a moment of hesitation, jumped in the water. The water was ice cold, shocking his muscles and numbing his skin nearly on contact. He was able to keep afloat, but he didn’t know how long he could keep it up. He could feel the current pull him away from the sinking Everglade. The next several minutes seemed to pass by rather slowly. Sam struggled to maintain consciousness, but the continual exposure to the cold and the strength of the current was wearing on him. When Sam’s vision started to darken, his body relaxed and then went limp. It was right after that he felt something firm grasp his hand. He looked up and saw Philip in front of him, holding his hand and with it a warmth that seemed to rejuvenate Sam.


“C’mon, Sam, I’m not going to lose you like I did Dr. Hackett.” With that Philip started to pull Sam. “Just hang on.” Philip seemed to hesitate as he started to swim, but he pushed his fears, he had to, to save this man. He’d helped so many other people that it’d be a sin to let the man die like this.


Sam looked up at him, grinned, and then everything went black.


        Philip, while holding onto Sam, looked back at the Everglade, which was at this point nearly completely submerged. Philip sighed heavily as the peak of the deck disappeared into the depths of the ocean.



Havenhursts Medical Center

Honolulu, Hawaii


In the early hours of the morning the newly deployed luxury liner, Everglade, collided with the U. S. S. Verona.  The Everglade’s maiden voice was just two days ago, which was to travel from New York to Hawaii when…


Philip reached over and turned the knob on the radio just as Sam regained consciousness, stirring and moaning in discomfort. After a moment, he sat back and looked at the Leaper.


“How are you feeling, Sam?” Sam blinked and Philip chuckled. “Why do you think I kept calling you…”


“You knew, all this time,” Sam said after a moment, but somehow he wasn’t all to surprised to be called by his actual name.


 “You were here for more than just Jessica. I failed to save the two of them because of my own fears. Seeing you willingly risk your life for complete strangers, reminded me of myself... long ago.” Philip grinned. “You also helped me. If it weren’t for you, I would never have gotten into the water. That’s why Dr. Hackett and Jessica died originally. I was sent to save them, but instead my fears took over and I’d let them down. Every time the situation played out the same.”


“You’ve done this before?” Sam asked.


Philip nodded.  “More times than I’d care to admit.” Philip leaned forward. “The important thing is, is that both Dr. Hackett and Jessica are safe. Now, I can move on.” Philip thought for a moment before adding the comment, “When one life ends, another begins.” Philip stood up and went over to Sam. “Thank you.”


“Who are you... really?” Sam asked with a slight grin.


Philip shrugged.  “Just plain ole, Philip Bridges.”  Chuckling he said, “I think I should get going. Your friend would want to get in touch with you again.” Philip stood up and went towards the door. When he was standing in the doorway he turned back and smiled at Sam. “There’s many of us out there, Sam Beckett, and we’re always watching. Good luck on your journey. We’ll meet again one day.” Philip was still smiling when he Leaped.
Sam stared at the space that Philip had been just moments before.


“Hey, Sam,” Sam turned around and saw Al standing near the window. He walked up to Sam. “Thank God I found you again.”


“What happened?”


“Well apparently we had a power overload. Ziggy’s been having one hell of a time locating you and when we were able to pinpoint your location everything went haywire.”


“Glad to see that everything’s alright. Speaking of all right...” Sam trailed off as Al tapped at the handlink.


“Well, both Jessica and Dr. Hackett are fine. In fact shortly after the Everglade incident Dr. Hackett legally adopts Jessica and the two remain very close until Dorian Hackett’s death in 1997. Jessica Reynolds went on to hold a seat in the Senate in the late eighties and... wait a minute, Senator Reynolds. Oh, hey Sam, you remember Senator Reynolds? She visited the Project just shortly before you Leaped the first time.”


Sam thought for a moment. “Al, what do you have on a Philip Bridges?”


Al keyed in the inquiry on the handlink. After reading the information scrolling across the screen Al relayed it to Sam. “Ah, let’s see. There was a Philip Bridges who was a fisherman back in the forties and fifties here on the coast. Born June 15, 1934... I don’t believe this.” Al’s voice trailed off in disbelief.


Sam sat up. “What is it?”


After a moment Al said slowly, “Philip Bridges was born on June 15, 1934 and died on August 8, 1953. He died when trying to save the lives of two fellow fishermen. Their boat had capsized and Philip went out to save them. They made it to safety, but he’d drowned in the process.”


Sam’s eyes went wide. “When one life ends, another begins.”


“What?” Al asked, completely at a loss.


“Never mind.”


“Why did you ask about Philip?”


“Because I met him on the boat. It seems that he’s relived the Everglade wreck a number of times and was sent there to save Jessica and Dr. Hackett, but his fear of water kept him from accomplishing his task... until now.”


 “Dr. Hackett? You have a visitor.”  Both Sam and Al looked over and saw a young, brunette nurse poke her head through the door. When she leaned back Jessica Reynolds came running up to Sam, hugging him.


Pushing aside long brown hair, Sam looked into her brown eyes and smiled. “Glad to see you’re feeling better, kiddo.”


“I was afraid that you’d died.”
“No, I’m alright, Jess. Everything’s going to be alright.” He looked up at Al and grinned. Sam hugged her tightly as he felt the familiar tingle begin to take hold.


“Take care, Sam,” Al said as Sam was engulfed in the blue white light.




White light filled Sam Beckett’s eyes, static crackled in his ears and quantum particles danced along every nerve in his body as he replaced another quantum leaping host. Through the darkness Sam strained to see as his flashbulb blindness from the quantum light began to subside. The leather of the car seat felt warm as opposed to the cold metal of the dashboard and the cool breeze across his neck due to the open controvertible roof of the late 1950’s automobile. To his left was a young man with long blond hair wearing a varsity jacket that was finishing up a high school football story. Sam listened contently since for once he had not leaped into the middle of a two-way conversation. Next to Sam was a small white purse. In the side mirror Sam saw a young, pretty high school girl dressed in a white sweater wearing pearls around her neck and a white sweater. Overhead the moon shown bright through a few white fluffy clouds as Cassiopeia winked to him from above.


As his companion finished his story making him the big football hero, he reached up and yawned stretching out his incredibly long right arm settling behind Sam’s shoulders. In the dim moonlight Sam could make out other cars parked on a bluff overlooking the dark landscape below. No one in any of the nearby cars appeared to be admiring the stellar display above.


Sam put all the evidence of his eyes and ears together and came to a startling conclusion. 'I’m up at Make-Out Point!' Sam thought as he panicked and sat up straight and stiff, while straightening out his light blue skirt. His date must have sensed something because he removed his arm. Sam relaxed his shoulders, but didn’t move from his spot.


“Something wrong, Annie?” the driver asked in a squeaky Southern drawl.


Sam searched his scrambled mind for an a appropriate female response, but all he could do was shrug his shoulders smiling sheepishly.


Beating his fist on the dashboard, Sam’s date cried out, “It’s that Susan Preston, isn’t it? I talld you she was just coming on to me. Yare the one I want to be with Annie. She’s just too... Too wild for me. Too forward. Yare a lot more. I don’t know how to say it. You’re so much more a girl. Sweet and feminine. ”


Sam looked up to the sky with an ironic smile. “I wouldn’t bet on that,” he remarked quietly. Pretending to be a female was not impossible except when it called to be in these most female of situations.


Putting his head down on the steering wheel he looked at Sam with a look of utter confusion, “I thought you really liked me. Darn it. Did our signals get crossed or wot, Annie?”


Without the benefit of who this frustrated teenager was and whether this couple was on the upswing or downswing in their relationship, Sam replied, “No, I’m just not feeling good, right now. You’re still the gentleman. I’m just tired, I guess.” Sam patted him on the shoulder and then quickly withdrew his hand as his date reached for it. Being of the male gender was very inconvenient in this type of social situation. Sam much preferred the more domestic scenarios when it came time for him to wear skirts.


“Do ya want me to tike you home?” he asked with a hound dog look on his face.


“That just might be a good idea,” Sam said patting him on the shoulder.


The jock quickly reacted to Sam’s touch and gave Sam a kiss as Sam uttered quietly. “Oh Boy!”



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