Episode 932

Mirror Expression III

by: Brian Greene

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Brian has integrated video in with this episode.  Where ever you see the handlink,  if you click on it you will get to view the scene. He has also put all the clips from this episode into a zip file that you can download here all at once to save download time if you wish. Unzip the clips and play each one when instructed during the story. Thank you!



Sam has leaped as himself into the small town of South Bend, New Mexico. He meets Angela, an angel from another leap, who takes him to a bar from another leap: Al's Place! Everything about the bar is the same - from the Bartender himself, to the lettering on the front window, to the visions of people he has known on previous leaps - except the bar is in South Bend, fifty years after he first leaped into it back in 1953. Sam plays the bartender's jackpot game once again and wins! Just as he is about to get his answers on why he is leaping through time, there is a scream from outside the bar and Sam runs to investigate. Sara Perkins, the 5 year-old daughter of Moira McCloud and step-daughter of her husband, Brad McCloud, has been kidnapped off the street and unless she is found within the next 24 hours, she will be murdered. There is a 30 million dollar ransom note on her head...the exact amount of Sara's trust fund. Angela helps Dr. Beckett to pose as Sam Beederman, a FBI agent, and he begins to head up the kidnapping investigation with Perry Mason, a local police officer. As Sam and Detective Mason get statements from Sara's mother and stepfather, Al Calavicci follows Angela into Al's Place where the observer asks a few questions to the bartender, who can see him. No answers are given yet, but when Al returns to the project control room, Angela has followed him in! She gives some advice and soothing words to the project staff about the possibility of Dr. Beckett's return someday and then leaves   through the imaging chamber door and passes into Sam's reality! Al tells Sam that Ziggy predicts that there may be clues to Sara's kidnapping on the road where her body is going to be found unless Sam can prevent the murder. Still waiting on ransom instructions from the kidnappers, Sam, Mason, and Angela venture out to search for anything that might lead them to Sara. The kidnappers are discovered to be working for someone else so far unnamed and in a turn of events, one of the men kills the other and plots to take all the money for himself. While waiting on further instructions from the kidnappers, Sam again goes to Al's Place where the bartender gives Sam the opportunity to go home. But Sam decides to stay and help Moira and Brad find their daughter instead. Back at the project, Al dreams of his father which leads him and Ziggy to uncover several photos of Al's Place taken throughout history in many different locations... all with faces both Sam and Al recognize to have passed on in their lives. After Al explains that Ziggy's theory of how the bar can exist and not exist at the same time is called a mirror expression, Sam discovers that the man behind the kidnapping is Brad McCloud, Moira's husband. Brad is now being blackmailed by the kidnapper, Joey, who demands that the 30 million dollars be transferred to him or Brad and Sara will both be killed.  Sam and Mason arrest Brad as the story continues...



Thursday, November 27th, 2003
South Bend, New Mexico


'I couldn't imagine what Moira must be going through. First her daughter is taken from her and now she finds out the man behind it is her own husband. I wanted to reach out to her... to hold her... but I just sat next to her on the sofa as she cried for over two hours. Al continued to fight with Ziggy for information, but the hybrid computer was being no help.  All we knew was that this was a plot of murder, kidnapping, extortion, and betrayal. It sounded liked something Nick Allen might have investigated back in the 50's and it may as well have been: Nick's mirror image, Detective Perry Mason had secured Brad in the bedroom and was still questioning him as I told Moira what must be done now in order to save Sara.'


"When John was killed, I didn't know what I would do. He held us together, Sam." Moira had finally stopped weeping. Now she sat upright on the edge of the sofa; still in disbelief that her husband was the one behind this horrible situation.


"I know it's hard, Moira. But you can come through this," Sam offered. "Do you understand what we have to do now?"


"Sam," Al interrupted, "I can't believe you want her to do this."


"When we go to the bank in the morning, you want me to pretend that I know nothing about Brad's involvement in this. You want me to stay by his side the entire time."


Sam nodded, "I know it will be difficult, but we don't know if this kidnapper, Joey, may be watching tomorrow. If he suspects that you know Brad is being blackmailed, it might put your daughters life in danger. We just can't take a chance."


"If I were her, Sam," said Al as he punched at the screaming handlink, "I'd punch him right in the nose." Al made a fist and punched at the wall of the imaging chamber. "I'd make that nozzle hurt."


Moira stared at the plush carpeting that devoured the living room floor. "All right. I'll do it. For Sara."


"That's a strong woman," Al admired.


"Okay," said Sam as he rose from the sofa, "I am going to go down the hall and bring Perry and Brad in here so that we can discuss details. Are you going to be okay with seeing him right now, Moira?"


She shrugged. "No. But if this is the only way, I'll live with it."


Sam nodded and left the room. As he walked toward the bedroom where Mason was holding Brad, Al continued his attempt to access data from Ziggy. "Don't worry, honey. Sam will get your daughter back."


Sam knocked at the door and Mason acknowledged that he could enter. Brad was restrained with his hands in handcuffs behind his back. The man looked very tired; as well they all did. It was nearly midnight and the emotion of the day had taken its toll.


Mason asked Sam, "Moira will go along with our plan for tomorrow?"


Sam glared at Brad. "She's reluctant, but she agreed in the interest of her daughter."


Brad spoke softly, "Since I have agreed to this as well, can you take off the cuffs now?"


Perry glowered at the prisoner. "Those cuffs aren't coming off until we leave the house in the morning. You'll do what we say, when we say it, and how we want it done or you will face the death penalty for the murder of John Perkins. I'll make damn sure of that! However, if you cooperate, I'll only ask the judge for a life sentence."


"Sounds great," replied Brad smugly.


"Moira's waiting," said Sam to Mason. "Bring him out to the living room so we can all discuss how this will work tomorrow."


Mason led Brad down the hallway to the living room. Moira stood from the sofa as they approached. Her face was grim. She wanted to cry but held back the tears. Brad would never see her cry again. She screamed, "You bastard!" Suddenly she ran toward him and punched him square in the jaw! He reeled back, unable to catch himself with hands secured behind his back. Brad tumbled to the floor as Moira lurched at him again.


"That's it, honey!" cheered Al. "Knock him one good!"


Sam grabbed her arms firmly and held her back. He couldn't help but smile as her punch (not to mention her face) reminded him again of Tess McGill. "Moira," calmed Sam, "Let him be."


"Sam!" frowned Al, "Let her have another go at that nozzle!"


To both Al and Moira, Sam responded, "Justice will serve him soon. But we don't need him looking beat up tomorrow. Okay?"


Moira and Al glared at Brad; emotions raging. Then she caught herself and nodded to Sam. "All right, Sam. For now."


The doorbell rang. Everyone in the room stood still. Sam nodded silently at Al to check and see who was at the door. Al moved his holographic head through the doorway and peered out into the darkness of the front porch. A woman screamed loudly and Al fell back through the door, startled.


At that moment, Brad made his move to escape. During the fall, Mr. McCloud had thrown his feet behind the handcuffs chains and now had his hands in front of him! He grabbed Mason's gun from its holster and backed away from everyone; gun cocked and pointed. "Don't anybody move! I'll kill you all!"


Al stood from his tumble on the floor as Sam took a step forward. "Brad, don't make this harder on yourself."


"Shut up!" shouted the angry man. "Step back!" Brad shifted his glance at Mason. "Toss the keys to the cuffs over to me. Nice and slow, Detective. Everybody back against the wall!"


"You better do what he says, Sam," said Al. "Back up against the door."


Sam began to move back toward the wall about 4 feet from the door as Mason tossed the keys over to Brad. "Al, do something!" whispered Sam.


Brad continued, "Nice and slow, boys and girls, that's it."


"I'm about to, but you gotta back against the door, Sam! The door! Not the wall!"


Brad picked up the keys and began to unlock the cuffs. He nearly dropped the gun in his attempt to get free, but in four seconds the cuffs collapsed to the floor.


Sam adjusted his direction and backed up to the door. "Al what are you doing?"


"Trust me, Sam. Turn the doorknob now!"


Sam put his hands behind his back and slowly turned the knob until it clicked. The unlocked door immediately flew open and a blinding light filled the room! It was so beautiful that Sam couldn't bear to look directly at it. There was euphoric music coming from somewhere; from everywhere around them. Mason and Moira fell to their knees both hiding their eyes. The light shattered Al's image from Sam as Brad was knocked backward into the stone fireplace wall; the blow knocking him out cold. And then the light was gone. And the room was silent. But only for a moment.


"Al!" shouted Angela at the top of her very loud and booming voice, "Don't ever scare me like that again! I ring the doorbell and a peeping little head pops out at me from the center of the door! ¡Pensé moriría otra vez!"


Sam, Moira, and Mason remained on their knees still in awe of what had just happened. Al walked to Angela who was still standing in the open doorway. "Angelita," smiled Al, "if I found you even remotely attractive, I'd kiss ya."


"Hmmmph!" scolded Angela as she slammed the door and sunk into the reclining chair nearby. "Oh everybody get up, get up! You act like you never see an angel before! Jeez..." she began to laugh hysterically.


Sam rose to his feet; mouth wide open. "Oh my God! You're... you're an..."


"I told you!" smiled Angela, "I'm an angel!"


"It can't be," whispered Moira. "How--"


"Is a miracle... no?" Angela just sat and smiled at the group.


Mason spoke, "I can't believe it...."


Al wandered to Sam who was still standing near the door. "I tried to tell you, Sam! She's the real thing! Not nearly as light as one would imagine, but the real deal."


"Just when I was beginning to like you! Oy!" Angela frowned and turned her head away from them.


Mason and Moira both stood up finally and the detective moved in on Brad, who was beginning to stir on the floor. Mason said, "I'm not sure what to say, Angela. I don't know how you did it, but thank you." He put the handcuffs back on Brad and Sam helped him lift the man to a lounge chair situated in the corner of the living room near the fireplace.


Moira stepped to the front door and opened it. "Headlights from a car maybe?" she whispered to herself. The night was thick outside, but she could clearly see that there was no vehicle in sight. She turned to face Angela, who sat calmly and warmly looking back.


"Don't be afraid," said Angela. "I am here to help. And when my mission is completed, I will leave and no one from this time will remember me." The angel's face sombered a bit.


"That's how you know her!" Sam said to Al, forgetting that everyone around him except for Angela could not see the hologram. "You aren't from this time."


Mason turned to Sam, who had also walked to the door to take a look outside. He seemed somewhat surprised. "What? What was that, Sam?"


"Nothing... nothing. Er... um..." Sam stuttered for the words but they didn't seem to want to emerge from his mouth.


"Beederman," asked Mason, "didn't you say you knew Angela from back in New York? She really is your guardian angel, then. This is amazing."


Al interjected, "Sam, I hate to throw a wet blanket on the chubby cherub here, but Mr. McTrouble over there is waking up!"


"Oy! If you were not a holography I would... I would!" Angela shook her balled up fist at Al.


Mason said, "Holography? What are you--"


"Nevermind that, Detective Perry Mason like-the-TV-show. You better watch our friend there... he's waking up."


Brad was indeed shifting in his chair and opened his eyes slowly. He moaned from the blow to his head. The man tried to reach up to rub the aching spot, but realized he was once again in handcuffs and no way out this time.


Mason, with one hand on his sidearm said to Brad, "Don't try to move. You may have a concussion. That'll teach you to try and escape, now won't it?"


"Go to hell," Brad slurred as he spit at Mason.


Angela stood up from her chair and turned to Brad. "No, no no. He is going to Heaven... I have a feeling about it!"


Brad's eyes opened wide as he suddenly remembered what had just happened. "Yaaaahhh!! What are you?!" He began to shake in his chair and tried to push himself back with his feet, but realized he was up against a wall and could move no further.


"That's it, Angela!" cheered Al, who came dashing over. "Sit on him! That'll teach him!"


Angela shot Al a look of aversion and quickly returned her glance to the cowering man in handcuffs. "I am an angel. I am here to make sure Moira gets her daughter back safe. And you are going to help make that happen now... no?"


Brad replied quickly, "An angel? Yeah right! There's no such things as angels!"


Angela took a few steps toward him and raised her arms above her shoulders. "Should I show you again?"


"No! No, no! Stay back from me!" Brad struggled to keep his head as far back from her as he could. "I don't know what I saw or how you did it, but just stay away from me!"


"You are going to be the good boy now and help these gentlemens get little Sara back, are you not?" She sneered at him, moving closer.


Moira smiled for the first time all evening as she watched the monster that was her husband quiver in his seat.


"Anything! Anything, just don't do... that again!" Brad felt a tear forming in his left eye. 'How has the day come to this?' he thought.


"Good!" announced Angela as she turned to the onlookers, once again smiling her big, full-faced grin. "Now, let us all sit here and work out tomorrow's agenda!"


Al informed, "I'm going to go back and kick Ziggy into overdrive, Sam. Hang in there buddy." Al began to punch a sequence of keystrokes into the handlink.


Mason sat down on the sofa next to Moira. "For once I agree with you. Sam, what do you suggest?"


"Well, let's begin with our arrival at the bank."


"Say hello to Ziggy for me!" said Angela quietly to Al.


The Imaging Chamber door opened with a swoosh and Al, smirking at her, stepped inside.


Moira smiled at Angela, "I think you are my guardian angel, too."


"We will get your daughter back, honey. Sam and Perry Mason will make sure of that." She reached over and gave Moira a pat on the knee.


Al could be heard laughing heartily as the Chamber door closed, "Perry Mason! Bwahahaha!"




Friday, November 28th, 2003
South Bend, New Mexico


"You're here bright and early." The Bartender smiled as Sam entered the front door and walked over to the bar. "And you look tired, Sam. You really should think about taking a vacation."


Sam took a seat at the counter. The bar was empty and the only sound came from the radio playing "My girl" from the back room. "I had a long night... a lot has happened."


The Bartender, who began to pour a cup of coffee, looked up at Sam without raising his head. "Yes, I know."


"Do you?" asked Sam, already knowing the answer. "You seem to know everything, Al."


Handing the coffee to Sam, the Bartender said, "As I told you before, Sam. Only God knows everything."


Sam smirked. "And you say you aren't God. Then who are you? I mean... who are you really?"


The Bartender stopped his daily chores and leaned on the counter. "I like to think of myself as your average bartender. A good bartender is there to listen, to offer advise, and to call a cab when you've had one too many." He paused for a moment, then added, "but until that time comes... I'm here to keep serving the drinks until your problems have gone away."


"We're not really talking about drinks, are we Al?" asked Sam, motioning to his coffee cup.


"I didn't say that."


Sam smiled. "Let me ask you this, Al," Sam began. "Ever heard of a mirror expression?"


The Bartender locked eyes with Sam and replied, "Yes."


"Then you can explain it to me?" probed Sam.


With no emotion in his voice, the Bartender answered, "The term refers to something that is perceived as there, but really isn't. Like a reflection in a mirror."


"That's right. But how do you explain it?" Sam smiled just slightly.


"It's not something that can easily be put into words, Sam. It just is. That's the way it is."


"And that's the best explanation.... I know, I know." Sam shook his head and took a sip of his coffee. "Then why do I always feel like there is something more to learn, Al? Why don't I just quit?"


"Because you are unsatisfied with imperfection in your work, Sam. Every time you leap, you correct a mistake in time, right?"


Sam nodded, "Yes... most of the time. But success has nothing to do with leaping. We know that now. Even Ziggy agrees."


"True," agreed the Bartender. "but consider that every time you leap, you change someone's life for the better. Consider this example: You save a family's son from dying. That action results in a change in the timeline. Now the son grows up and marries someone. They have a child. That child grows up, marries, and has children as well. Somewhere along the line, something is bound to go wrong in one of their lives as well. In your mind, you see this as an imperfection in your work. So you keep leaping in an effort to fix what you perceive as your mistake. Even though it isn't your fault... you believe that in a way it is. So there's your mirror expression, Sam."


"My God... you're right." Sam sat still as the revelation came to him. "That's why I am seeing people as those I have helped before. Those realities spawn other realities. That's what you were trying to show me in the mirror the last time I was here!"


"So you see now that you are in control of your own destiny. It's your choice to do this work, Sam." The Bartender nodded at Dr. Beckett. "You knew that even when you started work at the Starbright Project years ago."


Sam smiled in recollection. "Yes... yes of course. Hypothesizing that our destiny is not predetermined and can be changed was a large part of the premise for Quantum Leap. I used the work on Starbright to build on it and eventually create Quantum Leap and--"


"And the rest is history," finished the Bartender.


Sam's excited expression changed to somber. "So I really can go home anytime I want."


"But you have to want to, Sam. And right now you don't." The Bartender stood close to the counter and watched Sam's eyes closely.


"I do want to go home. I miss my wife; my son and daughter."


The Bartender offered, "And they miss you too, Sam."


Sam looked away. "I know they do, Al. And they are all right down the road. Hell… I can see the Project mountain from here! But there are so many people who need my help. How many people do you know who can run around in time?"


"We know there have been a few, Sam," replied the Bartender who looked up as Mason entered the bar with Angela.


Sam nodded, "Yes, you're right again. Stawpah, Alia... but they all needed my help as well."


Mason came up to the bar at Sam's side and said, "So there you are, Beederman. A little early for a drink isn't it?"


"Just a cup of coffee before we get going," said Sam. "Everything set at the bank?"


"Yes, Mason replied. "The state police have arrived and are on alert. They can be at the bank within 2 minutes if something were to go wrong. Moira and Brad are in place and we have about an hour before the transaction is made."


Angela had walked around the counter and started to dust the bottles of alcohol that lined the mirrored wall. "You guys had better get a-going soon, eh?"


Sam asked the Angel, "You aren't coming with us?"


Angela smiled and shook her head. "My mission is done, Sam. I helped you find your way here, gave you an identity so that Deputy Fife here wouldn't arrest you by mistake, and made sure that Brad did what he is supposed to do. He is too scared of me not to keep up his end of the deal."


Mason spoke up out of insult breathing directly in Angela's face, "My name is not Barney Fife! Wrong TV show, you non-flying nun. It's Perry Mason! And what do you mean you gave him an identity?"


"Well," frowned Angela as she backed away from the detective, "I know your name isn't Perry Mason. How stupid do you think I am? And you really should brush your teeth... that breath is... how you say nowadays? Smoking?"


Mason backed away from her in shock as Sam turned to ask, "Your name isn't Perry?"


Angela laughed heartily. "It isn't even Mason! He ripped that off from his favorite TV show!"


"Then who are you?" asked Sam as he stood up from the counter and walked closer to the man he had been working with for the past twenty-four hours.


The Bartender interrupted the scene taking place. "Sam, I think you and he are now ready to accept another reality."


The mysterious man behind the bar stepped away from the long wall mirror as the two men turned to see each other's reflection.


"Dr. Beckett?" asked the stunned man in the police uniform.


Sam gasped and exclaimed, "Gooshie!"




Friday, November 28th, 2003
South Bend, New Mexico


In a hardware store attic, Joey stood close to the window watching the bank below. He could a couple of cars parked along the street, but it looked like Brad had come through so far. No police anywhere except for the security guard who was always parked out front. He glanced at his watch and smiled. "Only about one more hour sweetheart. Then I'll be out of this dump and on my way to Europe."


Sara was bound to a soft chair by ropes; her mouth gagged with a handkerchief. She was tired and her eyes stung from the constant tears that had been flowing from them since she had been abducted on the street the day before. She looked straight ahead, scared and confused about what was happening to her.


"Don't worry," said Joey to Sara, "as soon as your Mama wires the cash, you'll be back home in your overpriced bed eating your breakfast from that silver spoon again."


Sara didn't look at the man who spoke to her. She hated his eyes. He smelled bad and had twisted her arm when he took her from the little house in the desert and moved up here. She could see the bruise from his grip just above her right elbow and it throbbed. The other man who had been with them before was nicer, but he was gone now. After the bang she had heard yesterday, he was gone.


Joey lit a cigarette and took another peek out the window. "One more hour," he said to himself. "You better pay up, Mr. McCloud. Or you, the woman and this kid will pay with your lives."




"Gooshie... is it really you?" Sam turned to the man next to him. He still looked like Nick Allen, but when Sam looked back to the reflection in the mirror, it was Gooshie; his friend; the head programmer who had worked for years to try and bring him back home.


"Yes, Dr. Beckett! I can not believe that it is really you!" Gooshie smiled as Sam hugged him. "You mean you haven't been seeing me as me all this time?"


"No... no to me you look like Nick Allen, a guy I leaped into years ago." Sam froze for a moment. "And you don't see me as me?"


"Except for your mirror image, you look like Lieutenant Tyler. Remember? From back in the early days on the Starbright Project?"


Sam searched for a face, but his swiss-cheesed memory still had a few holes in it. "I don't remember."


"Almost everyone here looks like someone I have known," said Gooshie. "Al says that's just--"


"The way it is," Sam completed the sentence. "A mirror expression..."


The bartender smiled at the two friends reunited. "It's funny how life can surprise you, isn't it?"


"Life?" said Sam to himself. Then he realized, "But you... Gooshie, you died. Al told me you died trying fix Ziggy and save the project. That was... three years ago I think!"


"Sadly, yes I did, Dr. Beckett. March 1st, 2000 to be exact. I was working in the Main Conduit Relay Room and, well ---" (Author's note: Read episode 724: "Fallen Hero" for this reference.)


Sam grabbed Gooshie by the shoulders and asked excitedly, "Then how are you here-- You're a leaper aren't you?!"


Gooshie shrugged. "I was given a choice. I could either go straight to... you know," he pointed to the ceiling, "or I could stay and help someone here. I was given the opportunity to leap forward in time to fix a mistake of my choosing and can not leave until the mission is accomplished. If I fail, time rewinds to the date of my death and I have the chance to fix it again."


"And if you can't fix the mistake?" Sam asked, looking at his friend in amazement.


"Then I can't go... home." Gooshie shifted his glance to the Bartender.


"You made the choice, Goosh," smiled the Bartender. "But it looks like you have extra help this time, don't you think?"


Gooshie nodded and smiled as Sam asked, "You can only leap forward? Not back in time?"


"That's correct, Dr. Beckett. We aren't allowed to alter our own lifetimes. We can only help people outside of our own lifetimes. I chose to help my niece, Moira, get her daughter back."


"Your niece? You are Moira's uncle that left her his estate!" Sam grinned widely as he realized the connection. "The computer chip you created for Ziggy.... the one that made you rich... oh my God this is incredible!"


"How is the old girl?" asked Gooshie, laughing. "Is she still as egotistic as ever?"


"You mean Ziggy?" asked Sam. "Actually, she is in turmoil right now. Can't get a damn thing out of her which is why I haven't been able to get much help on this leap."


Gooshie realized, "Of course! It happened the first time you leaped into Al's Place. I remember we had the worst time trying to locate you and she kept insisting that the bar didn't exist but at the same time... it did. She wouldn't do anything for us until you leaped out. I had to completely reprogram her estimation logs to get her back on track."


"The Project has been trying to correct the issues, but has been coming up against a wall," explained Sam. "So far they haven't been able to--" Sam stopped and stared at Gooshie. A smile crept across his face.


Gooshie examined his friend's expression. "Yes, Dr. Beckett?"


Sam again grabbed Gooshie by his upper arms and asked, "You can leap forward in time?"


Gooshie nodded. "As long as the leap is in reference to this particular situation, I suppose I can, yes. But Sara will die tomorrow, Dr. Beckett. And I don't know exactly when or where."


Sam smiled. "Ziggy could help with that information."


"Yes," replied Gooshie, "but you said she is not working right now and will not help you. In fact, Dr. Beckett, I'm surprised you haven't made the attempt to fix her yourself. The Project is only a few miles south!"

"I designed the basis for Ziggy, but you and your team created her. I don't know much about the inner workings of her mainframe and besides, there hasn't been a moment during this leap for me to leave yet. But you can fix her," said Sam. "You know exactly what to do from the last time this happened. Right?"

"Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant, Dr. Beckett!" Gooshie beamed at Sam. Gooshie turned the the Bartender. "Al, you always said I would figure this out one day. Looks like you were right."

The Bartender smiled back. "You better hurry, Goosh. Time is running out."


Sam's expression changed from excitement to one of melancholy. "I won't see you again... will I, Gooshie?"


Dr. Gooshman came close and hugged Sam. "One day you will, Dr. Beckett. But you have much more work to do. I've always been proud to have known you, my friend."


"Same here, Goosh. Even though your breath is still horrible, I'll miss you, old pal."


Gooshie laughed heartily as he felt a tingle run up his spine. And with that, he leaped.




Friday, April 16th, 2004
Stallions Gate, New Mexico
Project Quantum Leap


"How's it coming, Tina?" Sammy Jo leaned over the control console as she spoke to the pulse communications technician who was adjusting wires and looking frustrated.


"Ziggy's giving me a fit!" she exclaimed from halfway inside the console. "I had to shut her down completely just to get the panels open. She kept shocking me!"


Sammy Jo patted the unilluminated colored blocks that lined the console. "Poor girl," she stated.


"Poor me!" jeered Tina as she spit chewing gum into her hand. She twisted two wires and bound them together with the gum.


"They need you on the 5th floor, Sammy Jo," said Al as he entered the Control Room. "Some sort of flux inquiry I think." He was dressed in his Officer's whites and displayed a commanding look as he proceeded to the control console.


"Thanks, Al," she said as she began walking away from Tina. "Good luck getting her fixed!"


"Any idea how much longer we will have to keep Ziggy offline?" Al asked the woman who had been his girlfriend in another timeline. "I need to get back and check on Sam. It's almost 9am there."


Tina sighed. "Oh, Al! I have tried all the usual protocols. Nothing seems to phase her. She is all mixed up inside that ego of hers."


Al sulked, "Get her back online and take a break from it for a few minutes. I'll try and talk to her."


Tina shrugged and said, "I can do it, but she might give you a shock."


"If she shocks me," replied Al, "I'll turn her back into a man."


Tina giggled. The technician touched a sequence of keys and the console lit up and Ziggy's overlooking orb began to glow. "I'll be back soon, Al baby!" She proceeded down the hallway and disappeared into the elevator.


"Ziggy!" shouted Al.


"Yes, Admiral?" replied a female voice. Her tone almost seemed as if she were tired.


"I need you to be a good girl and help Sam find the nozzle who kidnapped Sara Perkins," said Al. "I know you have issues with the timeline, but I need you back in action."


The hybrid computer replied softly, "I'm afraid I can not process any information about Dr. Beckett's current leap at this time."


"Again I'll ask... why not?" He shook his head at the floor.


"I can not provide an accurate scan of South Bend, New Mexico when there is a place there that doesn't exist. It's not in my programming, Admiral Calavicci."


"Can't you just overlook that one itsy bitsy detail? Just this once?" Al kicked himself for begging to a computer.


"I'm sorry, Admiral. My programming won't allow me to simply overlook details."


Suddenly the Admiral felt a quick pass of air brush across his neck followed by a voice directly behind him. Al wheeled around at the sudden surprise.


"Sounds like you could use some new programming then, Ziggy!" Gooshie said, smiling at Al.


Al stumbled back; both his mouth and eyes wide open. "It can't be... no... I am still asleep or something..." He lost his balance and fell off the console platform onto his butt.


"I assure you that you are wide awake, Admiral!" Gooshie took Al's hand and pulled him up. "It's a long story, but it's great to see you again!"


Al stepped back and squinted. "I guess this isn't a dream. That breath would have woke me up!" Al began to laugh lightly as he looked at his friend, finally giving him a strong hug.


"Welcome back, Gooshie," greeted Ziggy. Her tone sounded a bit more upbeat than before, Al noticed.


"Thank you, Ziggy," replied Gooshie. "We'll have you fixed in no time."


"How is this possible, Ziggy?" asked Al in amazement. "Did Sam change history?"


"I haven't had sufficient time to access that data, Admiral. I have been offline for 5.6 hours and need time to repower before I can access Dr. Beckett's point in time."


Gooshie stepped up to the control console. "It's been a long time, old girl."


"Indeed it has, Dr. Gushman. I did not expect you back since at the current point in time you are dead." There was s short pause. Suddenly Ziggy's voice changed to a harsh digital tone and stated, "Operation not possible. Chaos theory malfunction. Shutting down all servers." The computer's lights faded and the room went silent.


"Oh, crap," frowned Gooshie. "I thought that might happen."


"So you are dead," realized the Observer. "And you're a leaper! Sam was right about Stawpah... this is incredible!"


Laughing softly, Gooshie said, "Sam made that exact statement to me only a few moments ago, Admiral Calavicci." Gooshie stooped down and saw that the panels to the console were still open from where Tina had left her work a few minutes ago.


Al approached the console. "Sam knows you're... here?"


Gooshie began moving around under the console as he went to work. "It's a long story, but Dr. Beckett sent me here. Remember when this happened before, Admiral?"


Al thought a moment. His memory came flooding back as he recalled the time before when they almost lost Sam completely.


Clip #9  


Standing behind the waiting room table, Al exclaimed to Gooshie, "If there's no one here, that means he had to leap into himself."


"Ziggy gives that a 99.2 percent probability," replied the programmer as he paced around the waiting room.


"He's somewhere in time as himself?"


Gooshie squinted, "Apparently so."


Al raised up and asked, "Well, how in the hell is Ziggy going to find him?"


Gooshie paused, then stated, "We're not sure that she can."



Al remembered. "Yes... yes the last time he leapt as himself! You fixed the problem as soon as you realized what had upset Ziggy. But then Sam leaped out of there and we didn't have to do anything further."


"That's why I'm here, Admiral Calavicci." Gooshie crawled out from under the console and stood up. "Now, all I have to do is enter a few commands and she'll be back to her usual egotistical self."


Al watched in amazement as his old friend hashed on the keyboards for a few moments. It had been so long since they had worked together. He had missed the little guy a lot in the past couple of years.


Finally, Gooshie exclaimed, "That should do it!"


The console illuminated and the glowing orb flashed brightly. "Ahhhhh," Ziggy sighed with relief. "Thank you Gooshie. I'd kiss you... if you didn't have bad breath."


Al and Gooshie laughed heartily at Ziggy's comment.


"Try her out," offered Gooshie to Al.


Al nodded and stepped up to the console. "Ziggy?"


"Yessss, Admiral?"


"Can you now predict--"


The computer interrupted him by saying, "an accurate location for the child Sara Perkins in South Bend New Mexico on November 28th, 2003 at 9:00am?"


Al smiled, "That's right."


"Yes. Scanning now, Admiral."


"You did it Gooshie!" said Al as he walked over to shake Gooshie's hand. "Well done, old friend!"


Gooshie shook Al's hand and replied, "I took the liberty of hard filing the process in Ziggy's memory banks... in case Dr. Beckett ever returns to Al's Place again in the future."


Ziggy interceded, "I have the location of Sara Perkins, Admiral."


"Thank God for that! Where is she?" asked the Observer.


"I can't tell you," Ziggy replied.


"What?!" Al shouted. "Not again..."


"Just fooling around with you, Admiral. She is being held one block down from the bank where Moira and Brad McCloud are currently positioned."


"Oh my God, don't do that Ziggy. Is the Imaging Chamber online?"


"Affirmative, Admiral Calavicci."


Al walked toward the Imaging Chamber door and shouted over his shoulder to Gooshie. "I have to give Sam the news. Wait here until I get back!"


Gooshie shook his head, smiling easily. "I'm afraid my time here is finally up. I have to go home now."


Al stopped and turned. "Home?" He began walking back toward his friend.


Gooshie looked up toward the high ceiling of the Control Room.


Al realized, "You mean home as in..." he pointed up with his index finger, "...home ah-huh-huh."


Gooshie nodded affirmatively. "It's been a pleasure working with you one last time, Admiral Calavicci. And you too, Ziggy!"


"You have been missed, Gooshie," replied the computer, almost somberly.


"Well done, my old friend." Al grabbed Gooshie and hugged him tightly. "Maybe I'll see you up there one day."


"I'm sure we'll meet again, Al. I have a feeling about it." Gooshie smiled as he again felt a tingling flow through his body. But this time it was a calming and relaxing sensation; something he had never experienced before.


Al looked on as a bright glow illuminated the room. Gooshie was engulfed by pure white light which, after a moment, faded into a star-like powder before vanishing completely.


"Good journey," Al whispered. He turned, dashing for the Imaging Chamber.




Friday, November 28th, 2003
South Bend, New Mexico


'In another quantum twist, I found myself with new hope that Moira would soon be holding her daughter in her arms again. With the help of another leaper, an old friend, things just might get back to normal and I could finally go home. The mysterious Bartender of Al's Place had helped me to see my life more clearly and now I felt more alive than I had felt in, well... since I could remember. I could now see where my life was headed and what I had to do. I could make life better for so many people if I could just hang in there and not lose focus. It was as if my life was flashing before my eyes... carefree days on the farm, those long - sometimes strange nights at the Starbright Project, building Quantum Leap... it all had meaning now more than ever before. I waited impatiently for Al to return with the information I needed to put this leap to rest; praying that Gooshie had made the leap that would allow us both to go home soon.'


Angela poured Sam another cup of coffee and leaned on the counter to him. "Is time for me to go, Sam."


"Where are you going?" he asked.


"I have another assignment," she explained. "You don't need me here anymore."


"Oh I know about assignments," smiled Sam. "So this is when no one will remember you. Is that right?"


"I'm afraid so," agreed Angela. "But if you continue doing this work, I'm sure we will meet again."


Sam stood up to get the hug that Angela was motioning him up for. "Thank you for showing me... the light," Sam chuckled.


"I may get my wings yet!" she laughed. "Goodbye, Sam. Take care of yourself, okay?"


Sam nodded. "You do the same."


She walked past the counter and disappeared into the back room as Dr. Beckett sat back down at the counter.


"Well, Al..." Sam asked the Bartender, "what happens now?"


"Sam!" exclaimed Al as he rushed through the Imaging Chamber door into the holographic world of Al's Place tavern.


"Does that answer your question, Sam?" the Bartender chuckled.


Sam jumped up from his barstool. "Al, am I glad to see you! Did he make it?"


Al grinned as he caught his breath from the short run from the Control Room. "Yes... yes he did. Who would have thought that any of this was possible, Sam? How'd it happen?"


Sam indicated that he didn't know exactly how to answer the question by shaking his head. "He was Mason. All along he was Perry Mason!"


"Mason?" The Observer laughed hard. "I should have caught on to that! He was always watching that during the breaks at the project, Sam! Remember?"


Sam shook his head. He had no memory of that.


"Oh, you wouldn't remember, but that suits him. It's amazing, Sam. First my uncle Stawpah, now Gooshie... it's almost too strange to think about!"


"This whole leap is strange, Al," agreed Sam. He looked at the Bartender, who was giving him a raised eyebrow. "No offense to you, of course."


"Of course," the Bartender laughed.


"Where's Angela?" asked Al.


Sam looked confused. "Who's Angela?"


"Oh no! I didn't get to tell her g'bye!" Al looked over at the Bartender.


"Tell who goodbye?" Sam inquired with a dumbfounded expression.


"Nevermind that, Sam," said Al as he turned to ask a favor of the Bartender. "Tell her I said goodbye, will ya?"


The bartender gestured that he would relay the message. "Of course, Admiral."


"Al," asked Sam who was now serious again, "did Ziggy get a lock on Sara?"


"As a matter of fact... yeah. She's one block down the street from the bank, Sam!"


"What? Where?" Sam started for the door and Al followed close behind.


Quickly pulling out the handlink from his belt, Al punched at the gummybear controls. "She's in the attic of Claggett's Hard-- Claggett's Hard--" He shook the handlink, which screamed it's digital tones back at the hologram. "Oh... Claggett's Hardware store."


Sam said to the Bartender, "Call the Sheriff and tell him where they are!" He paused for a moment and glanced back at the mysterious man behind the bar. "Thanks for everything, Albert. As soon as Sara is safe in her mother's arms, I'm going to take Gooshie's car and pay a visit home!"


The Bartender nodded his head. "I'm always here, Sam. God Bless."


Sam nodded as he burst out of the front door of the bar followed by Al who simply walked through the front window. "Is there a back way in?"


Al, punching a button on the handlink and re-centering himself on Sam said, "Take this alley. Ziggy says it leads to the back of the store!"


Sam found the rear of the hardware store. There was a ledge above he could reach by climbing on top of the trash dumpster. He pulled himself up and was on top of the roof.


"Careful, Sam!" shouted Al from below. "That roof looks old... you don't want to come crashing through it!"


Sam slowly and quietly walked across the wooden roof until he reached the area just above the only attic window. Al appeared next to him on the roof. "Al, get in there and tell me where Joey is and where Sara is."


"Be right back," said Al just before his image disappeared from the roof. Ten seconds later Al was back. "Ok, Sam. He's right in front of the window. Sara is tied to a chair in the far right corner of the room. If you jump down and break through the glass, you could knock him off balance."


"Is Sara okay, Al?" asked Sam, a stern look on his face. "Is she hurt?"


"She looks like she's had a couple of bumps, but she's awake. She looks scared though," cautioned Al. "You gotta get her outta there!"


Sam nodded as he stooped down and grabbed hold of the edge of the roof's overhang. While holding on tight, he pushed his feet out and came smashing through the attic window. Just as Al had predicted, Joey hit the floor; his gun skidding across the hard floor about 10 feet away. Joey scrambled to get back to his feet, but Sam punched him dead in the face and it knocked the criminal back down. Sam could see that Joey had several cuts on his arms from the broken glass. He wouldn't notice until later that he also had a couple of small gashes as well.


Joey, shouting obscenities and still struggling to his feet again turned his face up to Sam. Suddenly Sam was frozen as that face came flooding back to him...


Play Clip #10


Lorraine stood between Nick and Sam. Al punched at the handlink as Nick taunted, "Joey, Joey, Joey."


Lorraine asked, surprised, "You know each other?"


"You could say that," scowled Al.


Sam replied, "Nicky and I go way back."


"Nicky?" said Lorraine.


"Nicky Bellini," confirmed Al.


"He's been using you, Lorraine," clarified Sam. "Using you to find me."


"Face it Lorraine," smiled Nick, "Nobody wants a jinx."


Lorraine went at Nick to slap him. "You bastard!"


Al yelled, "No, no, no, no!" But it was too late. Nick grabbed Lorraine around the neck with one arm and held her head in place with his other hand.


Sam pointed his rifle at Nick. "Come on, let her go."


"Put the rifle down first!" Nick held on to Lorraine's neck tightly.


Al observed, "He's gonna break her neck."



"You aren't Nick Belinni. It's just another mirror express--" The memory had faded, but so did Sam's eyesight as Joey was up on his feet and Sam fell to the floor from a punch in the face. Sara screamed through her gag and Al began shouting for Sam to get up. "Sam, he's headed for the gun! Get up, get up!"


As Joey ran for the gun, Sam ran and jumped on the man, knocking them both to the floor. "I will kill you!" screamed Joey as they rolled across the floor.


Sara was struggling to get free from her ropes; tears streaming down her cheeks once again.


Al shouted, "Sam! You're too close to Sara!"


It was too late. Joey took advantage of their position and pushed away from Sam. As if the vision of the leap that Sam had just remembered were coming true again, Joey grabbed Sara around the neck with one arm and pushed her in front of him. "Stay back or the girl dies! I mean it! Stay the hell back!"


Sam backed away slowly. "Don't hurt her."


Al moved close to Sam. "You gotta get to that gun, Sam."


Joey saw where Sam was headed. "Don't even think about it, FBI! Move back toward that corner over there," Joey shouted as he motioned toward the westernmost corner of the attic. He squeezed Sara's neck tighter to get his point across.


Sam backed up as he was told. "Al what am I going to--"


He was interrupted by the sound of a police siren outside. Joey pulled Sara, still strapped in the chair, over to the window.


"It's over now," said Sam to Joey. "Just give yourself up. This doesn't have to end like this."


Joey could see several police cars positioned around the building and the officers were getting out of their cars and readying their rifles. He turned to Sam. "You make 'em go away! Do it or she's dead!"


Sam took a step toward Joey and Sara saying, "I can't make them leave. You must know that. Let the girl go and take me hostage instead."


Al sputtered, "What!? Sam no... then he'll kill you!"


Moira was yelling from somewhere down on the street. "Sara! Hang on baby! We're coming to get you!"


"I don't think so," said Joey. "It's a lot easier to control a child than it is an FBI agent. Now get down there! I control your destiny and hers right now!"


Sam's face changed to a confused grin. "No... no you don't control my destiny. That's what the old Bartender has been trying to tell me."


Al shifted his eyebrows. "Sam... you don't want to make him angrier than he already is! What are you doing?!"


Joey shouted loudly at Sam, "You have exactly five seconds to leave this room or I will snap her neck like a twig! Five... four...."


Sam didn't move.


"Three... two..."


Sam stood still.


Al shouted angrily, "Sam get the hell outta here! He's gonna kill her!"




Joey turned his body in preparation to twist the girl's neck as Sam said, "I control my own destiny."


For Al, everything seemed to spin and whirl as the holographic room quickly twisted in on itself like a tornado and then suddenly unwrapped again in the same layout. Sam had disappeared from the room. Al glanced around. "What the hell?"


As he looked over toward Sara, he could see Joey untying Sara's ropes. "You didn't kill her? And now..."


"Of course I didn't kill her, Al." The man Al thought was Joey turned to face him and Sam Beckett's face smiled back. "Don't worry honey. We'll have you out of here and back to your Mommy in just a minute."


"Sam, you leaped into him!"


Sara's ropes fell to the floor and Sam pulled away the handkerchief from her mouth. Sara sat looking at him, crying and confused. "Go on, honey. I'm not going to hurt you."


Sara sat still, not trusting the man who had been mean to her for so long.


"It's ok, Sara." Sam pointed to the stairwell. "Go right down those stairs and the police will take you to your Mommy. Go on now."


Sara stood up, her legs aching from sitting in the chair for so many hours. She slowly backed away from Sam.


Al said to her, "It's okay sweetie. Sam's not going to hurt you."


Sara couldn't hear him, but when she reached the doorway, the young girl ran as fast as she could down the stairwell.


Sam turned to Al with a sour expression. The smell of his host's clothes was enough to turn Sam's stomach. "Does everything turn out okay for Moira and Sara, Al?"


Al raised the handlink and began to press buttons. "I would think so, Sam. That was brilliant leaping into that nozzle! Let's see..." Al began to read from the handlink display. "Joey-- Giovanni... that's your name... was arrested for kidnapping, the murder of his partner Carlo Loggia, and attempted extortion. He got a life sentence with no parole."


Sam nodded. "All right. What about Brad?"


Al pressed a few more buttons and replied, "Brad McCloud is sentenced to ten years in the Torrance county prison facility for conspiracy to commit kidnapping and attempted extortion He--."


Sam interrupted, "He wasn't found guilty for murdering John Perkins... Moira's husband?" Sam could hear police officers rushing into the building below him.


Al shook his head. "Says here that he was never even tried for the murder. No evidence was ever found to substantiate a case, Sam." There were now heavy footsteps in the stairwell coming up to the attic. Al shook the handlink with a concerned look on his face. "This can't be right..."


"What is it, Al?"


Five officers rushed into the room; all pointing their weapons at Sam. "Do not move!" the leader shouted.


Sam threw up his hands as two of the officers grabbed him and pinned him up against the wall. Sam could feel the cold steel of handcuffs clasping around his wrists.


"Sam," informed Al. "According to Ziggy, in four months Brad McCloud escapes from prison..."


Sam turned his head to try and see Al behind him, but the officers turned his head back to face the wall. "Do not move, sir!"


Al continued, "...and after he escapes, he comes back to South Bend... and kills Moira and Sara."


Sam tried to turn again, "No! It can't be!"


One of the officers shouted at him, "If you move again I will stun you! Do not make me do that!"


Al looked at the floor, not wanting to see the disappointment in his best friend's eyes. "Sam, I'm not going to read what he does to them."


"I have to warn them!" shouted Sam over the police officer's voices. He quickly broke free from the officer's grasp and turned toward Al. Sam's angered gaze fell away from the Observer, and beyond the window he could see the Bartender standing in the doorway of Al's Place, smiling and nodding at him. Sam knew he wouldn't be going home. Too many things needed to change. There was still so much that he could do.


"Sam! Watch out!" warned Al.


Sam shouted to Al, "Tell Donna and my kids that I love them!" He felt the sting of a stun gun blast shoot through his body. The electric charge rippled through him quickly, but at the same time another electric charge overtook Sam as the molecules in his body began to separate and stream into the vast reaches of time and space as he leaped.




Tuesday, February 13th, 2000
South Bend, New Mexico

NM Highway 380


Gooshie hummed along with the radio as he drove down the desert highway toward South Bend with the windows rolled down; the warm wind blowing across his face. In the back seat, his niece Moira Perkins and her daughter Sara slept soundly. He could see the two year-old child's head cockeyed in her safety seat. John, Moira's husband, was also asleep in the front seat next to Gooshie; an opened newspaper at his side. It was late, and they were coming back from a show in Albuquerque. There was almost no traffic on the road. He could see only one pair of headlights in the distance behind them and the ride back had been relaxing. It had been a grand night, thought Gooshie. He smiled to himself as they passed a road sign that read: 'South Bend 12 miles' and 'Stallion's Gate' 18 miles.' He then realized that he needed to relieve himself and twelve miles was longer than he could wait.


As he spotted the lights of an all-night gas station just ahead, Gooshie slowed his blue Ford Probe and pulled into the parking lot. He got out of the car and went inside, still whistling the last tune he had heard on the radio.


The car that was behind them slowly pulled into the gas station as the Perkins family slept soundly in the car. The driver, wearing a ski mask got out and cautiously approached the vehicle on the driver's side. He held a semiautomatic handgun at his side. He raised the gun and was about to shoot when Gooshie came back out of the gas station.


"John! Get down!" Gooshie shouted as he ran toward the car.


Just before John opened his eyes, a sparkling blue light filtered into the front seat. Taking shape in just under a second, Sam Beckett knocked the gun out of the masked man's hands and forced the car door open against his opponent. Sam caught his own reflection in the side view mirror and realized that he had leapt into himself once more.


Moira awoke immediately and screamed at the sight. The baby, Sara began to cry from her rude awakening.


The assailant tumbled to the sandy earth and managed to get the gun back in his throbbing hand. Sam yelled, "Everybody down!"


The man opened fire; bullets eating into the panels of the car. As he emptied the last round, the final bullet ricocheted off the front hubcap and caught the shooter between his own eyes.


Gooshie came running over putting himself between the car and the man who now lay dead on the ground. "Who are--"


Sam looked up from behind the car door.


"Dr. Beckett? Is it you?" asked a shocked Gooshie.


Sam sighed in relief as he stood up and leaned over to pull the mask off the man he now knew was Brad McCloud. "Yeah, Gooshie. It's me."


"But how? What happened here?" Gooshie stared down at the man on the ground. "Why... that's Mr. McCloud from the bank in South Bend! He handles all my financial holdings! What is happening?!"


Sam turned to check on the family. John was holding his chest in pain. Sam ran around to the other side of the car as he said to Gooshie, "He was going to kill John Perkins and kidnap Sara!"


Moira was still in the back seat using her own body as a shield for Sara. "Is John okay?" she yelled.


Sam pulled away John's hand to see the wound. "Looks like it missed the heart but we need an ambulance right now. It's okay to get out of the car now, Mrs. Perkins."


Moira climbed out of the vehicle and handed Sara to her uncle. "Uncle Gooshie, watch Sara! I'll be right back!" She ran for the phone in the gas station.


Gooshie nodded while cuddling the crying child. He turned to Sam and asked, "Is he going to be okay, Doctor?"


Sam looked down. "I don't know. But he needs that ambulance quick." Handing John a baby blanket from the back seat Sam directed, "You need to stay awake, Mr. Perkins. Can you hold this tight against the wound?"


John nodded that he could. The pain was too great to try and talk.


"Dr. Beckett, you're back... and you saved our lives!"


"Yes, well I hope that I saved--" While he knew that the Perkins family would not be in any further danger even if John did still die, Sam felt a familiar tingling sensation and his expression changed to a look of panic. "What's today's date?"


Gooshie tried to answer but was startled by Sam's sudden emotion. "It's-- it's--"


Sam grabbed him by the arm in desperation. "What's the date, Gooshie?!"


The head programmer quickly answered, "February 13th, 2000, Dr. Beckett."


Sam looked Gooshie directly in the eyes. "Gooshie you gotta listen to me. In two weeks in the Main Conduit Relay Room you get--"


But before Sam could complete the warning, the force that had brought him into this time had come back to claim him again. Light and sound streamed from his body as the molecules quickly disassembled themselves into billions of atoms. Followed by a surge of electricity, the sparkling light turned to dust as the time-traveler vanished into the night.





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