KC Leap 1998:
Q&A with John D'Aquino,
Beverly Leech, &
Natasha Pavlovich

July 17th -19th, 1998

Kansas City, MO
The Kansas City
Airport Hilton


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Part 1:

Beverly Leech (Sea Bride) talks about the tango scene and the dress.

2 minutes 17 seconds

Part 2:
Beverly discusses the Queen Mary ship, the pie incident, & Jean Pierre.
2 minutes 43 seconds


Part 3:

Beverly comments on working with Scott Bakula.

2 minutes 29 seconds

Part 4:

Beverly talks about Scott's scene in the garbage tank and the set.

58 seconds

Part 5:
Natasha Pavlovich talks about the audition for "Lee Harvey Oswald" and meeting Don Bellisario.

2 minutes 36 seconds


Part 6:
Natasha comments on her "Mr. & Mrs. Smith episode with Scott Bakula and the audition.

minutes 6 seconds

Part 7:
Natasha tells the fans about the stage slap in the "LHO" episode and working with Scott.

2 minutes 17 seconds

Part 8:
Natasha answers a question about Scott staying in character as 'Oswald', and comments on the scene where Sam has just killed the General, her James Bond audition, and meeting the creator of Gilligan's Island.

2 minutes 57 seconds


Part 9:
John D'Aquino talks about the wonderful people involved with Quantum Leap.

minutes 10 seconds

Part 10:
Beverly, Natasha, and John joke about their viewing of the movie "Boogie Nights" and Natasha shows off her belly dancing technique.

minutes 11 seconds



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