Leap Con 1994:
Q&A with Scott, Dean, & Deborah Pratt

While the footage from this convention video was originally about two hours in length, a great majority of it consisted of the audience members asking for photos, autographs, and telling Scott and Dean how much they loved them. Presented here are a few interesting moments from the Q & A session during LeapCon '94.

Leap Con 1994
Part 1:

Scott's feelings about the character of Donna and his own character.

2 minutes 22 seconds

Leap Con 1994
Part 2:

Dean hugs a child and Scott comments on "Somewhere In The Night" and his singing career.

minutes 14 seconds

Leap Con 1994
Part 3:

Scott talks about directing and how his wife feels about other women lusting after him. Also, Brad (Jimmy) stops by.

minutes 9 seconds

Leap Con 1994
Part 4:

Dean discusses his part in "The Boogiem*n, and the convention concludes.

minutes 38 seconds


Deborah Pratt and Scott Bakula


Official Photo of
Scott & Dean