Quantum Con 1992

The first official Quantum Leap conventions were produced by Creation Entertainment. Featuring Q&A sessions with Don Bellisario, Scott Bakula, and Dean Stockwell plus the ceremony for Dean Stockwell's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! This convention was held at the Universal Hilton Hotel in Universal City, CA. Dozens of guest stars were in attendance and a favorite of the weekend was the costume gallery.


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Quantum Con 1992: Part 1

Scott answers a question about a comedic episode and Brad Silverman (Jimmy) makes some comments.
2 minutes 10 seconds

Quantum Con 1992: Part 2

Dean talks about singing the Alphabet Rap song and Scott tells the audience his reaction to being "felt up" on the set.
2 minutes 21 seconds

Quantum Con 1992: Part 3

Dean talks about teasing Scott on the set about being a woman, Scott's martial arts training with Pat Johnson, and learning from his experiences from portraying other people.
3 minutes


Dean Stockwell Star
& 1st Convention
Part 1

3 minutes 1 second


Dean Stockwell Star
& 1st Convention
Part 2

2 minutes 8 seconds

Fashion Show

by Jean-Pierre Dorleac

41 minutes 29 seconds

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Quantum Con Stage

Fashion Show Images






Photos Below Thanks To Julie Barrett

Dean Stockwell Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Ceremony
Photos Thanks To Julie Barrett

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Transcript of the Q&A

"Creating An Episode"
Discussion Panel

Leap Day Speech