"Camikazi Kid"

Leap Date:

June 6, 1961

Episode adopted by: Carol <aka> C_DEAN n C_AL



As a geeky teenager, Sam must prevent his sister from marrying an abusive alcoholic. We learn that Sam's own sister also became victim to the same fate.

Also, he is forced into a drag race to defend his sister's honor and Al offers some inside tips on winning the race.


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(ep 1.7 / #65014)




Sam leaps into a pimpled kid who eats burgers, fries and drinks shakes. Cameron or “Cam” keeps getting socked in the arm. His older sister, Cheryl and he are close. Bob, Cheryl’s fiancÚ has a problem. Katie’s husband had the same problem and Sam couldn’t save her, so he’s got to find a way to save Cheryl. He also has to “race for pinks” to show Bob once and for all who’s got the most nerve and who is the most mature.


Cheryl is so in love with Bob that she doesn’t see what he is doing to her and their lives. But Sam will point out she is wasting her life if she stays with him and urges her to go ahead with her plans without him.


Jill, who is a year younger than Cam, is a girl grease monkey and knows all about cars and engines. She helps Sam work on the Nomad for the big race.



Personal Review:

This is a fun and exciting episode! I especially like the racing scenes and the little dance number Sam does in the men's room with the little boy.


Al is busy doing his own research, and as usual, it has to do with Cheryl and her unmentionables. But he soon puts Ziggy and the hand link to work for his buddy Sam.



Place: San Gabriel Valley, California


Air Date: May 10, 1989


Leap date: JUNE 6, 1961


Leapee: Cameron “Cam” Wilson



Show Music & Songs:


“The Wanderer” by: Dion and the Belmonts


Sax boogie-woogie music…


“Oh Boy” by: Buddy Holly


Surfer guitar music…


QL~piano music by: Mike Post


“Rockin’ Robin” by: Bobby Day


“Why Must I Be A Teenager In Love” by: Dion and the Belmonts


“Let It Be Me” by: The Everly Brothers



Best Scene:

When Sam walks down the hallway and hears Cam’s mother calling him. He peeps in the cracked doorway to see a woman in the kitchen with a plastic bowl shaped contraption on her head with her hair sticking out through holes covered in foil. She wants to know what the latest issue of Playboy is doing behind his hamper. Sam says & chuckles, “An old Playboy magazine.” Janie says, “Old! Miss May looks pretty fresh to me. Rosa found that wedged behind your hamper. She had a conniption fit. She started crossing herself and started yammering in Spanish, it sounded worse than Shooter choking on a fur ball!” Sam says, “Sorry” Janie says, “That’s four cleaning ladies since October! This one quits Mr! And you’re grounded for a year!” Sam starts to leave and Janie wants to know where he’s going and he says to his room. But you know moms … she wants her kiss first! Sam walks back over to her a shyly kisses her on the cheek. When he does this she notices the torn pocket on his shirt and says his name. All Sam can do is tilt his head and shrug his shoulders.


Worst Scene:

There is no bad scene in this episode. It all brings back memories of golden days past … I smile and you can probably figure out how old I am.



Kiss With History:  

Sam and Jill add nitrous oxide or "laughing gas" into the intake manifold to give it an extra boost.


Sam in men's room with Al and little boy (suppose to be a young Michael Jackson) comes in and he and Sam do a dance routine till one of his brother’s comes to get him and moon walks out the door.



Project Trivia:


Al is not seen going into or coming out of the IC in this episode.


The handlink is a thin see through piece of plastic with silver strips at top and bottom and with red flashing graph like bars lights near the center. It is contoured to fit Al’s hand.  


Ziggy is called a he in this episode.


Sam looks in the car mirror and just shows his top teeth while the mirror image shows top and bottom teeth.


There is a slight difference in the clip-on sunglasses of Sam and mirror image of leapee at initial leap.


Before the last race starts Sam’s glasses are hooked in t-shirt collar and Sam grabs them. He leans over to open the car door for Jill and they are still hooked on his t-shirt collar.



Sam Trivia:

Sam remembers when his sister first got married when she was 17 and she probably wanted to get away from the farm. Her husband, Sam says, “He drank a lot and when he got drunk…” Al says, “I’m sorry Sam.” Sam says, “She was my sister, SHE IS MY SISTER… Maybe I could have helped her and saved her from a lot of pain.” Al says, “Yeah but, it wasn’t your fault.”


Sam's Best Line:

Sam says, "Al, AL! What year is it?”  Al says, "1961.” Sam says, “Great! The tail end of the most immature period in history. All the guys still drink malts, drive hot rods and wear butch wax in their hair. And the girls, all have pillow fights, chat on the phone, blind dates and get their panties raided.” Al says, “Ah… those were the good ol’ days.”  



Al Trivia:

He shares things that he has picked up with Sam, like cars and girls.


Al's Best Line:

Al says, “Oh, Tina would look good without that on.” Sam says, “Al.” Al says, “Oh Hi Sam. Oh you missed all the fun! Check out this black number from Fredrick’s of Hollywood box.” Sam says, “I WILL NOT! Check that out. What are you doing here?” Al says, “I’m confirming that Ziggy’s data retrieval circuits are fully functional.” Sam says, “What?” Al says, “Well you see, he predicted Cheryl’s lingerie party would start at precisely 2:07 PDT. He was eight seconds off!” Sam says, “Al, you didn’t stand in here and watch Cheryl try on all this… stuff on.” Al says, “Well you know… ah… ah if you’re goanna publish you gotta have data.” Sam says, “What are you going to publish a lingerie catalogue?” Al says, “That’s a good idea Sam, I could do some inside research, if you get my drift.” Sam says, “Yeah I get your drift. What else you here for?” Al says, “Nothing.” Sam says, “Nothing?” Al says, “Nothing, I thought lingerie was enough.”   



Al's Outfits: 

1) Red shirt, White pants, Silver “pleather” jacket & red plastic wrap around see through sunglasses.


2) Wedgwood blue shirt, Wedgwood blue, black & white checked suspenders w/black & silver tie and black pants.


3) Powder blue suit w/blue pinstripe shirt & reddish orange tie and white tennis shoes.


4) Western style Mustard yellow silky shirt w/silver Indian style bolo.


5) Blue silky shirt w/ modern design silver collar pin, light gray pants and white tennis shoes.



Al's Women:  

A Vegas stripper that started out with a TV carton and ended up with a Kleenex box.



Quotable Quotes: 

Al says, “He-he-he-he-he-he… you know normally, I’m against spreading men’s room gossip, but in this case…” Sam says, “it’d be criminal not to!”



Miscellaneous Trivia: 


QL ~ “Show in a Show” Trivia: 

Sam walks in the front door for the first time and in the living room the TV is playing “Leave It To Beaver” the actual show first aired Nov 19, 1960. It’s called “Eddie’s Double-Cross”. Oct ’59 – Sept ’62 the show aired on ABC, Saturdays at 8:30pm. Sam leaped on a Tuesday … so the staff really didn’t do their homework. Also what helped me determine the basic location in California was the number 10525 on the curb across the street when Bob drives up and Sam is on the front lawn, the style of the houses as the camera pans around and the fact that Cheryl said Cam had not been any farther than the Pomona Hospital.


Al popped in and out 5 times


Al smoked 2 cigars



Regular Cast:


Scott Bakula as Dr Samuel Beckett


Dean Stockwell as Admiral Albert "Al" Calavicci




Guest Cast:


Brandon Quintin Adams as older brother (as Brandon Adams)


Michael Bellisario as little boy at kids table


Janet Carroll as Janie Wilson


Robert Costanzo as Chuck Thompson


Holly Fields as Jill


Mary Pat Gleason as Mrs. Thompson


Johnny Lage as Marty


Richard McGonagle as Dad Wilson


Scott Menville as Cameron Wilson [mirror]


Jason Priestley as Pencil


Edward Schaaf as Minister (as Edward Schaff)


Kevin Spirtas as Bob Thompson (as Kevin Blair)


Tom Verica as Impala


Romy Windsor as Cheryl Wilson





Executive Producer: Donald P Bellisario


Music By: Mike Post


Supervising Producer: Scott Shepherd


Co-Producer: Deborah Pratt


Produced By: Harker Wade


Written By: Paul Brown


Directed By: Alan J Levi


Executive Story Editor: Paul Brown


Director of Photography: Henry Lebo


Art Director: Cameron Birnie


Sound Mixer: Mark Hopkins McNabb


Stunt Coordinator: Diamond Farnsworth


Panaflex Camera & Lenses By: Panavision


Sound Editor: Sam Gemette


Music Editor: Mark Green


Associate Producers: David Bellisario & Jeff Gourson


Edited By: Alan Shefland


Unit Production Manager: Paul Cajero


1st Assistant Director: Tom Connors


2nd Assistant Director: Roberto Villar


Casting By: Melissa Skoff c.s.a.


Set Director: Robert L Zilliox


Costume Designer: Jean-Pierre Dorleac


Costume Supervisors: David Rawley & Donna Roberts-Orme


Casting Associate: Debi Manwiller





Miscellaneous Trivia For guest stars:


Jason Priestley who played Pencil in this episode went on to play Brandon Walsh in 90210 from 1990 to 1998. He produced 58 of the 90210 episodes and directed 15 of them. He has also produced and directed other movies and TV shows.


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