"Deliver Us From Evil"     Evil Leaper I

Leap Date:

March 19, 1966

Episode Adopted by: Rose E.
Additional info provided by: Carly Lappini


When Sam leaps back into Jimmy from a previous leap, things are not as they should be. The family is being torn apart and history has been re-written for the worst. The answer lies in what Sam discovers next...a second time-traveler named Alia.


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Title: Evil Leaper I: Deliver Us from Evil

Place: Oakland, CA

Name of the Person Leaped Into: Jimmy LaMotta

Leap Date: March 19, 1966

Broadcast Date: November 10, 1992


Sam Trivia:

Sam says that he hasn’t eaten a TV dinner since he was 11, he remembers this. Sam said he always thought a TV dinner was food from the future. Sam remembers Al telling him about, Al’s sister, Trudy.


Al Trivia:

Al said his 4th wife tried to "mother" him all the time; she would cut his steak for him. That’s why he won’t eat meat. Al’s sister, Trudy, got pneumonia when they were in the orphanage and they put her in a mental hospital; he never saw her again. Al appears in this episode 10 times and uses the chamber door 3 times.


Project Trivia:

Ziggy is freaked out by Sam leaping into the same person twice. Dr. Beeks got a shock from Ziggy that sent her half way across the room. Ziggy is shocked when she learns about Alia. Al says that in over 80 leaps Sam never leapt into the same place more than once.


Miscellaneous Trivia:

Frank says "Oh Boy" at the beginning instead of Sam. Zoe is the female version of Al. Junk food was not a word in the ‘60s.


Al’s Outfits Worn in the Episode:

Al has a white/gray suit on with a lavender shirt, and a blue, gray, and white diagonal stripe tie. The second outfit is a red suit jacket, black pants, and a white shirt.


Writers: Robin Jill Bernheim, Tommy Thompson, Deborah Pratt

Director: Bob Hulme

Producer: Robin Jill Bernheim


Regular Cast: Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell


Guest Stars:

Carolyn Seymour (Zoe), John D’Aquino (Frank LaMotta), Renee Coleman (Alia), Laura Harrington (Connie), Kristen Cloke (Shirley Constantine), Ryan McWhorter (Corey LaMotta), Brad Silverman (Jimmy LaMotta/Mirror)


Guest Cast Notes:

Renee Coleman appeared as Celeste Campbell in the March 24, 1993 episode of "Melrose Place." On the January 20, 1995 episode of "Diagnosis Murder" Renee played Gloria Kinley. John D’Aquino was the writer for "The Beast Within."


Guests who appeared in other Quantum Leap Episodes:

Renee Coleman played Alia in "Return of the Evil Leaper" and "Revenge of the Evil Leaper."

Carolyn Seymour appeared as Zoe in "Return of the Evil Leaper" and "Revenge of the Evil Leaper" and appeared as Priscilla Stoltz in "A Portrait for Troian."

John D’Aquino played Frank LaMotta in "Jimmy" and Tonchi in "Mirror Image."

Laura Harrington played Connie LaMotta in "Jimmy."

Ryan McWhorter played Corey LaMotta in "Jimmy." Brad Silverman played Jimmy in "Jimmy," Pete in "Mirror Image," and Jimmy in "Shock Theater."


Best Line:

"Excuse me, excuse me for a second. Are you, are you taking to a hologram? You’re talking to a hologram, aren’t you! You are a time traveler, too."


Best Scene:

The best scene is when Sam touches Alia and they see each other for who they really are for the first time. Then they introduce each other to their hologram friends.


Quotable Quotes:

"If you weren’t here, who would I steal mashed potatoes from?"

"I leap back to people that I know and everything should be great, right? But everything’s wrong."

"I’m really strong."

"I think Ziggy has finally lost it."

"I’m worried because I can’t figure out what the hell is going on."

"I’m also worried because I’ve never really care about anyone you leapt into like I care about Jimmy."

"It’s my job to be worried."

Alia: "Who are you?" Sam: "Who are you?"

"We’re not sure. Sam and I touched and then suddenly he…"

"It’s almost like your memory was swiss cheesed."

"Do you always think of other people first?"

"Sam, I’m not Connie and you’re not Jimmy."

"If he touches you again, I’ll kill him."

"This could be the one that gets you home."

"You bet your sweet ass I am, sweetheart."

"Because she’s evil."

"Sam she’s your counterpart. You’re good and she’s evil, that’s what she does."

"You can’t kill me, you’d be killing yourself, Alia. I mean think about it, I only exist because you do and you because of me. If I die, it only makes since, that you would too.

"You’re not evil, Alia. Whatever trapped you in time is."

"Somehow we, we’ve lost two days."

Sam: "What are you telling me; none of this ever happened?" Al: "No I’m not, Ziggy is telling the both of us."

"She’s not gone, Al. Alia is not gone."


Personal Review:

This episode is very good. It is nice to get to see how someone has changed after Sam has leapt into that person. Two years have gone by since Sam leapt into Jimmy and you see how much of a change Sam has made. Alia is an interesting character and someone you want to see Sam battle again.

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