"It's a Wonderful Leap"

Leap Date:

May 10, 1958

Episode Adopted by: R. Joy Helvie


As a cab driver in New York trying to earn his medallion in a high-stakes contest, Sam literally runs over a woman named Angela who claims to be an angel. She can see Al, who doesn't get along very well with her, and says she is there to help Sam in his mission! Sam's mission, however, is to keep from getting himself killed while still earning the medallion.


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BROADCAST DATE: April 1, 1992

New York City, New York

DATE: May 10, 1958

LEAPEE: Max Greenman


"Someone To Watch Over Me" -- George Gershwin
"Somewhere" -- Stephen Sondheim (for "West Side Story")


Sam, as a cabbie, drives Donald Trump and his father. Sam inadvertently introduces the idea of Trump Towers.


**In the QL universe, angels are real; they don't eat, sleep, and they wear the clothes they died in. Angels can see Sam and Al for who they really are.


**Angelita Carmen Guadalupe Cecelia Jimenez (or just Angela) is Sam's guardian angel.

**Throughout most of the episode, Sam believes there could be angels. At the end, though, he says there's no such thing.


**Throughout most of the episode, Al believes there's no such thing as angels. At the end, though, he finds that Angela must really have been an angel.


1) dress shirt with abstract black & white design
red and black tie
red jacket
black slacks
red fedora with black band
silver pin

2) dress shirt with abstract animals that are purple, black, and white
silver tie
navy blue jacket
navy blue slacks


Love it, love it, love it! I absolutely ADORE Angela; she's so cool!


Really, both Sam and Al didn't have extremely quotable quotes. All the good zingers went to Angela (which is perhaps why I liked her so much). So, all the quotes are below.


SAM: I was trying to save your life.
ANGELA: By running me down and beating me up?
SAM: No, no. I thought-- I thought that your heart had stopped. I was just trying to get it started again, that's all.
ANGEL: Oh, why don't you back over me a couple more times?


ANGELA: You should not be tempted to listen to that devil! He doesn't know what he's talking about!
SAM: And which devil might you be talking about?
ANGELA: The one in the horrible red suit.
SAM: You can see him?
ANGELA: Well, it's hard to miss him in that monkey suit.
(talking about AL)


SAM: Have you been able to see him the whole time?
SAM: Then why didn't you say anything?
ANGELA: Well, I thought if I ignored him, then he would go away.
(talking about AL)


ANGELA: I was born Angelita, which means "little angel"... but as you can see, I grew up.
AL: Yeah, they must serve plenty of sweets in heaven.
ANGELA: You're never gonna get there, so you're never gonna know.
AL: What do you mean? Why not?
ANGELA: There's a dress code.
AL: You know, if I wasn't a gentleman and a hologram...


ANGELA: Look what the pig dragged in.
SAM: It's cat.
ANGELA: You never lived in Puerto Rico.


It's actually a tie between two.

The first is when Sam and Al are talking in the alley, and Angela begins to sing "Somewhere"... Man, that woman can sing! It moves me to tears every time I watch it.

The second is the very end, when Angela is saying goodbye. Sam forgets her, but Al doesn't. It seems now that Al's accepted the idea that Angela might possibly really be an angel.


1) I taped this episode during one of Sci-Fi Channel's Fantasticland marathons of QL. They had an occasional thing pop up, giving info about QL. One pop up said the following: QUANTUM LEAP LIFE CYCLE; 3/26/89 -- 8/15/93. The first date is correct, but where did they get that second one? "Mirror Image" aired on May 5, 1993.

2) I'm trying to figure out who this "Young Executive" character is that is credited at the end. At first, I thought it was the man who was apparently Donald Trump's father, but watching that scene again, I identified that as being Vaughn Armstrong, who is credited as "Father" (also, I checked an old interview on TrekToday where Vaughn mentioned filming with Scott on this episode; http://www.treknation.com/interviews/vaughn_armstrong_interview.shtml )... So, what character was the "Young Executive"?

****The answer is here! It is the person who opens the taxi door and says "Hello, Mr. Trump." Thanks to Robert Knight for the answer.


Vaughn Armstrong has a recurring role on "Enterprise", the series that Scott Bakula currently stars on.

Angelita Carmen Guadalupe Cecelia Jimenez: Liz Torres
Lenny Greenman: Jerry Adler
Frank O'Connor: Peter Iacangelo
Elizabeth: Robin Frates
Tony: Jack R. Orend
Lucky: Milt Kogan
Moe: Douglas MacHugh
Father: Vaughn Armstrong
Sergeant McCann: Frank Girardeau
Young Executive: Ed Wasser
Son: Justin Thomson
Max Greeman (mirror): Ross Partridge

Executive Producer:
Donald P. Bellisario

Teleplay by:
Danielle Alexandra
Paul Brown

Story by:
Danielle Alexandra

Directed By:
Paul Brown

Theme By:
Mike Post

Music By:
Velton Ray Bunch

Co-Executive Producers:
Deborah Pratt
Michael Zinberg

Supervising Producer:
Harker Wade

Produced By:
Jeff Gourson
Tommy Thompson
Chris Ruppenthal
Paul Brown

Associate Producers:
James S. Giritlian
Julie Bellisario

Coordinating Producer:
David Bellisario

Director of Photography:
Robert McBride

Production Designer:
Cameron Birnie

Edited By:
Michael S. Stern

Unit Production Manager:
Ron Grow

1st Assistant Director:
Ryan Gordon

2nd Assistant Director:
Kate Yurka

Casting By:
Ellen Lubin Sanitsky

Set Decorator:
Robert L. Zilliox

Costume Designer:
Jean-Pierre Dorleac

Costume Supervisor:
David Rawley

Art Director:
Ellen Dambros-Williams

Sound Mixer:
Barry D. Thomas

Stunt Coordinator:
Diamond Farnsworth

Sound Editor:
Greg Schorer

Music Editor:
Bruce Frazier

Special Visual Effects:
Roger Dorney
Denny Kelly

Panaflex camera and lenses by PANAVISION

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