"A Little Miracle"

Leap Date:

December 24, 1962

Episode Adopted by: Carol <aka> C_Dean n C_Al


As a personal valet to a rich uptown millionaire, Sam must convince the bitter man not to tear down the building where a Salvation Army mission is located in order to build a large plaza bearing his name. So, on Christmas Eve, Sam and Al try to "Scrooge" him, showing the past, present...and the future in an attempt to change his mind.


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~ A Little Miracle~
(ep 3.10 / #66414)


Sam says, "OH BOY" when he realizes he is helping a grown man get dressed, from the drawers up!

Blake is one of the richest men in the country. He bought up mom and pop stores and made his money automating them. He has everything money can buy. "Not bad for an orphan from the wrong side of town. His building will never walk out on him or die." He tells Sam. But he is alone in the world. His father ran off when he was 3 and his mother died on her hands and knees cleaning someone else’s bathroom.


Sam is Reginald Pearson, a personal valet to Michael Blake. He’s been with him for 3 years. Sam is there to save Blake’s soul. He takes care of the past and present, while he volunteers Al to take care of the future.

For the past he gets Captain Laura Downie, Lt. Porterman and some of the neighborhood kids to help him. They drive to the part of town where Blake grew up and conveniently get a flat tire. Blake looks around and imagines his mother calling him to dinner. He, Sam and Captain Downie then walk down the street, where they run into an old childhood friend, Max Wushinski. He asks about another friend and learns that a bus killed him. Blake had earlier bought the business he was employed at and he couldn’t find another job. Blake gets all depressed and goes home to pout.

Later Sam tries to cheer him up and makes a bet that he can show him why he is so unhappy. This backfires in Sam’s face too. He then gets Al to be the ghost of Christmas future. This is where he finally realizes his wicked ways and promises to be more kindly towards his fellow man in the future.

Dean and Scott wish each other a Merry Christmas and it starts to snow.




New York City, New York


Air Date:

December 21, 1990


Leap Date:

December 24, 1962 - Monday



Reginald Pearson



Personal Review:

I love this episode because it has a lot of DEAN in it! He actually gets to help in this Leap! He blurts out that he’s a real ‘Scrooge’ and without even knowing it, he has opened up a can of worms! He gets to sing a little too. The chemistry between Scott and Dean in this episode is so sincere. The looks they give each other, like unspoken words and the end is the best I’ve seen! It made me cry the first time I saw it. The friendship between them is genuine. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, no matter what time of year you watch it.


Show Music & Songs:

Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Bringing in the Sheaves http://www.cyberhymnal.org/htm/b/r/bringing.htm

Deck The Halls

~QL~ Music by: Mike Post

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Carol Of The Bells

Joy To The World

Silent Night



Best Scenes:

Sam says, "Sir! Maybe you can find a way to accommodate both your needs."

Blake says, "Pearson! You’re way out of line!

Sam says, "Yah … Yes Sir."

Blake says, "I think you should worry about your job and let me worry about mine." [He starts to walk into the other room]

Al says, "Which is being a grouch!" [Dean comes from behind Scott and follows Charles]

Blake says, "What did you say? Well …" [Charles steps backwards and faces Dean who is speechless]

Calloway says, "Who are you talking to Sir?"

Blake says, "I’m talking to this jerk! Right here! [Charles turns away from Dean and faces Robert, points with his right thumb behind him and then turns back and Dean has punched the hand link to disappear] Well … where did he go …"

Sam says, "Who?" [Scott is looking around]

Blake says, "Never mind! … Pearson …"

Sam says, "Uh-Huh?"

Blake says, "I want these people outta here … call the police if you have to. Well … if you will excuse me… Captian Downie."

Sam says, "He saw you! How could he have seen you?" [Now talking to Dean, who has re-appeared]

Al says, "Did he call me a JERK?"

Captain Downie says, "But he didn’t listen though. Oh … I hope I didn’t get you in any trouble."

Sam says, "Ahhh … Ahhh … No … No, I’m … I’m just sorry I couldn’t help you."

Captain Downie says, "Well … we’ll survive. It’s all in God’s hands now. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to help. Lieutenant, as loudly as you can, and two, three, four … ‘Bringing in the sheaves, Bringing in the sheaves, we will come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves. Bringing in the sheaves, Bringing in the sheaves’ …" [Melinda turns to the band and it starts to play and she starts singing. They all walk to the elevator, get in and the doors shut]

Sam says, "How could Blake see you?"

Al says, "Oh … Ahhh … Ziggy says it was just a weird fluke."

Sam says, "What kind of a fluke?"

Al says, "Well apparently his neurons and masons are on a frequency close to yours. So I’m going to get Ziggy to shift my image a little bit and then only you’ll be able to receive me. It’s kinda like tuning a radio … there! Now that should clear things up." [Dean is furiously punching the keys on the hand link as he explains to Scott]

Sam says, " ‘Cept for why I’m here."

Al says with a heavy sigh, "That should be obvious!"

Sam says, "Well to save the mission, I guess … but I don’t know …"

Al says, "NO! … NO! … NO! It’s to save Blake."

Sam says, "Blake!"

Al says, "Yah!"

Sam says, "What does a man like Blake need to have saved?"

Al says, "His soul." [You hear Charles and Robert arguing in the background]

Sam says, "How am I suppose to save Blake’s soul? I mean, even if he has one. You saw how he treated those people." [Scott and Dean are now alone in the bedroom, Sam is cleaning out Charles’ closet]

Al says, "Out … polyester. Keep this one. We don’t know very much about the guy. Ahhh … every time we try to get some background information, Ziggy comes up empty."

Sam says, "Well you know what they say … if you want to find something out about somebody … you just … check their closet."

Al says, "Yah … Oh yah … sure … the closet … you reach in there and gonna pull out a big box of information!" [Sam hums a spooky tune, while just sticking out his arm holding a box from inside the walk in closet] "Watcha got Havanas?"

Sam says, "NO … not Havanas. Pictures … old pictures. Look at that … Michael Blakowski’s 8th Birthday -1928. Al! He changed his name!"

Al says, "Well no wonder we couldn’t find any information on him!"

Sam says, "Carol of the Bells … looks like he started out in a slightly different neighborhood."

Al says, "Yah …"

Sam says, "All right … have Ziggy, see if he can figure out where all these pictures were taken. Then get all the information you can on a Michael Blakowski. I mean can you believe it’s Christmas time and I don’t think he’s got a second thought about throwing those people out on the streets."

Al says, "Well he’s a real scrooge."

Sam says, "Yah well, you can say that again!"

Al says, "SCROOGE!"

Sam says, "Al! Al you’re a genius!"

Al says, "Yah? I am."

Sam says, "Yes you are, absolutely, Michael is… Scrooge! Right? He’s alone … he’s miserable … its like … ahhh … Charles … ummm …"

Al says, "Dickens"

Sam says, "Dickens! It’s like he created his character based on this guy!"

Al says, "So"

Sam says, "So we scrooge him!"

Al says, "Oh? … How do we do that?"

Sam says, "We take him back to his beginnings. We try to remind him that there’s more important things in life."

Al says, "Where you goin?"

Sam says, "Get some help."

Al says, "Help! What do you think I’m doin here?"

Sam says, "That’s not what I’m talking about … oh … Beebe."

Al says, "Mmm … Mmm … NEVER MIND! … ‘Deck the halls with me and Beebe …" [Dean follows Beebe into the closet, singing]


Most Touching Scene:

When Sam and Blake are standing in the street, Blake looks up and sees a bright star that shines down on the entrance of the Salvation Army.

Blake says, "Pearson, do you see that?"

Sam says, "Yes Sir."

Blake says, "It’s a sign, isn’t it?"

Sam says, "I think so Sir, yes." [Charles starts to walk toward the door and he turns around to look at Scott] "Go on Sir."

Captain Downie says, "Mr. Blake, what a nice surprise."

Blake says, "Do you have room for one more lost soul?"

Captain Downie says, "Of course!"

Sam says, "What happens to him, Al?" [You hear Dean enter via the IC and hand link beeping]

Al says, "Ahhh … six months he marries Downie, and they have three kids."

Sam says, "That’s great! So I guess he never builds the Plaza, huh?"

Al says, "No he does build it! AND he puts the mission on the 1st floor!"

Sam says, "Hummm … I wonder if he would’ve knocked on that door if you hadn’t put that star up there?"

Al says, "Ahhh … I … I didn’t … I didn’t put that star up there!"

[This is where Scott and Dean look at each other and then look back at the building and the star and it starts snowing]

Sam says, "Merry Christmas, Al …"

Al says, "Merry Christmas, Sam …"


Kiss With History:

Sam says, "We will never go to war against Russia. In fact … ummm … the time is going to come when we break down all the barriers and … and we work with them as allies. Could happen … don’t you think … think? Doorbell!" [Sam is saved by the buzzer … LOL]

Blake says, "Intercom."

Sam says, "Intercom! I’m on it … Sir, yes Sir!"


Project Trivia:

Al is seen going into the IC, and you hear the IC door shut when he enters.

The hand link is the ‘Gummy Bear’. Multi-colored little squares that flash.

Ziggy is called a he in this episode.


Sam Trivia:

Sam thinks about his Christmas in ’62 and tells Al, "I was 9 and Dad gave me a sled and Tom and I spent the whole day playing in the snow. It was great!"


Sam’s Best Scene and Lines:

Sam says, "Here, Sir." [Handing Blake another drink]

Blake says, "Who were you talking to back there?"

Sam says, "Nobody!"

Blake says, "Nobody? … Whata you lookin’ at?"

Sam says, "Ummm … You Sir. Was thinking … how sorry I feel for you."

Blake says, "Feel sorry for me? What’s wrong with you Pearson? Take a look around … I own more modern art than the Guggenheim. Roscoes, Rouchenburgs, Liechtenstein’s. This place … I pay more for one months rent than you earn in a year."

Sam says, "Yes Sir, you have everything that money can buy."

Blake says, "Damn right! Not bad for an orphan from the wrong side of town, eh? You now what I am? I’m the living embodiment of the American dream."

Sam says, "And you’re miserable. You still don’t have what you really want."

Blake says, "Oh I have everything I want!"

Sam says, "Oh really? I’ll bet you a month’s rent that you don’t."

Blake says, "How you going to prove it?"

Sam says, "I’ll get the car." … [At the site of the new Blake Plaza] "Touch it"

Blake says, "What?"

Sam says, "Put your hand against the wall. Go on … what do you feel?"

Blake says, "Nothin’! Just brick and steel."

Sam says, "Exactly! No heat, no warmth … no love."

Blake says, "That thing doesn’t love me, if that’s what you mean! You know what happens? They die or they walk out on me! But this never will! This is immortality."

Sam says, "I hope the world remembers you kindly."

Blake says, "Just who do you think you’re talking to Pearson? You’re my employee, not my conscious! You just talk care of yourself. ‘Cause I’m doing just fine. So pay up!"

Sam says, "Do … do you hear that Sir?"

Blake says, "Carol of the Bells, I haven’t heard that … in a long time."

Sam says, "Yah! … Yah, me either. HA! … Carol of the Bells."

They walk to the door of the Salvation Army and enter. Captain Downie sees and speaks to them and they start singing ‘Joy To The World’ … I especially like this part where Scott sings. I think he does too, you can hear him above the others.


Al Trivia:

Al usually wears long sleeve shirts or a suite. But, in this episode and in ‘Double Identity’ ep1.5, he’s wearing a short-sleeved shirt. Both times they are wild and bright colors. Also, in ‘DI’ he’s wearing shorts. YUMOLA!!!


Al's Best Scene:

Blake is asleep and Al appears beside the bed. You hear a clock striking and chains rattling. His face is painted, wearing a t-shirt, the collar and tie only, torn jacket, black hat that lights up and is smoking a cigar.

Al says, "OOOHHH" … [Softly] … "HAY BLAKE WAKE UP!" [Yelled] "… OOOHHH …" [Softly]

Blake says, "Wait a minute … I know who you are! You’re the jerk from the lobby! I recognize the bad clothes and pale complexion."

Al says, "JERK! I am the ghost of Christmas future."

Blake says, "Yah right! … The ghost of Christmas future wore the black robe Jacob Marley wore the chains."

Al says, "I am the ghost of Christmas future! Ooohhh …"

Blake says, "Pearson put you up to this, didn’t he? Good makeup!"

Al says, "Are you hard of hearing! I’m here to show you your future! Ooohhh …"

Blake says, "Well maybe I should just show you your future!" [He lunges at Al] "You’re pretty quick, I didn’t even see you move!"

Al says, "That’s because I didn’t move! HaHaHa!"

Blake says, "I must be dreaming."

Al says, "More like a nightmare! WaHaHaHa!" [Al punches keys on the hand link to make him self rise above the floor]

Blake says, "OMG! Stay away from me! PEARSON! HELP! PEARSON!"

Sam says, "Mr. Blake?" [Sam comes in the door and turns on the light] "Mr. Blake? What’s wrong Mr. Blake?"

Blake says, "This is what’s wrong! Get him outta here! Go on get out of here now!" [He points to Al, still above the floor and at the foot of the bed]

Sam says, "What Sir?"

Blake says, "You don’t see it? He’s standing right there, smoking a cigar, starring at me! It’s horrible! He’s tan?"

Al says, "Enough of the insults, already! HaHaHa!"

Sam says, "I’m sorry, Sir, but the only thing I see here is you. You know, maybe … maybe I should call your doctor?"

Al says, "You do that! And he’s going to send you to the loony bin! HaHaHa-OhOhOh!"

Blake says, "Oh no! No! No! No doctor, Pearson! Pearson just get him outta here! I’ll double your salary! I’ll triple … triple your salary! I’ll forget about the months rent you owe me!"

Sam says, "Sir, I can’t get it out of here, if I cant see or hear it."

Al says, "HEY BLAKE! Put your coat on! You’re going for a walk on the wild side!"

Blake says, "Pear … Pearson get my coat, get my clothes."

Sam says, "Yes Sir." [Sam leaves Blake cowering at the head of the bed and as Sam walks by Al they give the "thumbs up" to each other]

Sam says, "Sir, are you sure he said that he wanted you to meet him here?" [They are now at the site of the Blake Plaza]

Blake says, "Yes! Yes, He distinctly said the side of the Blake Plaza."

Sam says, "Well ahhh Sir, do you see him anywhere?"

Blake says, "Maybe I was dreaming … ‘cause I have been working very hard lately.

Sam says, "Well ahhh Sir, … ahhh … its possible, they say that dreams can …" [You hear Al pop in]

Blake says, "AHHH!"

Al says, "HA! HA! You leaving so soon?"

Blake says, "Pearson! Pearson! He’s back … Stay with me!"

Sam says, "Right here, Sir. Maybe we jus … should find out why he brought you down here … ask him."

Blake says, "That’s a good idea. Why did you bri …"

Al says, "I HEARD HIM! … Jeeze … I’M HERE TO SHOW YOU YOUR FUTURE!!! Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha …"

Blake says, "My future? What about my future …"

Al says, "Watch and you’ll see! [Al punches the hand link and a completed Blake plaza appears]

Blake says, "Oh it’s beautiful! It’s magnificent!"

Sam says, "What is?"

Blake says, "Oh Pearson, I wish you could see it. It’s the Blake Plaza right there in front of me! On some sort of television screen, as though I could reach out and touch it. Show me more ghost! Show me what else happens to me!"

Al says, "OKAY! You asked for it!"

[Dale Harimoto as Newscaster comes on the screen and delivering the news for December 24, 1975]

Newscaster says, "Michael Blake announced today he had filed for bankruptcy."

Blake says, "NO! That’s impossible!"

Al says, "It gets better!"

Newscaster says, "Analysts say that, Blake, once considered a brilliant corporate raider was undone by his unbridled greed and uncontrollable lust for power."

Blake says, "What have they done to me?"

Al says, "You did it yourself! You wanted all! So you borrowed and leveraged, until the end … you had … nothingnaddazerozilchzip!" [Scott is mouthing the words along with Dean in the background]

Blake says, "What about the Blake Plaza? Do I still have the Blake Plaza?"

Sam says, "Maybe we should be going."

Blake says, "NO! Stay away from me! I wanna know all this! What happens? Do I still have the Blake Plaza? Is it still there?"

Al says, "Oh yes! It’s still there."

Blake says, "Oh …. [Whines] … They took my Plaza …"

Al says, "Oh no they didn’t … they didn’t …"

Blake says, "You’ve lost it!" [Dean pops out]

Al says, "Such a peaceful ending. Come on over here. There’s nothing going to hurt you here. Ha Ha Ha …" [Dean pops back in and is sitting on the headstone of Blake behind a chain link fence]

Blake says, "Pearson …"

Sam says, "Sir, maybe we should …"

Blake says, "No, please …"

Al says, "Ahhh … ha-ha-ha-oh-oh-oh …"

Blake says, "How did I die?"

Al says, "You didn’t just die. You killed yourself. You took a header of the top of the Blake Plaza. In the rush hour."

Blake says, "Why?"

Al says, "Why? Why not! You had nothing to live for, no friends, no family, no love."

Blake says, "I don’t wanna die alone. [Crying] I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for it to end like this."

Sam says, "Mr. Blake … Mr. Blake … You all right?"

Blake says, "He’s gone. The ghost is gone, I think its over."

Sam says, "Yes Sir, Yes Sir! It’s all over!"

Blake says, "I’m a horrible man!"

Sam says, "Yes Sir."

Blake says, "Hurting people, not caring about anyone but myself. I don’t want it to end like that. Hated, forgotten and alone."

Sam says, "You still have time to change things, Sir."

Blake says, "Do you really think so?"

Sam says, "Yes Sir, I do."


Al's Best Lines:

Al says, "Where you goin’?"

Sam says, "Get some help."

Al says, "Help! What do you think I’m doin’ here?"

Sam says, "That’s not what I’m talking about … Oh … Beebe."

Al says, "Mmm … Mmm … NEVER MIND! … ‘Deck the halls with me and Beebe …" [Al follows Beebe into the closet as he sings and looks at Sam, who just shakes his head]


Al's Outfits:

1) Bright & wild multi-colored short sleeved shirt, Cream slacks, Cream loafers, Gold round faced watch w/ Brown leather band.


Cast Members Who Have Passed Away:

Charles Rocket, who played Michael Blake, died on Monday, October 17th 2005 of an apparent suicide.


Miscellaneous Trivia:

Al popped in and out 6 times

Al smoked 6 cigars

Blake is talking to Captian Downie and someone must have done or said something on the set to make Charles Rocket and Melinda McGraw flub their lines. Gee I wonder whom? LMAO

Captain Downie says, "Why can’t … ahhh … you give us more time?"

Blake says, "If your building isn’t down by December 31st, I loose my permits to build. I’m not going to let that happen. I have big plans for that ... pr … property."

Captain Downie says, "Blake Plaza" [She helps him]

Blake says, "Yes, and once its completed I’ll have one of the most contemporary theaters, shops, offices and apartments in all of New York."

Sam says, "But not for the people of the mission, Sir."

Blake says, "It’s not my job to save the world."

Captain Downie says, "God forbid! [She pauses] Thata [that would] mean you cared about people."

When Al is ‘scrooging’ Blake and he’s in the bed. Al is standing at the foot of the bed and Blake lunges at him, trying to grab him. When he does this the covers on the bed get pulled down on the floor. Then Blake turns around and lunges the second time trying to grab Al. The next scene you see is Blake in bed with the covers all neatly pulled up.

When Blake walks to the Salvation Army door, he turns to look at Sam, his hair is messy, kind of parted in the middle. When Captain Laura Downie answers the door and Blake is shown, his hair is combed straight back.


QL ~ Trivia:

In the opening credits when the theme music is playing, parts of ‘A little Miracle’ are seen two times.

The first one is where Al is scrooging Blake. His face is painted (more like for Halloween) and is shaking the chains on his left arm and waving the hand link in his right hand. He’s wearing a hat that blinks. (But later in that scene it stops.)

The second is of Sam when he’s driving Blake to the office. Blake has asked him what are you doing driving? Where’s George? Sam turns around to answer him and that’s the scene you see.


Quotable Quotes:

Sam says, "I’m a 200 hundred pound valet!"

Al says, "You may have to bathe him."

Al says, "Deck the halls with me and Beebe …"


Regular Cast:

Scott Bakula as Dr Samuel Beckett

Dean Stockwell as Admiral Albert "Al" Calavicci

Deborah Pratt as Narrator (voice)

Guest Cast:

Dylan Brown (II) as Charlie (as Dylan Day Brown)

Christopher Fleming as Mickey

Dale Harimoto as Newscaster

Jarrett Lennon as Tiny Boy

Robert Lesser as Calloway

Melinda McGraw as Captain Laura Downie

Tom McTigue as Max Wushinski

Milan Nicksic as Reginald Pearson (mirror)

Charles Rocket as Michael G. Blake

Michael Dan Wagner as Lt. Porterman

Duane Whitaker as Maintenance Man


Executive Producer: Donald P Bellisario

Theme By: Mike Post

Music By: Velton Ray Bunch

Co-Executive Producers: Deborah Pratt & Michael Zinberg

Supervising Producer: Harker Wade

Co-Producers: Paul Brown & Jeff Gourson

Produced By: Chris Ruppenthal

Teleplay By: Sandy Fries & Robert A. Wolterstorff

Story By: Sandy Fries

Directed By: Michael Watkins

Executive Story Editor: Tommy Thompson

Director of Photography: Bradley B. Sik, A.S.C.

Production Designer: Cameron Birnie

Edited By: Jerry Temple

Unit Production Manager: Ron Grow

First Assistant Director: Paul Sirmons

Second Assistant Director: Rob Mendel

Casting By: Kleen Lubin Stanisky

Set Director: Robert L. Zilliox

Costume Designer: Jean-Pierre Dorleac

Costume Supervisors: David Rawley & Donna Roberts-Orme

Sound Mixer: Mark Hopkins McNabb

Stunt Coordinator: Diamond Farnsworth

Panaflex Camera & Lenses By: Panavision

Supervising Sound Editor: Paul Clay

Music Editor: Donald Woods




Miscellaneous Trivia For Guest Cast:

Dale Harimoto as Newscaster: She has been in 13 movies and has made 9 TV guest appearances and has played a Newscaster/TV Reporter in all but one. She was an Assistant Principal. Just something that makes you go ... HUMMM?

Jarrett Lennon as Tiny Boy: He is in his twenties now and not so tiny. He is 5’9" and is married with 1 child, a girl. He has done 31 movies and guest starred in 35 TV shows. A busy young man!

Charles Rocket as Michael G. Blake: Has been in one other "Quantum Leap" (1989) playing "Commander Dirk Riker" in episode: " A Leap for Lisa - June 25, 1957" (episode # 4.22) May 20, 1992.

Michael Dan Wagner as Lt. Porterman: Died on December 15, 1993.

Duane Whitaker as Maintenance Man: Has been in 25 movies and guest starred in 7 TV shows. He has also Written / Directed / Produced & Edited many shows.

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