I expect you to be nice and kind. You'll get the same from me in return.

I'm in love with Tangerine Dream (the band). Love reading, philosophy and of course the movies.
Aug 4, 1985 (Age: 38)
Mexico City (D.F.)
I'm a programmer and a sales & quality supervisor at a telemarketing company.
Favorite Episodes
I'd never end because there are so many, but I'll go for "A Single Drop Of Rain" and "The Beast Within".
Favorite Quantum Leap Actors/Actresses
Dean, the guy who played Stawpah (don't remember his name), Alan Scarfe, John D'Aquino, Carolyn Seymour, the guy who plays both Ralph and Rusty and golly there are many more...
Favorite Characters
Besides the obvious (Al and Sam), The B--gieman, Bartender Al, Mr.Blake for some reason and many many more...
Favorite Non-QL Shows
I don't watch much TV anymore, but love The Big Bang Theory & Law & Order: Criminal Intent (only the seasons with Vincent D'onofrio).