I'm 20, a junior in college. I study history, theatre, and religion along with anything else I can.

Art, acting, writing, music, movies, long walks and sunsets (sigh)
Apr 20, 1985 (Age: 39)
Washington, PA, USA
student, cartoonist, library supervisor, historical researcher, thespian, whatever pays the bills.
Favorite Episodes
Genesis, The Color of Truth, Thou Shalt Not..., Catch a Falling Star, MIA, Black on White on Fire, Miss Deep South, The Leap Back, Dreams, Justice, Trilogy, Mirror Image
Favorite Quantum Leap Actors/Actresses
Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell
Favorite Characters
Don Quixote and Sancho
Favorite Non-QL Shows
Sliders, The West Wing, The Dead Zone, 24, Arrested Development, X-Files, ER, Star Trek, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Seinfeld