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    Quantum Leap Cancelled After Two Seasons (2022-2024)

    I can't say i'm sorry for this. The first season was a huge let down for me. The "more action" and much higher stakes directions they took was a huge disappointment for me. And when they tried more drama it seems too manufactured. The fact the two main characters(Ben and Addison) had zero...
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    I want to like the new series, but…

    That was one of the things, that bother me the most with the new show - No chemistry between the two leads.
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    Why Leap At All ?

    Those plot holes and all the changes to the rules and deciding to "go bigger" are the things made me quit the new show.
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    A question for Brian.

    Other than the QL forums here i also active on the Quantum Leap's board at Now,one of the posters writing there told me she tried to register to Alsplace 3 times,already, and .according to her,she was never been confirmed or got a response from the site about her registeration...
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    Need an advise

    Between March 23rd and March 25th i'm planning to visit San Francisco,so i tried to book some cheap round flights online(That would take me to SF much faster then any other public transportation) with a credit card ,but apperantly,i can't do it because i don't live in the US(or any other country...
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    Public transportation&San Francisco.

    I have questions about public transportation in LA and i hope someone can help - 1. Except Taxis,What are the public transportation options in LA and how much each ride cost? 2. Is there a Bus/Train i can take from LA to reach San Francisco?! How much time it takes and how much it cost?
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    one week renting.

    To all the people from NYC or LA...Can i find in NYC and LA rooms(or apartment) for rent for a week or less? It's just that I'm planning,in addition to the Convention weekend, a 2 week trip in LA&NYC and it'll be great if i can find a room to rent i'll be able to come back to,every day,insteat...
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    Teri Hatcher.

    I have to ask something - Any chance will see Teri Hatcher-the original Donna Elisee- in the convention?! Even for a very short visit...
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    1.A few days ago i paid for a ticket.I got an e-mail with the confirmation,now i want to ask,because i'm not sure if i understood it correctly - Am i suppose to get my ticket in the mail or i'll only get in the convention itself,when i'll get there?! 2. I seem to noticed reading there will be...
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    Feature film,TV movie or a mini-series?!

    We've been told at the "Possible QL movie..." thread, that now Deborah Pratt trying to propose her QL movie script as a feature film,and i would like to ask people here, What are thier opinion on the subject - What would be better - A feature film,a TV movie or maybe a mini-series for QL?! I...
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    Need some help in the "off-topic" forum.

    It seems that most of the people here don't visits,very often(if any) in the "off-topic" forum. At the moment people there trying to get something started,but it seems we don't have enough people visiting there,so i 'd like to ask you,just this once, to give a visit to "The Ultimate Quiz Of...
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    Early edition.

    Did anybody here heard about this TV show ,that aired on CBS between 1996-2000?!
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    Does She knows?!

    "The leap Back" Revealed to us that after "Star-Crossed" Donna Elesee merried Sam's and, that she is Sam's wife in the present of the project. "Trilogy:Part 3" revealed to us Sammy-Jo is Sam's Daughter and,that she's working at the project in Al's present. So i have 2 questions: 1.Do you think...
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    The one and only,that can't be replaced.

    I have a question and i hope,that each one of you,that will answer my question will take a few minutes before answering it and try to be as honest and objective as he can be,before answering the question... During QL we met some of the main people,that worked in Project "Quantum Leap" and had a...
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    New Member Introductions Forum.

    I have a question to Alsplacebartender(Brian?!)... I noticed in the forum i mentioned above that quite a lot of thread that were poblished there had gone - Are you Erasing'em every now and then or all of the threads in this forum suppose to be only a temporary threads?!
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    The new guide.

    You probably ,read, the news about a possible QL movie by Deborah Pratt,and I'm sure all of you would like to see a new QL series. Now From what i understood from reading about Deborah Pratt project is,that it seems Sammy-Jo gonna be a new leaper. The question is...Who is gonna be her...
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    Choose your fav... for movie Quantum Leap - Time Child

    After 3 weeks and 26 suggestiongs ,so far, regarding the possible QL movie by Deborah Pratt, i wonder who are your top nominees for the role of Sammy-Jo. Because it a long list,i think everyone,who wants to "give his vote" to the thread should choose his top 7 nominees. And the nominees(so far)...
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    Stick up with the theme?

    Lets say a new QL series being your opinion should it stick up with the original theme of Quantum Leap(season 1-4) or a new theme should be compose for the newseries,or maybe you would rather it to go with a theme song?!
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    Quantum Leap 1 to 95

    After i've seen a few threads here that the people here ranked their top QL episodes(if i remember currectly the longest list was 25) i decided to take it farther and ranke it from 1 to 95 from top to bottom as i see it. Now because it gonna be very long i'll most likely use the intials of the...
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    Al and Lisa

    When i wrote my review about the episode "ALFL"(Al first love...Oh,Sorry i ment "A Leap For Lisa".:lol ) i mentioned ,very briefly, the next thing i want to talk about... As you remember According to "ALFL" in the original history Lisa died in a car Accident,something that cut off, brusquely...