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    Quantum Leap(original) director given a namesake tribute

    Anita Addison, whom directed 2 episodes of QL, passed away as a result of breast cancer in 2004. That CANNOT be a coincidence. ;-)
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    Remembering Matthew Perry

    I found this on Youtube
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    Possibility for Season two special guest star

    A good news/bad news situation could present itself in the season 2 opener as Dr. Song does not leap home(bad news) but someone else does(Special guest star Scott Bakula) which is wishful thinking at this point. He leaped into his present day once before and decided to step into the accelerator...
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    Friendly Skies episode(Leap out at the end)

    First of all, fantastic episode. And secondly, to the point, did anyone get a sense of déja vu when Ben leaped Check out QL: The Virtual Seasons episode "Lifetime: Future's End" :leap
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    The mysterious leaper

    JUST A THEORY I think it might be Sam. Especially after the time traveller expressed his displeasure at Ben Song for "following him". ~Steve
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    A Decent Proposal(Before Leap out)

    Right before Dr. Song leapt out he revealed to Addison that he just then remembered that it was her in his dreams. It kind of reminded me of the end of "A Leap To Di For" when Sam remembered Sammy Jo right before he leaped out. ~Steve
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    Lauren Woodland(lawyer,actor)

    Yes, I looked her up while watching “The Great Spontini” and she happens to be an attorney. I thought it would be pretty darn awesome if she could reprise her QL role Jamie in a PQL storyline about a legal matter of some sort. Jamie [married name] (neé Spontini) would be the attorney assigned to...
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    Star Trek's Kai Winn...

    LOUISE FLETCHER(as Kai Winn Adami) passed away at 88 years of age. She was just a couple of years older than Dean Stockwell(b. 1936). Miss Fletcher gained a lot of fame for playing Nurse Ratched. R.I.P Miss Fletcher and Mr. Stockwell. ~Steve
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    Happy B-Day Donald Bellisario

    Happy Birthday Mr. Bellisario. :cheers Steve B.
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    Donald Bellisario video interview

    Here is the interview between Mr. Bellisario and the Archive of American Television on creating Magnum PI. So far, I'm the only one who posted a message for that video. ;)
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    "quantum Trek"

    Just found this great Star Trek ENT video. :leap ~Steve B.
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    Quinto/Pine as Kirk & Spock...

    ...Why is it that most Quantum fans are lobbying for Scott and Dean to reprise their roles as Sam & Al? I would love to see Scott and/or Dean make a special guest appearance on the hypothetical series or motion pic with at least one of them as a producer. In fact I think Chris Pine would make a...
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    R.I.P. Sawyer Sweeten

    Sawyer Sweeten, the actor whom played the part of Geoffrey Barone on the hit CBS sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond shot himself while visiting relatives and/or friends in Austin, Texas. :disbelief Steve B.
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    Yes, Doc Beckett CAN turn back time! Performed by Cher Written by Diane Warren The latter name has written a multitude of songs one of which is "Where My Heart Will Take Me" which was used as the opening title song for Star Trek: Enterprise(Starring Scott Bakula as Captain Archer)
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    20th anniversary of FRIENDS!

    That's right, today is September 22, 2014. NBC aired the pilot episode on this day in 1994. TBS is airing a Friends marathon today. ~Steve B
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    One of my favorite scenes from Enterprise

    Jonathan Archer and his first officer, T'Pol, are tied up on the planet Coridan and Archer says, "Houdini could get out of this.". He goes on to explain that Harry Houdini was a famous magician whom lived in 20th century Earth. I always smile when I see that scene because I think about the QL...
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    Star Trek: Prelude to Axanar

    There's a new independent film that's still in pre-production: Check out the trailer Starring: Richard Hatch as General Kharn(Klingon fleet) Gary Graham as Ambassador Soval Tony Todd as Admiral Ramirez More at
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    Beckett's rules of Time Travel

    Dr. Beckett put in place a set of rules that the time traveller shall obey most likely for the same reason the Federation instituted the "Prime Directive". To quote Jonathan Archer(also played by Scott Bakula :D ), "We didn't come out here to play God." Back on the subject of QL, Dr. Sam Beckett...
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    On your Ipod touch(if you have one)

    Go into "settings", tap "music" and the second feature on the list is the "Shake to Shuffle" on/off switch. Turn it on if it's not on already and with one song playing already hit the side of your "handlink" aka Ipod touch like Al does in pretty much every episode of QL and another song will be...
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    Found on Google Maps This does sort of have a connection to Quantum Leap because of the name of the pizza joint; "Bellisario's Pizzeria". It's in San Diego County, CA. :leap ~Steve B.