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  1. McDuck

    Happy Birthday Brian!

    Happy Birthday, Brian!!!
  2. McDuck

    Today in Quantum Leap History: April 14

    My daughter first saw him as "Pants" Armstrong in The Imagination Movers!
  3. McDuck

    Quantum Leap Cancelled After Two Seasons (2022-2024)

    Haven't read much from Don at all over the life of the show. Deborah recently made an Instagram post.
  4. McDuck

    Quantum Leap Cancelled After Two Seasons (2022-2024)

    So I've signed two different petitions now, apparently. One was making the rounds on Twitter. The one Ashe linked above has far more traction and has NBC as the respondent. Hopefully they can be combined. Neither have the numbers we'd hope to see yet.
  5. McDuck

    Quantum Leap Cancelled After Two Seasons (2022-2024)

    Given how strong season 2 was (with the exception of the Puritan episode), yes it kind of was. Season 1 of the OG had its missteps as well. I had hopes for where it was heading for a season 3. I'll remain glad they designed it as a sequel instead of a reboot ignoring the OG.
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    Quantum Leap Cancelled After Two Seasons (2022-2024)

    That's how I feel. It had found its stride and I was so looking forward to what was potentially to come.
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    New Q2 Video Library, Updated Comics and Novels sections!

    Especially on a tablet where you can "read" them as a cohesive unit, that's what's so cool about it.
  8. McDuck

    New Q2 Video Library, Updated Comics and Novels sections!

    I haven't told my daughter yet about the comics PDFs. She'll be so excited! (My collection of the comics was another victim of the dreaded PCS weight allowance woes--and we were over anyway. Ask me why we do DITY moves now... lol)
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    SAVE QUANTUM LEAP - Letter writing campaign for SEASON THREE

    I thought I'd read somewhere that April is the month those decisions are rendered.
  10. McDuck

    Songs coming to mind

    I started a thread for the OG a while back. Well, today a song just made me think of Ben and Addison so starting a thread for the sequel. Taylor Swift's "Timeless"
  11. McDuck

    08. Pulitzer 1995 (L Elizabeth Storm)

    I repurchased this book last year (because in a prior PCS, in an attempt to stay within our weight allowance, I stupidly got rid of all my *first-run* QL novels along with many other licensed series paperbacks. Yes, I want to smack past me.). It was even better than I had remembered it being...
  12. McDuck

    Scott Bakula talks about revival series this weekend

    That is a very good point. I feel so much for Donna. Sam changed history to get her back, to help her overcome her father's abandonment. And then he ... abandons her. Twice, even if the second time is far more altruistic than the first. See, Sam realizing that as he's continued Leaping and...
  13. McDuck

    Scott Bakula talks about revival series this weekend

    See I viewed the MI ending as Sam having to face his own shortsightedness (if the Bartender is to be believed that Sam decides his Leaps) and his selfishness. Why didn't he Leap after saving Skaggs in M.I.A.? So Al could see Beth again one last time? Notice he never even entertained that he...
  14. McDuck

    Scott Bakula talks about revival series this weekend

    I definitely agree Sam and Al need each other. They are the epitome of the phrase "brother from another mother." They are true friends, brothers who chose each other. DPB said they were meant to meet and work together. The absence of Sam in Al's life after that Leap to Beth's living room...
  15. McDuck

    Spoiler and Speculation Discussion -After the Season 2 Finale

    Things have been crazy busy, so I apologize for how LONG it has taken me to come back to this! I hope if he does recur he isn't a total goodie-two-shoes, though. That would be boring. Yes, that was such an emotional moment (although, as I've pointed out elsewhere, they got a major detail...
  16. McDuck

    Funny happenstance

    It's fun when a randomizer plays along, even unwittingly!
  17. McDuck

    Happy Heavenly Birthday, Robert Dean Stockwell

    Lovely gallery collection of an amazing person we were blessed to have bring Al to life! Happy Birthday, Dean! You are missed!
  18. McDuck

    Table read of QUANTUM LEAP: A BOLD LEAP FORWARD with the stars!

    That was so good!! I kept thinking Caitlin Bassett would have been perfectly cast as Samantha, she slipped right into it in the read.