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    Looking for a beta reader/writing partner

    I don't know if I can write QL fanfiction, but if we are only ever going to get fandom based resolution its time to write something that links the new series and the old, similar to what I had hoped to see on screen. Long ago I wrote part of a Sami Jo based post Mirror Image story, on physical...
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    Quantum Leap Cancelled After Two Seasons (2022-2024)

    Ashe that should probably be its own thread to increase awareness - and yes I'm going to sign it :)
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    Spoiler and Speculation Discussion -After the Season 2 Finale

    Well I was going to write a whole thing about two holograms and two leapers and how Janice's imaging chamber could work with no accelerator nearby. Now I'm just glad we got Beth and Janice in the series finale - and I *hate* that this was the series finale and hope one of our leapers can right...
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    Quantum Leap Cancelled After Two Seasons (2022-2024)

    Grr----this is just painful and annoying. We waited 30 years and the revival was just comming into its own. If we don't get a TV movie or at least an abbreviated final season this is just irksome. And no Sam Beckett. Ahhhhhhh. Can we still get it uncancelled?
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    Spoiler and Speculation Discussion -After the Season 2 Finale

    I want to discuss some of these other points, you all raised with the multiple holograms also - but I have something kind of interesting floating around my brain. I really like Janis as a regular on the series, and more Beth please. Really cool thoughts on the imaging chamber I think Alia...
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    08. Pulitzer 1995 (L Elizabeth Storm)

    This book is still pretty far up on my favorite books - not favorite QL novels - favorite books - because it is that good. That it was written about Quantum Leap just elevated it even more. It ties into the series cannon really well, and just had all the elements of a good story, written by...
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    04. Prelude 1994 (Ashley McConnell)

    I do like this story - need to reread the other one from the same author (and some of the other books but this was a fairly recent reread for me) And honestly I would probably enjoy a third story showing the aftermath of these events. I also noticed that the doctor appears to be have been a...
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    Original and New Series crossover

    Made it all the way through and now on your second story - um please keep writing !!!!!
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    Table read of QUANTUM LEAP: A BOLD LEAP FORWARD with the stars!

    That was really, really good. The change in Sami Jo's backstory was a bit jarring but the story so, so, so good. It feels like an extension of the original series. I hate that we missed our chance to ever see it, I would have loved Samantha as a new leaper, with Al and Sam still in the story...
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    Original and New Series crossover

    Thanks for posting about this - I just started reading it. I'm not sure why but I 'm not sure I can write QL fiction. I've made a few attempts and never been happy with the results so its awesome when someone else does a good job- and so far you are doing a good job :)
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    212: As The World Burns

    I really enjoyed this ep, it had all the right elements and was part one of a really strong *season* finale. It had a good story in and of itself while being tied to the season long narrative. It had action and heart. I would even say there was a bit of a connection to Trilogy from the...
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    Spoiler and Speculation Discussion -After the Season 2 Finale

    First wow. That was really good if you haven't watched it go do that first --------------------------- So lets talk about all the big stuff. I saw the revelation about Gideon Ridge being Jeffery coming a mile away but you know what it was still good and I like the message there...
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    Quantum Leap Season Two finale!

    Finished it also-wow. Yeah that was epic and the call back um big big wow. We need a Spoiler thread- its good watch the ep and we need a season 3
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    Quantum Leap Season Two finale!

    So far I've seen part one as I had to start working - will watch part 2 tonight and should be up for spoiler discussion and theories sometime tomorrow. So far I'm excited - this is pretty good. I *thought* that was going to be where the DARPA code was going to be from :)
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    Hinton Battle (Thames) Passed Away Age 67

    Shame to hear he passed - he was really good in the show and like others was hoping to see him show up in the new series
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    Season two continues on January 30th!

    Looking forward to both the return and the season finale - will this be the year a certain special guest star/possible future cast member appears?
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    Should the New QL Crew Visit Original Quantum Leap site (in New Mexico)?

    We need to visit the original site or at least talk about the transition and its fate in some way. It is always *possible* that in the new time line the original project was supposed to be in LA but it doesn't make that much sense that just because Al is still with Beth the original project...