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  1. Lightning McQueenie

    Scott Bakula Confirmed For Season 2!!!

    It's official, Scott Bakula will appear as Sam Beckett at some point during Season 2! Read more here:
  2. Lightning McQueenie

    Mirror Image Lost Ending - FOOTAGE DISCOVERED This is not a drill people! Some anonymous person has uploaded the FOOTAGE OF THE LOST ENDING TO QUANTUM LEAP!!! Not all heroes wear capes :hurray:
  3. Lightning McQueenie

    How would you improve your least favorite episodes?

    The "Worst Episodes of Quantum Leap" thread, being so negative in nature, unsurprisingly brought out the worst in some of us (myself included), so in an effort to bring back some positivity, I would like to know how you would improve some of your least favorite episodes?
  4. Lightning McQueenie

    The Burger Theory

    Albie, the original host of the Quantum Leap Podcast, came up with a theory that every episode of Quantum Leap is somehow linked to the episode that came before it. He called it "The Burger Theory", as the first link he found was that Genesis had a Doctor Burger, while a burger was prominent in...
  5. Lightning McQueenie

    Quantum Leap and Dr Who Crossover Novel

    Found this gem recently, it was written a few years ago. I've had a read, it's most enjoyable, even though like any fanfiction, it has its problems. Be sure to give it a read if you're a fan of both series :)
  6. Lightning McQueenie

    Anybody there?

    Hi, I miss you all, (miss you all... miss you all...) Please come back and post (back and post... back and post...)
  7. Lightning McQueenie

    New actors for Quantum Leap?

    Hello Leapers, With the news that Don Bellisario has written a script for the Quantum Leap feature film, as we know nothing about it, there is a good chance that it is intended to completely reboot the franchise, and so will have completely new actors for the roles of Sam Beckett and Al...
  8. Lightning McQueenie

    The Scientist

    A little project by Severine and myself, enjoy :)
  9. Lightning McQueenie

    Crowdfunding the Quantum Leap movie?

    So as we all recently found out, Don Bellisario has written a Quantum Leap movie script. Now the question is - will the movie actually ever see the light of day? As we know there are numerous hurdles that need to be crossed, many of which could probably go away by throwing some money at it. So...
  10. Lightning McQueenie

    Quantum Leap Captions

    For fun I've been adding funny captions to screenshots from Quantum Leap... Enjoy, and add your own here too :)
  11. Lightning McQueenie

    Another interesting link between Quantum Leap and Doctor Who

    As we saw, the season finale of Doctor Who was inspired partially by Quantum Leap. There is another recent interesting link to Quantum Leap as well... The Doctor has now regenerated, and for the first time... the Doctor has regenerated as a WOMAN. So that means that the Doctor is now the second...
  12. Lightning McQueenie

    Updates to the main site?

    Hi Brian and company... It appears that the main site hasn't been updated for quite some time (clocking into the years now). I am thinking it could be a good idea to update the video library - a simple Youtube search will show an abundance of new interviews by Scott Bakula and even a few by...
  13. Lightning McQueenie

    It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas - rare studio recording by Scott Bakula

    Hello fellow Leapers. I have managed to acquire a very rare studio recording of "It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas" by Scott Bakula. My friend Severine has made a video of Quantum Leap Christmas-themed clips to go with it. Enjoy :D...
  14. Lightning McQueenie

    Bought the entire Quantum Leap comic series :D

    I'm loving reading through these for the first time :D I will write my reviews as I go :hurray:
  15. Lightning McQueenie

    Bridget Jones' Baby

    I know, it doesn't seem like it, but everyone should see this movie, not just because it's hilarious, but also because there is something that all Leapers will absolutely love :D
  16. Lightning McQueenie

    Prayers / Positive Energy for Dean Stockwell

    We have it from a very reliable source that he incomparable Dean Stockwell isn't in the best of health at the moment, having suffered two strokes, losing his memory and requiring full time care. Would everyone here please pray to whatever God you believe in, or otherwise send all your...
  17. Lightning McQueenie

    Scott Bakula reprises Quantum Leap role on the Tonight Show

    Scott Bakula reprised his role as Sam Beckett on the Tonight Show last night :D
  18. Lightning McQueenie

    Happy 80th Birthday Dean Stockwell!

    Today, March 5 2016, marks the 80th birthday of our favourite environmentalist Admiral hologram, Dean Stockwell! Happy Birthday to the man who made us all laugh and cry, in the name of entertainment :bow :cheers
  19. Lightning McQueenie

    Severe problems with posting and editing

    Hi Brian and mods, There seem to be some problems when trying to post. When I press "Go Advanced" to review my post before I send it, the preview is fine, but all of the text is removed and unable to be retrieved, thereby making it impossible to post. When I try to edit a post, again, the...