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    Happy Birthday Brian!

    Everyone be sure to wish our gracious host a very happy birthday today! 🥳
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    New Q2 Video Library, Updated Comics and Novels sections!

    Congrats on getting all of this done Brian after all of the hard work you've been putting in lately!!
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    Korman Productions Deep Dive Revisiting Genesis - 35th Anniversary Special

    Here is our full Genesis podcast, with a special during the intermission, Celebrating 35 Years of Quantum Leap! With special guests!
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    Who wants to participate?? 35 years of QL!

    Hi guys! Opening this up to any QL fans who are here... Tuesday March 26th marks the 35th anniversary of when Genesis first aired!! We (Korman Productions Deep Dive TV Podcast) are compiling video clips from fans to celebrate 35 years of QL! Will be included with our Genesis revisit that...
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    Korman Productions Deep Dive Happy birthday Dave!!

    Join me in wishing Dave @Korman Productions a very happy birthday!!
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    Korman Productions Deep Dive MCC Theater is looking for support

    I got a call today from the MCC Theater where Scott is currently performing in The Connector. Here is what we chatted about!
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    Fandom Entanglement: QL Season 2, Episode 9 Review | "Off the Cuff"

    Thanks for including me! 💜
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    SAVE QUANTUM LEAP - Letter writing campaign for SEASON THREE

    It's like waiting until someone's funeral to let them know you care. Best to rally now and let our voices be heard.
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    Congrats Al's Place 🎊🎉🥳

    Brian and team, congrats on the successful completion of the Kickstarter campaign, now that it's all officially in the books! 🥳 Here's to this new iteration being a successful gathering place for all things QL. 🍾🥂 ~Stacie
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    Who's going to see Scott in The Connector?

    Roll call - who's going to see Scott's show on Feb 3rd? Dave Korman and I will be there! 🙋‍♀️ ~Stacie
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    Seeking Friendship Bracelet phrase suggestions

    Does she have numbers? She could do 1989 and it covers both QL and Swift 😂🤷‍♀️
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    Question: Hope someone can answer (How can Ben leap outside his own lifetime?)

    I believe this discussion took place in EP 3, Somebody Up There Likes Ben, the 1st time he leapt out of his lifetime. Since then it's been, what, at least half of the leaps are earlier? Suppose I could check your nifty timeline and count 😂