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  1. JuliaM

    My graphic site...moving

    All the graphics that I've done are getting a new home. They can now be found at I'll be pulling down the old website ( at the end of the month. There are some wallpapers on it as well as all of the avatars that...
  2. JuliaM

    Silver & Gold (new fic from QL Tales)

    We're a little late getting this one out. It was supposed to be out for Christmas but real life has that tendancy to get in the way. Hope you enjoy it. Summary: Sam has answered an opportunity for funding of his project but Al's not so sure. A Christmas time story just in time for July...
  3. JuliaM

    Scott @ Local Comic Cons, Star Trek Cons, Destination Star Trek London

    Scott's going to be doing a number of upcoming conventions. Dean is also appearing at the two Comic Con conventions as well. June 2-3 - Philadelphia Comic Con, Philadelphia, PA August 9-12 - Creation Star Trek Convention, Las Vegas, NV...
  4. JuliaM

    Scott at 2012 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention - Aug. 9 - 12

    Scott's going to be a guest at this year's Star Trek convention in Las Vegas.
  5. JuliaM

    Scott @ Toronto Comic Con April 14-15

    Read on a Tweet last night that Scott's going to be a guest at the Toronto Comic Con April 14 -15.
  6. JuliaM

    No Greater Love by QL Tales

    Summary: Sam and Al are in the wrong place at the wrong time. The story is complete and will be uploaded in chapters over the next 10 days.
  7. JuliaM

    413 Temptation Eyes

    It looks like they're the same. Here are screencaps from both episodes. Animal Frat Temptation Eyes
  8. JuliaM

    Happy Birthday Sam (a day late)

    I got so busy last night, I forgot to post this here:'day%2011.jpg
  9. JuliaM

    Peabody Awards - Men Of A Certain Age

    Men Of A Certain Age was one of the recipients of the Peabody Award this year which were handed out on Monday. Here are some photos from the awards...
  10. JuliaM

    Photos from Scott's Appearance at Fedcon

    Here are photos from Scott's appearance last weekend at FedCon XX in Dusseldorf, Germany Flickr
  11. JuliaM

    New Photos of Scott - 19th Annual Night At Sardi's

    Scott was one of the performers at Wednesday evening 19th Annual Night At Sardi's to benefit the Alzheimer's Association. Here are photos from the event:
  12. JuliaM

    Upcoming Convention Appearances for Scott

    April 2 -Star Trek Convention - Sydney, Australia April 3 -Star Trek Convention - Melbourne, Australia April 28-May 1 - Fed Con XX - Dusseldorf, German
  13. JuliaM

    Scott on Shatner's Raw Nerve

    I don't think this ever made it here. Scott was the guess on Shatner's Raw Nerve that aired Monday on Biography channel. It's going to air again Saturday @ 8:30 am. The episode can also be purchased as a video download from Here are some screencaps from it:
  14. JuliaM

    New Story - Home For Christmas

    Just in time for the holidays, here's the latest story from QL Tales. Summary After being transferred to New Mexico, Sam and Al learn what home really means. (A sequel to “What Goes Around”)
  15. JuliaM

    Project Teddy Bear 2010

    Scott and Dean both signed Teddy Bears that will be acutioned off as part of Project Teddy Bear 2010. Proceeds benefit the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.
  16. JuliaM

    Dragon*Con Videos

    There is a series of 4 videos on YouTube that look like the comprise the whole panel with Scott and Dean:
  17. JuliaM

    Dragon*Con Photo

    I found this today on media site:
  18. JuliaM

    Sam's b'day

    Since today's Sam's birthday, I put this together for it:
  19. JuliaM

    Comic Con Write Up (mentions possible Scott/Dean reunion on MOACA)