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  1. feldon30

    Scott Bakula talks about revival series this weekend

    My challenge to "nobody want slow, plodding, methodical 'slow burn' TV shows with a title sequence and strong musical themes" is Stranger Things, Severance, and Doctor Who. Maybe such shows can't be made on network TV in the US, but there IS a market for them.
  2. feldon30

    Scott Bakula talks about revival series this weekend

    I wonder who makes that replica. It's not one of ours.
  3. feldon30

    The Quantum Leap Podcast Tribute to Matt Dale

    Thank you for doing this. I can't imagine the time editing and reviewing everything. I know Matt would have appreciated it.
  4. feldon30

    Question: Hope someone can answer (How can Ben leap outside his own lifetime?)

    How would the programming in Los Angeles impact the actual leaping process? So confused.
  5. feldon30

    Should the New QL Crew Visit Original Quantum Leap site (in New Mexico)?

    The new Quantum Leap crew are operating out of Los Angeles and seem to have created Quantum Leap completely with little reference to the original technology except for an errant Handlink. If they went to New Mexico, they could possibly get Ziggy working correctly without relying on a...
  6. feldon30

    Custom LEGO Gummy Bear Handlink replica

    Dean's family has the first gummy bear handlink created in season 3. Deborah Pratt has the second gummy bear handlink created for season 4.
  7. feldon30

    Question: Hope someone can answer (How can Ben leap outside his own lifetime?)

    I just expected that at one point, they would have Deborah Pratt appear as a hologram and the speaking voice of Ziggy. Seems like a huge missed opportunity. It was thrilling to hear her give the narration in the Season 2 opener but then they immediately dropped it.
  8. feldon30

    Matt Dale has passed away

    Generous donors raise more than £18,000 for Sussex family after father and popular Quantum Leap podcaster, 43, dies on Christmas Day A donation page for the family of a Haywards Heath man who died on Christmas Day has raised more than £18,000...
  9. feldon30

    I want to like the new series, but…

    Two characters fawning over each other is something networks (and some fans) love but rarely works well.
  10. feldon30

    Why Leap At All ?

    New Quantum Leap had its own identity crisis in its first season. Is it a police procedural? Is it a mystery/conspiracy show? Does the history/time story even matter? The show also leaned heavily into the current zeitgeist of every main TV character being deeply flawed, broken, and in need of...
  11. feldon30

    Why Leap At All ?

    I agree that some of the writing is unnecessarily complicated and trying to create mystery and intrigue that is not needed. But having watched season 2 up to episode 7, the show seems to be getting better. Will it stand the test of time like the original Quantum Leap? Who knows.
  12. feldon30

    Why Leap At All ?

    Unfortunately if you want to get a TV show or movie greenlighted these days, you pretty much have to continue/reboot/adapt an existing book, TV show, movie, or other existing property with a built-in audience. The bean counters don't trust new ideas. So you end up with reboots where the creators...
  13. feldon30

    Why Leap At All ?

    In other words, they're changing all the rules on the new show and creating giant plot holes without understanding why the rules were there.
  14. feldon30

    I want to like the new series, but…

    I have my problems with the new show but WOW. This'll go well. Btw TNG > TOS.
  15. feldon30

    Server Migration - January 20, 2023

    So that was quite a bit bumpier than I was expecting, but we have successfully migrated Al's Place to new server hardware. The website and forum should run faster. Please let us know if you see any problems! We're also in talks about the possibility of updating to more modern forum software. It...
  16. feldon30

    The Future Time

    There are all these reasons people are mad about the new show. It doesn't have Sam and Al. It has a diverse cast. It has a nonbinary main character. It's not the show people remember. Those things don't bother me. Time marches on. What's bothering me is that through the entirety of the...
  17. feldon30

    New Quantum Leap Series Logo and Cover Art

    New Quantum Leap Series Logo and Cover Art from WPSDLocal6.