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    Happy Birthday Brian!

    Hapty birfday, Brian!!! 🎂
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    Today in Quantum Leap History: April 14

    Willie was such an amazing actor! We lost a really good one when he passed.
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    Quantum Leap Cancelled After Two Seasons (2022-2024)

    Well, after Psych ended, NBCU has been keeping it going with a movie every couple years. I'd be okay with that if it meant more QL.
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    Spoiler and Speculation Discussion -After the Season 2 Finale

    I wonder if we'll get Janis as a main next season because of the dual Leapers. Sure, more than one can be in the IC at a time, but what if the Leapers get separated? I don't know if they can have two different locations in one IC.... Which means Janis' IC will come in handy and she can be the...
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    Funny happenstance

    Got another one! And that works perfectly, because Al is blue and yellow as well (he's a blue tang), so the colors can be a signifier for holograms in my tank.
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    Funny happenstance

    So, I've been using the app JustPlay for a couple weeks, and today I installed Fishdom for the rewards. First tank, I name my fish Tess, Andrew, and Monica 😉. I get to the next tank, which is Greece, and I decide I'm gonna go with QL for that one. So my first fish, I name Al. They have a thing...
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    213: Against Time

    Yeah, it's an odd error, especially considering Drew Lindo seems to be pretty familiar with MIA based on his FWW interview. I like that idea of Al and Beth renewing their vows post-Vietnam.
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    Songs That Remind You of Our Duo

    Here's my Al playlist on Spotify. Just over an hour so far. I have it in kind of an order, going chronologically. So there's a bit of an overall story to it; you can see where he falls in love with Beth and when he comes back and feels betrayed by her. Then trying to work through learning to...
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    Dean Stockwell photos!

    I've got pics of me with Dean, but they're on my PC, which is still not set up yet after moving.... oh wait! Here's one; just remembered it was on the Al's Place Alumni page.
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    Question: Hope someone can answer (How can Ben leap outside his own lifetime?)

    Having watched all of Fate's Wide Wheel's interviews with Deborah Pratt, I'm thinking we're gonna end up learning that Ziggy is some kind of evolved ascended A.I. power on par with a "god".
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    Why Leap At All ?

    They aren't rule changes or plot holes. It's literally like Star Trek: The Next Generation: QL22 takes place 30 years later, and there has been a HECKUVA lot of new advancements in science and technology since then. Everything's just updated, not changed.
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    Why Leap At All ?

    It seems as though maybe the original idea of the project was that a person would Leap back in time and serve as an anchor for the hologram to hone in on for observation purposes. I don't think Al was ever shown being able to observe a past time except when Sam was there in that time.
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    Schedule for rest of the season!

    Co-showrunner Dean Georgaris tweeted this morning that starting with the new episode this coming Monday (it is episode 11), we will have 8 new episodes in 10 weeks. That will bring us to the end of season 1 around the beginning of April. Seems about right for an 18-ep season.
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    Ratings Compilation Document (Updated weekly, sometimes more)

    Here's my compilation of the ratings for Quantum Leap 2022. Things are going just fine. Low ratings can be explained by competition: Monday Night Football on many nights; NCIS 3hr, 3 show...
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    Ql22 Renewed For Season 2!!!

    We're gettin' a season 2, Leapers! Woohoo!
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    Quantum Leap - Ultimate Playlist!

    The following is a list of songs compiled from the data available in the Episode Guide here on Al's Place. Knut_Wileton had asked for a single list of all the songs that were played in Quantum Leap, so I went through the Guide and tried my best to get all the songs and their originators. For...
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    Story Rec: His Own Face

    So, my new friend here at college who helped guide me into the Doctor Who fandom has turned around and sought my guidance into the Quantum Leap fandom. Yesterday, she asked me to read a one-shot she'd written, to check for any canon errors, etc (since she's only on season 3 in her viewings at...
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    QL back on TV -- starting April 7 on ION

    My sister called me to tell me that she saw a commercial advertising that QL will showing on ION TV starting on April 7th. I looked up the info online so that I could get the exact info, and here it is: I'm...
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    Question about rooming at hotel

    I'm wondering if there are any policies or restrictions concerning how many people can be in one hotel room (the double). A lot of us aren't going to be able to afford a hotel room at the con hotel on our own, so if we're able to have up to 5 or 6 people per room, that'd be awesome. But we want...
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    New Avvie and Redone Sig

    I've got meself a new avatar ('bout time, eh?). Due to size restrictions, my avvie is much smaller than the original.... Here's the original (which shows a lot more of the gorgeous beauty that is the subject of said avatar): My sig now has a new quote (from the upcoming Pirates of the...