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  1. NewFederalist

    Today in Quantum Leap History: April 14

    The actor that portrays the newsstand guy really shows his range since he also portrayed Lee Harvey Oswald in the series. From goofy to pure evil... quite the range!
  2. NewFederalist

    Quantum Leap Cancelled After Two Seasons (2022-2024)

    I have no idea. I don't know what the production costs were for NBC. From the look of the sets I wouldn't think they must have been all that high. There is always a chance that SyFy or another streaming service might take a shot.
  3. NewFederalist

    Today in Quantum Leap History: April 10 - Lee Harvey Oswald

    This two parter was tough for me to watch. Really disturbing... the part about saving Jackie was quite innovative, though.
  4. NewFederalist

    Quantum Leap Cancelled After Two Seasons (2022-2024)

    I hope you are psychic about the streaming services possibly having an interest. I would be satisfied with a made for TV movie like was done with Timeless to wrap things up better than the finale managed to do. BTW, eBay already has Chinese knockoffs of season two in Blu-ray and DVD. I'm going...
  5. NewFederalist

    Quantum Leap Cancelled After Two Seasons (2022-2024)

    While this is certainly sad news I can't say that I am surprised. As I've said in other threads they opened up too many pathways and walked down virtually none of them. Any program that leaves more questions than answers is either doomed or is a soap opera on daytime TV. RIP QL2.
  6. NewFederalist

    Scott Bakula talks about revival series this weekend

    If Sam leaps back I only hope he's in a DeLorean!
  7. NewFederalist

    Today in Quantum Leap History: February 28

    That really was a very creepy episode!
  8. NewFederalist

    Quantum Leap Season Two finale!

    The producers gave it their best shot. I guess we will just see if it was enough.
  9. NewFederalist

    213: Against Time

    I gave this episode an "excellent". I suspect it will end up being the series finale and it is a good way to leave. The finale of the original left a lot to be desired but they didn't know it was the finale at the time. This time I give credit to the producers for wrapping things up with Ben and...
  10. NewFederalist

    212: As The World Burns

    Another "good" episode in my opinion. Lots of action but somewhat predictable with regard to Jeffrey. The personification of Ben with the same leaper "do gooder" mentality of Sam Beckett at least keeps alive some of the same feelings we experienced from the original series.
  11. NewFederalist

    211: The Outsider

    I must be a tough grader but I only saw this episode as a "good". Again, nothing much cleared up on the loose ends front but an enjoyable episode just as a stand alone story.
  12. NewFederalist

    210: The Family Treasure

    Wow! I guess I didn't see the same show as most of the others who voted. I thought the show was predictable and did absolutely nothing to clear up any ongoing mysteries. In fact, it just added new ones. Oh well, now on to the season (series?) finale.
  13. NewFederalist

    209 Off The Cuff

    I just watched this episode last evening. Like most of the episodes in season two it was good but not great. I have totally given up trying to tie all the loose ends from season one as well as season two. It's just easier to accept that this is likely to be a two season series (much like...
  14. NewFederalist

    208: Nomad

    Another "good" episode. I hope the romantic stuff between Ben and Hannah is not just another dead end. With all the loose ends from season one plus the new nuances of season two to the weave into the tapestry, I feel fairly sure it will be.
  15. NewFederalist

    207: A Kind Of Magic

    I finally got to watch this episode on Peacock. I gave it a "good". I have given up trying to tie anything together from episode to episode and from season to season. These are just enjoyable stand alone episodes that link to nothing.
  16. NewFederalist

    Howdy from the newbie

    Since this show has been off the air for a while I am just curious how many fans post here. I did not watch the series when it was first aired and did not watch it in syndication. I have since purchased all seasons on DVD from eBay and am enjoying it tremendously. I am just beginning season...