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  1. mstalanon

    Sorry it's been so long!

    Hey Brian, hiya folks! Life it seems is always playing tricks with me. But I've moved back to Kansas City to be closer to my dad... reunited with my (by blood, not upbringing) half brother and sister (much to my delight), found a wonderful new lady to live my life with... Life ain't so bad...
  2. mstalanon

    ?Guilty Until Proven Innocent? Bboard won't let me post the whole smeggin' thing, and I really don't have the time to do it piece by piece. For the record, I'm really sorry that all the comment sections were lost... those really inspired me in the creative processes, and in my...
  3. mstalanon

    "A Leap For Al"

    Yet another that got hammered on the change of bboards! PART 1 It was dark, the trees above cast even darker shadows on the ground before the pair as they talked. These spring-gorged oak trees obliterated the moon above. The wind rustled slightly through them, and played with the blond hair...
  4. mstalanon

    Mirror Mirror: Aftermath

    "Mirror Mirror: Aftermath" This takes place immediately following the last aired episode ?Mirror Image? of ?Quantum Leap? As with all fanfic, the rights still belong to the original creator ? in this case, Donald Bellisario and Universal TV Rear Admiral Albert Calavicci now stood in front...
  5. mstalanon

    ((stepping AWAY from the Q.L. Accelerator!))

    Sorry about the vanishing bit... I've been terribly busy as of late... that and a computer that has had a horrid virus problem. STILL don't have it up and working right. And at work, I'm not given a large amount of freedom to go into "non-work-related" sites. But I had to drop a note to you...
  6. mstalanon

    Enterprise rumor Trek Changes Due? Cinescape Online is reporting a rumor that an overhaul may be in the works for UPN's lackluster Star Trek: Enterprise. Citing an anonymous source, the site reported that Paramount Television Productions president Garry Hart may make...
  7. mstalanon

    new look around here

    Brian, I like!!
  8. mstalanon

    QL Director - Actor David Hemmings Dies on Set of Film

    Actor David Hemmings Dies on Set of Film By JANE WARDELL, Associated Press Writer LONDON - David Hemmings, the British actor who starred in the 1966 film "Blow Up," has died while filming a movie in Romania. He was 62. Hemmings died Wednesday after paramedics on the film set of...
  9. mstalanon

    Moon landings fake??

    I've been reading a lot of internet rumors and I gotta tell you, my faith in the sixties moon landings were faked... the fact is that we really don't have the technology to survive cosmic radiation that would happen once you pass beyond the final aura of Earth's protective spheres... It's...
  10. mstalanon

    Still yet another way to thank Brian, Sue, Dermont, Yosh...

    and so many others... <a href="" target="_new"></a> Brian (like Sue, "Ziggy", Yosh, "MJ", Helen, Gelf, and all our other website maintainers)...
  11. mstalanon

    God be with the people in California!!

    This fire that's going on is just horrible! I'm literally at a loss for words... Matt
  12. mstalanon

    Round Robin Three Comment thread

    Re: Great story! that would be nice, Mike! I'm kinda stuck (shamed a bit to admit it!) I DO have a workaround, though... and can post it, but I think the story will suffer a great deal because of it!
  13. mstalanon

    Round Robin Four - Comment Thread

    Wow, good lead! I got it done already! LMAO!!!!
  14. mstalanon

    Round Robin Four (No title yet)

    Part 5 : Convincing the stunt men Sam gave Al a face the Observer knew all too well. "Don't give me that, Al! Ziggy's been wrong before!" "Uh uhhh, Sam!" Al gestured wildly with his handlink, and Ziggy produced some most unlady-like squeals in response. "Wha?" He looked at the handlink again...
  15. mstalanon

    Round Robin Four - Comment Thread

    OH Wow! I'd been away for THIS long??!!! SHEESH! (I guess I should say "Oh Boy!") I'll check it out! I've been gone for a long time... and nobody had contributed to it after I had... I haven't checked back in! Sorry buddy!
  16. mstalanon

    Round Robin Three Comment thread

    Re: thankies, Sancho!! Sue, I would LOVE to grab the next spot, but I am still clueless on what exactly you were trying to make Al go "aha!" about! Matt *feelin' pretty dopey!*
  17. mstalanon

    Round Robin Four (No title yet)

    pt 3 "And BOY o boy do I still wish I could see you the way I could Samantha!! Wow, what a woman!" "You keep up with that kind of talk I'll throw you under the ice!" Sam retorted back angrilly, only to pause and blanch again... realizing that he'd spoken aloud. Dr. Beckett turned around to see...
  18. mstalanon

    Round Robin: The ABCs of Al Calavicci

    <span style="font-family:comic sans ms; color:red;"><span style="font-family:null; color:red;">W</span></span> is for Women... those that Sam always is smootchin' on, and Al is lustin' after!
  19. mstalanon

    Round Robin Four - Comment Thread

    WELLLlllllll, Now Al is there, and he's going to hopefully tell Sam why Dr. Beckett has leaped, and what he's got to do... LOL! It's a celeb leap now! BIG Time!
  20. mstalanon

    Round Robin: The ABC's of Sam Beckett

    Re: The ABCs of Sam Beckett P is for Project: Quantum Leap (and Starbright!!) LMAO at the double O... seems we all think of O for Al the observer! Ooglin' or otherwise