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  1. systemcat

    StarBright Project Pin

    I wanna sell these at local sci fi conventions to me. Your thoughts on the price? That's not grow paint you're looking at. The lighting rigging was hard to find and some thing of a task to fit into the button shell.
  2. systemcat

    Adding Effects

    Mod.s forgive me if this is the wrong place to post such a message. I brought this up in a PM to a member a while ago but I have the feeling they're really busy right now and hence why I've gotten no answer. I now have back Bryce, if any one would like that kind of animation I'm always up...
  3. systemcat

    Mounting a GPS

    Bought a Tomtom the other day the heck do you mount this thing? The only way I can see it working is putting it on the windsheild but I'm sure a cop would pull me over for that.
  4. systemcat

    Some Art

    'K I've never had any ideas for QL art and that's why I tend not to post here but I was wondering. Would people like to see some of my art work?
  5. systemcat

    Coding Flash & JAVA into websites

    Forgive me if this has been bought up before but does any one here know how to put Flash / fancy JAVA code into websites?
  6. systemcat

    Brownies and Daises Made Me Sick

    Sorry but I like trying to be creative with thread titles. But really, I was at a Girl Scouting event last Saturday and it was mostly Brownies and Daises. I've had the Flu and a fever the last few days and that's why you guys haven't seen me online. For lack of having any thing I have to really...
  7. systemcat

    Software Recommendations?

    I found out the other a day one of the photo editors I got recently can distort the colors of green, red, and blue in sliding their total in any direction on the picture being worked on. This has to be played with. I want to try and make a 3D film. I know how to with software I no longer have...
  8. systemcat

    I'm back

    Ok there are some sad reasons why you guys haven't seen me for a while. Number one, I was homless for a few months. It's only since the end of month before last that I've had a real home to stay in. Now I no longer have a computer with internet access. Every time I get online now, it's due to...
  9. systemcat

    The Work that was done

    Hi sorry I haven't been in here latety, a lot has been going on. To put things short, two moves and one was an escape. For a while I've been helping Jassian with one of her films and because of the moving around a problem has come up. I no longer have my desktop computer and it's from that...
  10. systemcat

    Another Mess

    I know it seems I haven't been around for a while but I have. A lot of PMing and just looking at messages. Some thing has come up and this is the place I think is best to post it. 'K a while back I was made a Mod. to a friend's forum. That forum crashed due to spammers the friend didn't have...
  11. systemcat

    Forum Manners

    This has been on my mind for a while. I've been Al's Place for some time now, longer than with other forums for being an active poster:cheers . Now on the other hand during the same period I joined this forum I was using an all-out sci fi forum. That lead to an invite to another I've been...
  12. systemcat

    What do you do :-(?

    When it comes to an off topic subject this is one of those few times I can only post here and no where else. I can't post this in my own forum because some of my co-workers offline know about it's existence. What do you do when your being yelled at daily by your boss when you know you've done...
  13. systemcat

    What Happened?

    What happened yesterday?
  14. systemcat

    New Job

    Sorry that I haven't been in here lately. It's just that I really wanted to take care of some offline business first. For months now I've been having financial difficulties due to not having a second job. The other week I finally got approved for food stamps and yesterday after a very long...
  15. systemcat


    This is the one board for the life of me, why I haven't posting any thing? Being an artist ... I can't really think of any thing to draw but I'd love to hear a request :b . I've been here so long and being a pro it's just odd to have not posted.
  16. systemcat

    Little Rewards

    I live by hard work pays off even if you don't see it on a pay check. I've been low on money for months now and the other day I needed to buy a new pair of pants. That can be justified to buy in a thrift store when times are bad. Although every time I go in a thrift store I look for vintage...
  17. systemcat


    Just for the heck of it I looked in my profile just to see what I had written in it. Cause yuh know, most of what's in it, got there a long time ago. I was wondering how up to date the information was. Saw some thing new in it. "Referrals: 1", does that have to do with the friend I tried to get...
  18. systemcat


    Would you get pissed off by this too? Picture it's around 3am & your sound asleep. Loud knocking at your door wakes you up. You quickly grab a bathrobe & head for the main door to your apartment and ask who it is. It's the fire department. You open the door and they say you called them saying...
  19. systemcat

    Crossover "Quantum Sliding"

    Stocked I didn't find an earlier topic mentioning this. People talked about the idea but didn't know the pros had thought of it. Recently a friend gave me seasons of Sliders as a birthday present and said I should find out the real order the episodes should have been aired in. ..While in the...
  20. systemcat

    Found One!

    Years ago I used MyPoints, it was really hard to earn money through it. I refused to do any of their trial deals but I did get two CDs from the money. Recently from doing loads of searches I now have the skill of spotting a scam from a mile away. I did found one real service like MyPoints...