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  1. QL Nut

    Deborah Vs. Don's Writing

    This is not to imply there was a competition (although I seem to remember a rumor that their divorce was going on and that is why Sam never reconnected with Donna and ended up having a lovechild), but I wanted to highlight my impressions of Don and Deborah's writing approaches. It always...
  2. QL Nut

    QL-Inspired Episode On It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

    I was watching the premiere of the current season of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia ("The Gang Turns Black") and it turns out the entire episode is inspired by Quantum Leap! Scott guest stars in it as himself and mocks his career a bit. Definitely a must watch for fans.:hurray:
  3. QL Nut

    Quantum Leap Mentioned In Article

    Hey, guys! Been awhile since I posted, but I do still visit the site from time to time. Quantum Leap was recently mentioned in an article on about pieces of science fiction technology making no sense (the handlink). Well, in our day and age of smartphones, the handlink does seem...
  4. QL Nut

    Hello, Friends

    I know the boards have been pretty dry lately, and I'm sorry to only really update on a negative note... My grandfather passed away on June 3rd of this year. He was 80 years old. He served in World War II as a Marine, and I later found out he was part of the Navy, Coast Guard and was a volunteer...
  5. QL Nut

    Sam's License

    Here's a close-up of Sam's license when he's about to flash it in "Mirror Image." Some interesting information, including his address:
  6. QL Nut

    Handlink/PQL Technology Shots

    Over the past few weeks I've been making screen captures of close-ups of the handlink (different versions) and Al's control pod seen in his car in "Genesis." I think I've collected all the best shots by this point, so I decided to post them here if anyone happens to need a frame of reference...
  7. QL Nut

    How Advanced Would Ziggy Be Today?

    It's been a long time since I created a new thread with a topic that hasn't been covered 100 times before. So, I thought I'd ask about something that I've thought about on and off over the last few years. While I'm not exactly sure how to word it properly, or even the exact question to ask, here...
  8. QL Nut

    Scott On "Family Guy"

    Just happened to accidentally catch tonight's (7/31) episode of Family Guy and caught a Scott Bakula reference. I only saw it for a second but there was a clip of celebrities playing Hollywood Squares and Scott Bakula was one of the celebrities. I didn't hear any of the jokes, so I don't know if...
  9. QL Nut

    Saga Cell Question

    When I watched "The Leap Back," I noticed that it utilized Season 3's saga cell. Was this how the episode was when it originally aired? I can't tell if it's a mistake or not because certain scenes from Season 4's saga cell show many Season 4 episodes. It may have originally aired that way to...
  10. QL Nut

    Season 4 DVD Flaw - Audio Pitch

    Upon purchasing the Season 4 set, I had the thought in the back of my mind that there may be audio problems with certain episodes as with the second and third seasons. (The audio for "Jimmy" in Season 2 was off-pitch, as was "Last Dance Before An Execution" in Season 3.) Well, it turns out...
  11. QL Nut

    Happy Birthday, Damon (Dman176)!

    Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, man! Hope it's a good one!
  12. QL Nut

    Happy Birthday, Claire!! (Samantha_Beckett)

    Just wanted to take some time out to wish you a happy birthday! Have a great day!
  13. QL Nut

    Scott Hosts Greatest History's Mysteries

    I just happened to catch a commercial for Greatest History's Mysteries on the History Channel, hosted by none other than Scott Bakula. For anyone interested, it airs Monday, October 24th, at 8:00 P.M. EST. I'm not sure, but I think it may be a week-long event.
  14. QL Nut

    Injuries On Leaps

    Since the boards have been rather sluggish the past couple of weeks, I thought I'd keep things going by asking another one of my technical questions... On many leaps, Sam sustains injuries (particularly "Black On White On Fire" and "The Leap Between the States"). Yet once Sam leaps out...
  15. QL Nut

    Round Robin: The ABC's of Dr. Sam Beckett

    "V" is for Versatile, which both Sam Beckett and Scott Bakula are.
  16. QL Nut

    Round Robin: The ABCs of bartender Al!

    Ziggy is a bit too obvious here so... "Z" is for Captain Z-Ro, which Sam was watching at the bar.
  17. QL Nut

    Round Robin: The ABC's of Dr. Sam Beckett

    "P" is for the Predicament that Sam always finds himself in while leaping.
  18. QL Nut

    "Mirror Image"/"Mr. Destiny"

    Has anyone ever seen the film Mr. Destiny? It stars James Belushi and Michael Caine and I happened to realize that there are a few similarities to this film and "Mirror Image." The film is about a man named Larry Burrows (Belushi), who is unhappy with his ordinary life, and, on his birthday, has...
  19. QL Nut

    Round Robin: The ABC's of Dr. Sam Beckett

    "J" is for Jujitsu, one of the many forms of martial arts Sam knows. :)
  20. QL Nut

    Round Robin: The ABCs of bartender Al!

    Well, this is a tough one, so to keep this going I'll try and tackle it. "X" is metaphoric for the bar and its occupants being the "opposite" of reality. Hmm...does that work? :lol