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  1. StrayStar

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope this beautiful holiday finds you close to your loved ones, enjoying the peace and quiet of your homes, the fragrance of the Xmas tree and the presents from Santa. And speaking of the Xmas tree, I'd like to share mine with you:
  2. StrayStar

    I Heard Scott Say "Oh, boy!" Live!

    Hey guys! Back from Destination Star Trek London! The event was pretty poorly organized, but getting to meet so many of my favorite Star Trek actors, and getting to see the five captains on stage together was truly amazing. The best part for me was Scott, though. I'm very very happy that I go to...
  3. StrayStar

    Sam's Flaws

    I know this should probably go in the character discussion forum, but I did ask this question there and nobody answered. I thought that it might get more attention if I started a thread about it here. I was curious as to what you think to be Sam Beckett's flaws. We know he has many qualities...
  4. StrayStar

    New Year's Greetings

    Since I'm only a few hours away from saying goodbye to 2011, I thought I'd wish all fellow leapers a happy and prosperous new year. Happy partying tonight and may 2012 be good to you!
  5. StrayStar

    How Would You Handle Being a Leaper?

    One of this things I admire most about Sam Beckett is his ability to face up to any situation that he leaps into. I love the beginning sequence of each episode where he begins by being totally taken by surprise, but then slowly comes to understand where and who he is, and what he has to do. I've...
  6. StrayStar

    First Contact w/ Quantum Leap

    I was wondering when you guys first saw Quantum Leap and how long it took you to become a fan. When did you say to yourself, well, this is a smashing good show! I love it and I wanna talk to other people who love it as much as I do. I first saw it about a year ago, although it's been around for...
  7. StrayStar

    Scott Doing a Play in London

    I'm not sure this is the right forum to post this, maybe it belongs in the off-topic forum, but I thought it stood better chances of being seen here. I recently found out that Scott will be doing a play in London starting this September. Here's the link. I would so much love to go, but I don't...
  8. StrayStar

    Question for Scott

    I'm going to this convention in Germany at the end of April and apparently Scott will be there doing 2 panels. I'm thinking of asking him a question and I'd like to get your opinion on it. I'd like to ask him how much of himself, his own personality and experience, he puts into creating...
  9. StrayStar

    Screen Capture Collection

    I've been taking some screen captures from my QL DVDs. I find that looking at a few nice Sam and Al pictures can be rather refreshing after a day of work. I figured other people might feel the same way, so I decided to share them. If anyone is interested, you can find my growing collection of...
  10. StrayStar

    My Inspirational Posters

    I've had some ideas on my way from work today for some QL inspirational posters. I don't know if this counts as "artwork", but I'd like to post them here. Maybe you'll have some fun with them the way I did when I made them. Here they are:
  11. StrayStar

    Scott's Performance Blew Me Away

    I would like to share something with you about my experience with QL. Saying that Scott Bakula did a great job as Sam in Quantum Leap is probably no more than stating the obvious, but I feel the need to say it out loud. I came to Quantum Leap after two years' worth of plowing through the Star...
  12. StrayStar

    Just leaped in

    Hi, everyone! :wavey I'm StrayStar, a newcomer to the forum, and it's nice to meet you all fellow leapers. I'm also new to Quantum Leap. I only discovered it a few months ago when I was wondering what show to watch next and decided to give this one a try. I have to say I fell in love with it...