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    Bakula talks new QL movie, Bellisario writing script

    Can anyone verify this?
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    Uncut Season 4 on Netflix Streaming

    Hello all, Haven't been on this site in a long time, but I wanted to let the QL community in on something great I discovered. I recently purchased a Blu-ray player, which allows me to stream Netflix movies directly to my TV. Other devices now do the same, like XBOX360 and PS3. Currently, all 5...
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    Region 4

    Given the big disappointment with the S4 Region 2 DVD music replacement, has anyone considered that the Region 4 Austrailan release, which by all accounts is a completely different release from R2 but has also had the music intact for the past 3 sets, may not suffer R1 and R2s fates? The Region...
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    Season 3: Region 2 pics

    Hey there! Does anyone have pics of the Season 3 UK boxset? How the outer and inner cases differ from Region 1? Any menu screenshots? Season 2 menus were different from region to region. Just curious! Thanks, J.J.