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    Fan Fiction Finalists

    Hi guys! Just a quick note to let you know that you are now all free to publish your stories wherever you see fit, including those of you that placed in the top three. The original aim was to format them all into a PDF, but I'm going to be honest and admit that the chances of that happening...
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    Volunteer Duty Rota - Update

    Thank you to those of you who responded to confirm your willingness to steward at the convention. I'm finalising the duty rota, and hope to e-mail it to you Sunday evening. You will also receive a hard copy when you register at the convention. I've tried to limit your duties to one/two hours...
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    Scott mentions The Leap Back 2009 in TV Guide!

    There was much excited squeaking (manly shouting in Brian's case) from the committee today when we found out that Scott had mentioned in a recent TV Guide interview that he is attending the convention next year. Check out the article below, with thanks to Helene for the scan.
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    I hope you don't mind me sending this along, but if you guys could take part just by sending a blank e-mail to the address detailed in the article below, that would be fantastic! Starlight is an amazing charity, and I've had quite a lot to do with them over the past 18 months in my job working...
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    Two very special kids

    Hi, guys, I hope you don't mind me taking this off-topic for a moment. As some of you might know, I work at the Children's Unit of the local hospital, and this work takes me onto the Children's Oncology Ward. Two children I've had lots of contact with are Liam and Bethan, age 6 and 5...
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    Party Themes!

    Seeing as a lot of chatter has been going on about what people could wear to the convention/parties, I thought I'd open up a thread for people to post ideas for party themes. So, post away!
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    Travel Buddies!

    Are you going to be coming to the con on your own? Why not post here and ask for a travel buddy from your region? Whether you chose to fly, drive, take the bus or the train, the time always goes faster if you have a travel companion, and you get to make a new friend! Make plans to travel...
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    December Update

    Hi, folks! If you haven't been over to our website recently, then you're missing out. We've now signed up 23 guest stars (all kudos for this incredible number of guest stars must go to Brian, who has worked incredibly hard on this), and have announced our chosen charity, details of which are...
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    Hey everyone. Thought I'd better post a little intro to me. I'm 27 (28 next month), I live in Northampton, England, and I work as a Nursery Nurse on the children's ward of the local hospital. I've been in the Quantum Leap fandom for over 15 years. The first episode I ever watched was What...
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    QL Season Four Region Two DVD-original music replacements :(

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the music on the Region Two release of Quantum Leap: Season Four has been changed, and the back of the box has the warning that the music may differ from the aired version. The only episode I've had a chance to watch is Temptation Eyes, but 'I Wanna Know...