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  1. SamBeckett94

    Tell me what you make of this.

    Recently, I got my nephew into Quantum Leap. Now, when he gets into something, he'll tend to express how much he likes it through things like art and music. Anyway, he recently recorded the theme to Quantum Leap with his sax, guitar and keyboard (the keyboard covered the vibraphone, string...
  2. SamBeckett94

    16 Bit Quantum Leap Theme

    Quite recently, my 10-year-old nephew got into Quantum Leap. He asked me for an mp3 of the theme, and he came up with this in one of the programs about two hours after I obliged: I never realised how perfect an ear he had. A lot of people in the family...
  3. SamBeckett94


    It's my nephew's birthday coming up, and I'm broke. The good news is, he loves video games and guitars, so I've been able to produce some music files for him that he may enjoy. I'd like an opinion about them from somebody first before I present them to him, as he is only 5, and I think some of...
  4. SamBeckett94

    Deliberate or grammatical error?

    A question that's been bugging me for a while; the characters in the show always say 'leaped', not 'leapt'. I thought it was a grammatical error to beging with, but then realized that 'leaped' may be describing a different action (as in quantum leaping, not jumping forwards through the air)...
  5. SamBeckett94

    Could anyone help me with this?

    I got a letter in the post on Tuesday morning with no address on the envelope. The writing is all in Chinese. I'm guessing that whoever posted it posted it themselves, and there are no Chinese people in my area, so it couldn't be a mistake. Most likely, it's a joke, but I'd like to make sure...
  6. SamBeckett94

    Jolly Hollies

    I'm going on holiday to Malta on the 14th (of this month), and so I won't be around much (then again, I'm not around much any way due to work). Though it has been fun with the people I work with, rubbing it in that they have to work while I'm away (only for a laugh - they understand)...
  7. SamBeckett94

    TV Themes Mixed

    My nephew wanted to make a theme in which all our ('our' meaning mine and his) favorite themes from television. We don't have the right programmes to do this, and ended up making it on MovieMaker, then recording it. I didn't buy the sound recorder, and was only able to record for three minutes...
  8. SamBeckett94

    I have just seen...

    What were/are your favorite TV shows or films? As for me, I liked Mel Brooks' films, like Spaceballs and High Anxiety. I also like the original Doctor Who episodes, quite a lot more than the new ones. Tom Baker's portrayal attracted me to the programme, but I think Jon Pertwee was equally as good.
  9. SamBeckett94

    Magnum Wallpapers

    I created 2 different (but very similar) Magnum . P.I wallpapers. I couldn't be bothered uploading twice, so there's only one size.
  10. SamBeckett94

    New Video Compilation

    Here's the new episode titles compilation that I put together on Windows Movie Maker. It's called the titles DVD, because my cousins thought it was a DVD. This isn't a complete video. I couldn't...
  11. SamBeckett94


    Hello. I've created a new wallpaper using images I've found on the internet. I didn't know if there was a place on the forums to 'show it off', so I made a thread here. or for the smaller version...
  12. SamBeckett94

    Fan fiction ideas

    I have begun to write a new QL fan fiction where Sam leaps into the leader of a 'Hitler Remembrance nazi group' who in the original history assassinate a man called Jeremy who is campaigning against them. Sam needs to stop them from killing Jeremy, but he can't, because it has been organised...
  13. SamBeckett94

    Favorite Titles and theme

    Which were your favorite titles or themes?
  14. SamBeckett94

    Mirror Image

    What did you think to the series finale? I cried. Not because of the ending, Because they spelt Sam's name wrong on the end title cards. His name is spelt Beckett, but they accidentally spelt it 'Becket' on the end title cards. I never really expected Sam to return home, however much I thought...
  15. SamBeckett94


    Hello. My username is SamBeckett94. My real first name is Samuel. My real surname is classified (no, I am not called Sam Classified). I joined about four days to a week ago, and I hope I will continue to enjoy my time in the forums instead of just messing with the completely public options...