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  1. Lea-Per

    G'day Brian (and fellow mods), A quick question re the signup for the newsletter distribution: I added my email to the list yesterday. The popup window from says confirmation should be almost immediate... but I don't have email from them yet. The forums crashed...
  2. Lea-Per

    A quick question (exchanging tickets with other fans)

    Hi Committee people... My husband and I are seriously considering attending the convention. As we live in Melbourne, Australia, this is a fairly big deal for us. My question is this: If we commit to buying tickets in January 2007 and find out closer to the date of the actual convention that we...
  3. Lea-Per

    Greetings & Salutations from Melbourne, Australia

    G'day all! I've been lurking here at Al's Place for a little while, and thought I should get around to posting. So hello from my Hubby and myself! Lea-Per