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  1. Semi-Automatic Leaper

    Leaping home

    In the mirror image, he's told that he's been leaping himself around and that all he has to do, is to wish to return home and that is enough. Although we find that he felt he had to fix what happened with Al. So after that, why didn't he leap home? Why couldn't he opt to go home? Does this mean...
  2. Semi-Automatic Leaper

    The female leaper..

    I remember when the 'chief executive' ( i think) of Sci-Fi channel announced it would be interesting to do a new Quantum Leap series revolving around a female leaper. She went on to say that would be interesting from a female perspective etc. So that, along with the unofficial announcement of a...
  3. Semi-Automatic Leaper

    New Member: Semi-Automatic Leaper

    Hello guys :) I've been a fan of Quantum Leap ever since i first saw it years ago on BBC 2 (UK). I have plenty of fondness for the series, even some books. I was glad to discover a QL community and one in which i hope to be a regular member of! See you around!