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    Mexican fans: Help!

    Hi, I'm wrapping up research on Beyond the Mirror Image, but have one major "gap" still outstanding. The first three seasons were released on DVD in Mexico. However, it's proven a right pain to import those discs to the UK (I've been busily collecting every other foreign release and have...
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    Quantum Leap Season 1 & 2 DVD Rerelease by Mill Creek Includes Original Music!

    Hi, I'm sure most of you have got DVDs of some sort by now, or are considering upgrading to the HD versions (I highly recommend), but if you've not yet - or you're thinking about birthday presents for new fans - the recent Mill Creek release of the first two seasons may be of interest...
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    Announcing 'Beyond the Mirror Image: The Observer's Guide to Quantum Leap'

    Hi, I'm here today to give you an early announcement of a publication due out later this year. 'Beyond the Mirror Image' is a thorough history of Quantum Leap, from its conception through to the present day, primarily in the form of an episode guide, but also with various essays and an...