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  1. SherWash

    Another New Story

    Here's my 3rd Quantum Leap story. "Sam Leaps into a spooky old mansion on the anniversary of a grisly murder, tho Al insists there's another mission. Sam can't get the family to talk of anything but the murder, while Al is shaking in his gold metallic sneakers at the eerie goings-on." 9...
  2. SherWash

    Never Say Never!

    When I wrote the story for the fan-fiction contest I figured it was a one-shot deal; at the time I was really into writing short sci-fi stories. Then out of the blue I got an idea for another QL story. So, assuming it's decently received, I'll probably write more in the future. I'll post a...
  3. SherWash


    I actually signed up a few months ago, but felt awkward at joining an existing group. Perhaps it's time to begin participating. I've known about the site for years, but somehow never quite figured out this chatroom was here. Nice to find a group that likes to talk about one of my favorite...