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    A star for Scotto?

    Say, what's the procedure to get (or give) a star (meaning those infron of the Chinese theatre) to a celeb? I was thinking (rather late, I know) that we might do something about getting Scott a star, no?
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    The hotel deal

    Hey Al, I don't know if someone asked before but for how long does the deal on the hotel room will last? Meaning, I plan to have my trip after the Con & I want to stay in LA for a few more days. I was wondering, do you think I need to change hotels or will I be able to stay in the hotel for...
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    How to change email address?

    My ticket was paid by my brother, via his paypal. When he bought the ticket he was required to enter his email address, so to receive announcements. Now he asked me to change this to my email, as we come a step closer to the Con & he forsees how the amount of announcements will increase. How...
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    belated emails?

    :help Ah, Brian... I seem to be getting all the notices you've sent regarding to the countdown clock just now... a day later glitch in my gmail account or your system? weird :hmm