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  1. Sam's Crow

    Need More Names... Please

    :realmadThere was a television series called All The Small Things and despite averaging over 4 million viewers per episode... the BBC have decided not to do a second series!:realmad (Not many people will have seen the show but even though...)...
  2. Sam's Crow

    Bethany (Hada) Missing

    My 16 year old sister, Bethany Gibson (known as Hada on the boards), has disappeared. She left earlier on today saying she was just going for a walk. She took her keys with her (so that should mean she was intending on coming back) and she had no money on her when she left. I know teenagers...
  3. Sam's Crow

    Old TV shows you loved when you were very young?

    Basically what the title says (I'm talking about mainly children's shows but other shows are welcome). Some of mine our: The Powerpuff Girls Sailor Moon (more of a teen thing but oh well) Animaniacs The Muppets (can't believe some of the people they managed to get on there) The...
  4. Sam's Crow

    New video underway

    Making a Quantum Leap music video along to the song Wherever You Will Go by The Calling. It would have been done but my movie maker crashed on me. :(
  5. Sam's Crow

    Had a nice time?

    I just wanted to say to those who went to the convention, I hope they had a nice time. :)
  6. Sam's Crow

    Musical Thread

    I know I put up a thread a while ago asking about musical instruments and if anyone played but this is a thread for anything music related. Ready.. Set... Go!
  7. Sam's Crow

    Glitter Rock Songs?

    I was just wondering where to find the songs Sam sung on stage in the episode "Glitter Rock". The only one I can find is Fate's Wide Wheel.
  8. Sam's Crow

    Round Robin: What would you do?

    H - Help others I'd do what Sam does best.
  9. Sam's Crow


    Well we have threads for foreign languages, why can't we have one for mathematics? This is pretty much a thread about anything to do with maths. Ready... Set... Go! By the way, sorry I've been offline for so long.:cry
  10. Sam's Crow

    Happy Birthday Hada!!

    November 3rd!! Just wanted to wish my older sister a... HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY!! :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: Hope you enjoy the day ahead and all year around. xxx Take care, Beth.
  11. Sam's Crow

    Round Robin: Last Letter Of Previous Word

    Okay, care to explain ohboy?
  12. Sam's Crow

    Round Robin: Last Letter Of Previous Word

    How about a new version of this game? Any ideas?